The Big Bust Out

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The Big Bust Out
Directed by Ernst R. von Theumer (de) (as Richard Jackson)
Produced by Sergio Garrone
Written by Sergio Garrone
Ernst R. von Theumer
Starring Tony Kendall
Monica Teuber (de)
William Berger
Gordon Mitchell
Vonetta McGee
Music by Elsio Mancuso
Berto Pisano (as Burt Rexon)
Cinematography Umberto Galeassi (as Robert Galeasi)
Edited by Cesare Bianchini
Barbara Pokras
Distributed by New World Pictures (US)
Release date
  • 1972 (1972) (Italy)
  • 1973 (1973) (U.S.)
Running time
95 minutes (Italy)
75 minutes (US)
Country Italy
West Germany
Language English

The Big Bust Out is the US title of an Italian women in prison film, The Crucified Girls of San Ramon (Lo Monaca... per tre Carogne e Sette Peccatrici). The US rights were bought by Roger Corman for New World Pictures, who cut out 20 minutes for the US release.[1]

Roger Corman later said the film was not very good but he managed to make money from it.[2]


It tells the story of seven beautiful women who escape from a high-security prison. After the breakout, Rebecca (Karen Carter) and her fellow escapees find they are in more trouble than they had imagined as they become the victims of Miller Drake (Gordon Mitchell), who is involved in white slavery.



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