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"The Big Picture"
Single by Y Kant Tori Read
from the album Y Kant Tori Read
B-side "You Go to My Head"
Recorded June, 1988
Genre Synthpop
Length 8:14 (7" single)
8:38 (12" single)
Label Atlantic
Songwriter(s) Tori Amos, Kim Bullard
Producer(s) Joe Chiccarelli
Y Kant Tori Read singles chronology
"The Big Picture"
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"Cool on Your Island"

"The Big Picture" is a song by Y Kant Tori Read, commercially released by Atlantic Records in 1988 exclusively as a 7" vinyl single in a generic picture sleeve. Two versions of a promotional 7" vinyl were also released, one with light blue labels and one with dark blue labels. A 12" promotional vinyl single was also issued with an accompanying picture sleeve. The song was a commercial failure and received absolutely no critical comment.

A video clip for The Big Picture was shot by Marty Callner. The only band member to appear in it is Tori Amos. It is typical of the era, featuring a scantily clad Amos cavorting and wreaking havoc on a sound-stage made to resemble the back alleys of Los Angeles. It is notable for a narrative introductory bit during which Amos argues with a police officer about her illegally parked car. Amos' excuse is that someone broke into her car and stole her underwear: "That's gross!" The officer, undeterred, hands her the ticket and walks off with her garter belt hanging out of his back pocket.

Notably, graphic artist Rantz Hoseley, a friend of Amos' at the time, appears in the video as a street punk upon whose pants Amos spray-paints. Hoseley went on to edit the best selling Amos-themed comic anthology Comic Book Tattoo.

Track listing[edit]

7" Single (Atlantic 7-89086)
  1. "The Big Picture" – 4:19
  2. "You Go to My Head" – 3:55
12" Promo Single (Atlantic PR2298)
  1. "The Big Picture" – 4:19
  2. "The Big Picture" – 4:19

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