The Big Sleep (band)

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The Big Sleep
Origin Brooklyn, New York, U.S.
Genres Indie rock, shoegaze, post-rock
Years active 2003 - present
Labels French Kiss Records
Associated acts includes former members of The Hong Kong and Mahogany
Website Official Website
Members Sonya Balchandani
Danny Barria
Gabe Rhodes

The Big Sleep are a three piece band based in Brooklyn, New York. The band consists of Sonya Balchandani (bass/vocals), Danny Barria (guitar/vocals), and Gabe Rhodes (drums). The Big Sleep are signed to French Kiss Records.


Formed in 2003, the band's discography includes the self-released EP You Today, Me Tomorrow, the full-length Son Of The Tiger LP (released in late 2006), the full-length album Sleep Forever (released in 2008), and the album Nature Experiments (2012). Having drawn comparisons to fellow New Yorkers Sonic Youth, The Big Sleep's sound deviates from that of more recently formed contemporaries. Often without vocals, The Big Sleep's songs are for the most part instrumentals leaning towards post-rock or shoegaze, however often with a psychedelic feel hearkening back to classic rock such as Led Zeppelin or Black Sabbath.

In fall 2011, The Big Sleep performed at CMJ Music Marathon and released “Ace”, the single from their new album Nature Experiments.[1] Nature Experiments was released on January 31, 2012.[2]



Title Release Date
Son of the Tiger September 19, 2006
Sleep Forever February 19, 2008
Nature Experiments[3] January 31, 2012

Nature Experiments[edit]

No. Title Length
1. "No. 1"  
2. "Ace"  
3. "Valentine"  
4. "Ghosts In Bodies"  
5. "Wood On The Water"  
6. "Red Carpet"  
7. "Ladders"  
8. "Four Wishes"  
9. "Meet Your Maker"  
10. "1001"  
11. "Sugar"  
12. "Popcorn Soda Candy"  

Reviews and press[edit]

  • "...a fully formed psych-rock beast, equally capable of soothing with gentle melodies as it is of slaughtering with a menacing attack." - Playback: Stl
  • "The Big Sleep is a rock band from New York: they are also a force that will lift you off your feet and slam you into the wall behind you, where you will rattle to the ground, brush yourself off, and come back for more." - Loose Record
  • "...heads started to thrash, as the trio took the best elements of postrock and un-bored them, quickening the tempo while remaining mysterious and cerebral." - Village Voice
  • "Arrive early, sad sack, and get your mind blown by Brooklyn-based trio the Big Sleep, whose largely instrumental brand of darkness rolls in apocalyptic waves, with traces of early (pre-'The') Verve-meets-Sonic Youth-meets My Bloody Valentine-meets the awesome dream you once had after you stayed up for three days straight. But the Big Sleep are less about who they might remind you of, and more about where they’re going. If you went to Disney World and rode Space Mountain, and there were moments of blissful drifting between the times you’re hurtling through the cosmos at breakneck speeds, it still wouldn’t describe what you're in store for. Wearing a seat belt on your trip with the Big Sleep won’t do you any good at all." - New York Press (July 2006)


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