The Big Foot

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Big Foot
Author Edgar Wallace
Country United Kingdom
Language English
Genre crime novel
Publisher John Long
Publication date
Media type Print (Hardcover)
Pages 286 pp.
OCLC 12633431

Big Foot is a 1927 crime novel by Edgar Wallace.

This is one of the most significant of his works because of the character Sooper, a detective from Metropolitan Guard. A woman is found dead in a locked room, Big Foot's threats all about... but - apparently - Sooper is more concerned about a singing tramp.

The brutal murder of a woman in a lonely beach cottage, huge footprints found nearby, a meandering tramp singing snatches of opera in the night! Superintendent Minter - "Sooper", rattles around the countryside on his noisy motorbike and tries to find a connection.

Hampered by amateur detective Gordon Cardew, aided and admired by lawyer Jim Ferraby and the beautiful Elfa Leigh, Sooper finds the case further complicated by another murder. The mysterious `Big Foot' anticipates Minter's every move and only by delving into the past does he solve the case and bring the villain to justice.