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The Biggest Winner Arab (season 1)

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The Biggest Winner Arab
(season 1)
Presented by Carolina De Oliveira
Starring Hani Abu Al-Naja
Zaina Habi
Pascale Saad
Country of origin Lebanon
Original language(s) Arabic
Running time 90 minutes
Original network MBC 1
Original release April 29, 2006
Followed by The Biggest Winner 2 (2007)
Related shows The Biggest Loser (US)
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The Biggest Winner Arab (season 1) is the second season of the Arabic version of the original NBC American reality television series The Biggest Loser. The second season premiered on April 26, 2006.


Contestant Team Status
Katherine Al-Kheder, Syria Blue Team Eliminated Week 1
Dalia Abualsaud, Jordan Blue Team Eliminated Week 2
Ahmad Al-Mehana, Kuwait Red Team Eliminated Week 3
Reda Mata, Lebanon Blue Team Eliminated Week 4
Hatem Lashain, Egypt Red Team Eliminated Week 5
Walead Al-Jasem, Iraq Red Team Eliminated Week 6
Lina Bakear, Lebanon Red Team Eliminated Week 7
Hadair Shabib, Egypt Red Team Eliminated Week 8
Darean Mahmoud, Saudi Arabia Red Team Eliminated Week 9
Kawthar Al-Bakar, Bahrain Blue Team Eliminated Week 10
Abdullah Al-Khalaki, Saudi Arabia Blue Team Eliminated Week 11
Nehad Al-Akhdar, Tunisia Red Team 2nd Runner Up
Moustafa Al-Mobarak, Saudi Arabia Blue Team Runner Up
Abdullah Hammad, Jordan Blue Team The Biggest Winner
     Member of Zaina's Team
     Member of Hani's Team
     250,000 SAR. Winner (among the finalists)
     50,000 SAR. Winner (among the eliminated contestants)