The Bill (series 18)

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The Bill (series 18)
Country of origin United Kingdom
No. of episodes 86
Original network ITV
Original release 3 January –
31 December 2002
Series chronology
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Series 17
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Series 18 of British television drama The Bill consisted of 86 episodes, broadcast between 3 January and 31 December 2002. This series marked a massive change for the show, after it received a new executive producer, Paul Marquess. Series 18 became the first series to be broadcast in serial format, and generally, only one episode was broadcast per week. The style of the programme also noticeably changes, becoming less police procedural and more "soap opera". As well as featuring 80 regular episodes, the series featured a six-part serial based around PC Dave Quinnan, to mark his departure from the series. This series also saw another major cast change, with departures of several central characters. This made a total of 13 cast members to leave the show, the most in any season with season 25 in second, where 11 cast members left, and season 16 in third, which had 10 cast members leaving. On 14 August 2013, The Bill Series 18 Part 1 & 2 and The Bill Series 18 Part 3 & 4 DVD sets were released (in Australia).

Cast changes[edit]


No. Title Episode notes Directed by Written by Original air date
1 "Loaded" Final appearance of SC Terry Knowles Chris Lovett Len Collin 3 January 2002 (2002-01-03)
Taviner and Hollis decide to spend a day at the seaside to rescue Hollis's relationship with his girlfriend Helen. Meanwhile, Knowles and Klein arrest a petty thief named Derek Daly. As they head back to the station, Knowles spots an attractive blonde in a car and persuades Klein to pull her over when she jumps a red light. Confident that he can get her phone number, like his hero Taviner would, Knowles approaches the blonde with a smile. Flirting outrageously, he tries to get a date, but with little success. When he threatens to do a vehicle check, the girl smiles sweetly, produces a steel-comb and thrusts it into his neck, and Klein is forced to sit back and watch in horror.
2 "Not to Praise Him" TBA Chris Lovett Len Collin 10 January 2002 (2002-01-10)
Gilmore addresses the congregation at Knowles's funeral, and mentions the dead man's habit of chatting up girls, which causes a bit of a stir. After the service, Chandler tries to comfort Knowles's mother, but is dragged away by her daughter Tina, who blames the police for her brother's death. Meanwhile, Singh and Meadows liaise with Jay Ramsay, who is planning to direct a reconstruction of the murder for a TV programme. Meadows is angry when the director comments about Knowles flirting with the murderer before his death. As the drink flows at the wake, the tensions rise between archenemies Gilmore and Taviner, resulting in a full-blown punch up between the pair.
3 "Do Not Pass Go" James Marcus guest stars. Ged Maguire Len Collin 17 January 2002 (2002-01-17)
Despite the discovery of the Saab used in the murder, progress on the case is slow. The owner is identified as Paul King, but when the relief break into his flat, they find King dead from a gunshot wound. Trawling through statements after the TV appeal, Glaze notices the name Kathy Milligan. Meanwhile, Tavnier is annoyed that CID will not share information on the case with Uniform and decides to do a little detection of his own. He has a hunch that petty thief Derek Smith, who witnessed the murder, knows more than he's letting on. Taviner, accompanied by Klein and Hollis, pumps him for information until he reveals information relating to the manager of a local nightclub.
4 "Juliet" Anna Keaveney guest stars. Michael Simpson Tom Needham 24 January 2002 (2002-01-24)
Quinnan and Page search for Shauna Russell, a young woman with Down's syndrome who has been reported missing by her mother Annie and sister Natalie. They finally find her in an underground car park, but are concerned by her dishevelled state. Despite protests from Annie, her daughter is examined by the FME, Sue Marton. Shauna complains of feeling sick and when gently questioned it soon becomes obvious that she is pregnant. A pregnancy test confirms this and the FME tells Cullen that Shauna is probably three or four months gone, but is unsure how much of her condition she actually understands. However, it cannot be determined whether she was assaulted or the intercourse was consensual.
5 "Set in Stone" First appearance of PC Cathy Bradford. Sara Stockbridge guest stars. Ron Bain Cathy Denman 31 January 2002 (2002-01-31)
Cathy Bradford makes an immediate impression after overpowering a thug who has escaped Gilmore's clutches. As Quinnan is seconded to investigate a series of vandalism cases that involve a local daycentre, Bradford and Hollis interrogate one of the girls who attend the centre, and Bradford has a falling out with Quinnan. As Hollis has problems with a builder he has hired to work on his new house, Klein feeds off Stamp's attraction to Bradford and starts taking bets on whether or not she will go out with him. As Quinnan and daycentre manager Liz Terry begin to build bridges, they discover that one of the locals accusing the daycentre clients of the vandalism may be responsible himself.
6 "Quinnan - Part I" Sara Stockbridge, Michael Attwell, Jemma Hines and Andrew Pleavin guest stars. Ron Bain Phil Ford 7 February 2002 (2002-02-07)
At her local gym, Bradford becomes concerned that Marti Hunt is being worked too hard by her father Barry Hunt, who is also the owner. As she leaves, Bradford agrees to keep an eye out for a petty thief who has been targeting the gym. Back at the station, Quinnan mentions to Stamp that he is thinking of asking out Liz Terry from the Day Centre. Stamp is sceptical and encourages a wary Page to check Liz's history on the police computer. Page is left with a dilemma when the results reveal that Liz used to be a prostitute. Meanwhile, a reluctant Carver joins Cathy's gym. He is immediately suspicious that bodybuilder Jay Cutler could be the thief, especially when he later sees Cutler selling steroids.
7 "Quinnan - Part II" TBA Roberto Bangura Len Collin 7 February 2002 (2002-02-07)
Quinnan refuses to speak to Page after her revelations regarding Liz. Adding to Quinnan's misery is the receipt of his divorce papers and Stamp's implication that whilst his ex-wife has moved on, he hasn't. An operation to smash an illegal immigrants ring offers Quinnan the chance to redeem himself in the eyes of his colleagues. Whilst McAllister is dealing with a body that's been washed up from the river, Boyden is at the scene of a road accident. A lorry has come off the road and shed a couple of chest freezers. The holes in the freezers and an Iraqi paper inside the lorry leads Boyden to conclude that it was carrying illegal immigrants. Quinnan then spots four men walking along the roadside.
8 "Quinnan - Part III" TBA Michael Cocker Patrick Melanaphy 14 February 2002 (2002-02-14)
Page and Quinnan pose as a married couple running a hotel, while Carver and Hollis, and immigration agent Petrit, pose as their employees, while Webb and McAllister have set up surveillance in a nearby flat. Meanwhile, Stamp is undercover as a driver for the firm bringing in the illegals. The hotel is busy preparing for its opening night, and when the temporary staff arrive, Quinnan seizes the opportunity to attract Berisha's attention by ringing the agency and complaining about them. Later, Stamp makes a delivery to the hotel – four refugees who are immediately set to work. He then picks up his boss Kerns and drives him to a lorry park, where he finds twenty scared refugees and a decomposing body.
9 "Quinnan - Part IV" Norman Lovett guest stars. Ian White Maxwell Young 14 February 2002 (2002-02-14)
The operation appears to be in jeopardy again when Petrit declares that he is going in search of his missing sister. Following a lead from a girl at a café, he and Carver visit a pool hall, where Stamp had previously made a delivery, but have no joy with the doorman. Page meets up with Cullen to give him an update, and tells him that she is convinced that they are being set up for extortion by Berisha. Her suspicions are later confirmed when Berisha presents Quinnan with a bill for excess staff. Initially, he refuses to pay, until Berisha starts to strangle him, watched by a helpless Webb and Lennox. A determined Petrit plans to return as a punter to the pool hall, which is identified as a brothel.
10 "Quinnan - Part V" TBA Ian White Len Collin 20 February 2002 (2002-02-20)
Accompanied by Hollis, Petrit manages to locate his sister Nicola, who has been working as a prostitute for Berisha, and demands that Hollis calls in his colleagues to raid the place. Having blown their cover, and unable to leave Nicola, Hollis has no other choice but to give in to his demands. As Quinnan and Page try to save the operation, they find their old passion reviving as they settle into their roles as a husband and wife. Stamp is shocked to see his colleagues getting intimate by virtue of the CCTV camera in their room. Determined not to later her escape his clutches again, Quinnan makes a shock proposal to Page, one which could end his career if he doesn't get the answer he is looking for.
11 "Quinnan - Part VI" Final appearance of PC Dave Quinnan Michael Simpson Len Collin 27 February 2002 (2002-02-27)
Stamp questions Quinnan over his actions, but the ensuing argument results in the pair coming to blows. Quinnan gives Page an ultimatum: accept his proposal of marriage, or he will transfer to another station. The sting operation draws to a close as CID raid the hotel, but Berisha appears to have made good his escape. Page continues to hang Quinnan over a ledge, but realizing that she may not be as crazy about him as he first believed, decides that it is time for him to move on and requests a transfer out of Sun Hill. Page is devastated, but realises that her own actions have forced Quinnan to move on. She seeks solace from Stamp, but he is less than sympathetic about their relationship.
12 "Down a Blind Alley (001)" First episode in serial format, Zig Byfield guest stars Daniela Neumann Steve Handley 28 February 2002 (2002-02-28)
Taviner and Hollis investigate a disturbance at a local lap-dancing club, Polestar, in which a waitress has been assaulted. The case soon escalates when a flat belonging to another member of Polestar's staff is burgled. Chandler orders an undercover operation to try and catch those responsible. Bradford soon discovers that the manager of the club has a sideline in prostitution and goes undercover in an attempt to trap him into incriminating himself. When Bradford's new roommate is badly beaten outside a local hotel, she goes all out to prove Mansfield's involvement in the operation. Meanwhile, Stamp and Page investigate complaints of credit card fraud in the area.
13 "Loose Cannon (002)" Carol Harrison and Bryan Murray guest star. Daniela Neumann Eric Deacon 7 March 2002 (2002-03-07)
Webb and Spears pursue a stolen car across the Jasmine Allen estate and discover guns under the seat. The car is traced to recently released hard man, Michael Bowker. When questioned, Bowker claims to have no knowledge of the weapons. Webb photographs Bowker handing over large wads of cash to a blonde woman, whom Meadows recognises as Angie Weller, wife of imprisoned super-grass Jimmy Weller. CID find that she is keeping company her husband would never approve of. When Bowker turns up dead, Meadows discovers a plan to spring Jimmy Weller from prison and murder him at his mother's funeral. Meanwhile, Singh takes the law into his own hands.
14 "Face the Music (003)" Paul Raffield guest stars. Jamie Nuttgens Chris McWatters 14 March 2002 (2002-03-14)
Carver and Ackland investigate a series of burglaries, where all of the homeowners have booked holidays with a particular travel agent. Carver is aware of one of the employees' criminal histories and immediately suspects that he may be responsible. When the robberies are linked to the employee's girlfriend, Carver goes undercover at a dog kennel in an attempt to set a trap for the thief. He soon begins to question the nature of his relationship with Ackland. Meanwhile, Singh is sent to investigate the attack he was responsible for, while an unhappy Glaze is breathing down his neck. Webb tries to work out who Chandler's fancy woman is, unaware that it is his partner in crime, Spears.
15 "Thin Ice (004)" Anthony May guest stars. Jamie Nuttgens Julian Spilsbury 21 March 2002 (2002-03-21)
Stamp and Rickman pursue a stolen car to a lock-up, where they find a number of false plates being applied to stolen vehicles. However, one of the owners, an accountant, has not reported his car missing, and Stamp and Rickman attempt to find out why. When Rickman spots a duo hanging around outside the accountant's office, she recognises them and soon discovers that the owner may have let his car be stolen in an attempt to repay an outstanding debt. When the villains realise the account has been creaming money off of them for years, they set out to pay him a visit. During the raid, Stamp nearly falls victim to a petrol bomb intended for Singh. Webb trails an unsuspecting McAllister.
16 "Afternoon Rendezvous (005)" Final appearance of Ch. Insp. Derek Conway Mike Adams Marc Pye 28 March 2002 (2002-03-28)
Bradford and Taviner investigate when an ice cream van is held to ransom by a gunman who has a penchant for Clint Eastwood quotes. The raid is soon linked to a serious of thefts from jewellers and tailors, when a woman brings her wayward daughter into the station in an attempt to make her see sense. Taviner discovers that a ring of three students from Canley Tech are responsible for the robberies, but when they are released, they steal Taviner's keys to his brand new sports car from the front desk, and take it on a joyride. Hollis tries to work out a series of cryptic clues as to where they will strike next. Disaster strikes when Conway attends a meeting with local community leaders.
17 "Rally the Troops (006)" Final appearance of DS Vik Singh Mike Adams Phillip Gladwin 4 April 2002 (2002-04-04)
Chandler attempts to raise morale amongst the relief by appealing to their senses of honour in flushing out Conway's murderer, by ordering that all known racists or promnoms with racial links are arrested and brought in for questioning. Webb unknowingly is given the task of interviewing Jeff Simpson. When Azim Ahmed reveals to Webb that the word on the street is that Simpson exacted revenge for being beaten up by two black police officers, Webb and Spears grill Glaze and Singh. Glaze denies any knowledge of the situation, while Singh veers closely to revealing his responsibility. Singh gives Jeff Simpson one last warning before handing in the towel and resigning from the force.
18 "A Show of Generosity (007)" Guy Henry guest stars. Steve Finn Katherine Smith 11 April 2002 (2002-04-11)
Taviner and Hollis are dealing with a number of disturbances involving two local youths, but aren't lucky enough to catch either of them. Monroe organises a fund for Conway, and while Chandler makes a very charitable donation, Taviner is forced to write an IOU. With no way of contributing to the pot, Taviner believes he has hit the big time when he catches up with one of the youths and confiscates £200 from him. Managing to rescue his reputation amongst the relief, he is soon left in deep trouble as unbeknown to him, the money is fake. Stamp and Page find a number of petrol bombs and fireworks near Simpson's bookshop, but it is Azim Ahmed who finds himself being arrested for stealing petrol.
19 "Golden Opportunity (008)" Final appearances of Inspector Andrew Monroe, PC's Ben Hayward, and Di Worrell, DC's Paul Riley and Kate Spears Steve Finn Declan Croghan 16 April 2002 (2002-04-16)
While reports of disturbances start flooding in, the relief out on the streets find themselves under attack. Gilmore has a hard time containing a vanful of officers desperate to get amongst the conflict and regain some order. As white youths are seen loitering around an Asian owned warehouse, Ackland is taken hostage. As the relief rush to rescue her, Carver bursts in and starts beating up the ringleader, and the two share a passionate kiss. As the team relax with a drink in CID, trouble is only around the corner - with an array of petrol bombs being lobbed at the station. Taviner seizes his chance to get rid of the fake cash, but his disastrous actions lead to the entire station becoming engulfed in flames.
20 "No Signs of Life (009)" Departure of PC Polly Page, Barrie Gosney guest stars. Declan O'Dwyer Katherine Smith 17 April 2002 (2002-04-17)
Chandler announces the death of four of his officers. As Harker and Spears lie in a critical condition, Stamp awaits news of Page, who turns up and announces that she was not caught up in the fire after taking an overdose. Ackland advises her to take immediate leave. Taviner, aware that Harker is a witness to his actions, lingers by his bedside in an attempt to silence him. Glaze convinces himself that if he'd spoken out against Singh's indiscretions, none of this would have happened. He enlists Lennox to track down their prime suspect, Jeff Simpson. Spears succumbs to her injuries. Chandler warns Meadows not to make an ally out of Webb after Webb accuses him of cowardice.
21 "A Peg or Two (010)" Final appearance of PC Sam Harker, Sylvester McCoy, Chrissie Cotterill and Jonathan Tafler guest star. Declan O'Dwyer Tom Needham 18 April 2002 (2002-04-18)
As the team hold a respectful minute's silence for those lost in the blaze, McAllister is busy finding evidence against a known safecracker, Peter Grace, after the case against him was lost in the fire. At St Hugh's, Rickman and Taviner hold a bedside vigil for Harker, but Harker succumbs to his injuries. Taviner comes extremely close to revealing his actions to Hollis, but Harker's untimely death provides the perfect alibi. Boyden is hastily appointed acting inspector by Chandler. Lennox and Glaze are given a severe reprimand from Meadows, and warned to steer clear of Jeff Simpson or anything to do with the Simpson case. Meanwhile, Webb and Meadows plot to bring Chandler to his knees.
22 "Suspects (011)" TBA Ken Grieve Henrietta Hardy 25 April 2002 (2002-04-25)
McAllister successfully manages to track down an internet fraudster, and later decides to take a computer policing course, but is shocked when Meadows fails to support her in her venture, unaware that he and Webb believe that she is Chandler's fancy woman. Stamp reprimands a young thief, Lee Dwyer, who steals flowers from the station's memorial for the six deceased officers. Meanwhile, as the aftermath of the fire continues to sweep through the station, Taviner begins to panic when MIT arrive to investigate the fire, but soon begins to realise that they have another prime suspect in mind. Glaze continues with his vendetta against Jeff Simpson, and decorator Harry Fullerton comes under suspicion.
23 "At the Deep End (012)" First appearance of DC Eva Sharpe Ken Grieve Julie White 2 May 2002 (2002-05-02)
New DC Eva Sharpe arrives at Sun Hill, and is thrown straight in at the deep end, after she is tasked with tracking a violent drug dealer on her first day, while the rest of CID are busy investigating other cases. Bob Cryer and Charles Brownlow return to Sun Hill, and as the relief attend the memorial service for the six officers lost in the fire, the net slowly closes in on decorator Harry Fullerton. As the wake draws to an untimely close, he attempts to prove his involvement in the fire to Hollis. As Meadows and Webb continue their vendetta against Chandler, McAllister grows closer as she offers herself as relief to Chandler, providing further evidence for Webb and Meadows' case against him.
24 "Needle in a Haystack (013)" TBA Graeme Harper Nick Saltrese 9 May 2002 (2002-05-09)
Stamp and Bradford tail a thug who is attacking taxi drivers, and discover that he may well have a link to Jeff Simpson, much to Glaze's delight. Boyden, unimpressed with Gilmore's conduct, hauls him over the coals but during his reprimand, makes a homophobic remark towards him. Harry Fullerton makes a false confession to the firebombing of the station and is arrested. Knowing that he is completely innocent, as he committed the crime himself, Taviner tries to convince him to stop playing games - but his harsh words only result in Fullerton falsely confessing to the murder of Conway as well. Meanwhile, Webb discovers a vital piece of evidence in his campaign against Chandler.
25 "Walking on Water (014)" Beverley Callard guest stars. Graeme Harper Alison Fisher 16 May 2002 (2002-05-16)
Sharpe and Gilmore investigate a scam involving stolen girocheques, and uncover a link to a ring of local prostitutes, run by husband and wife Dean and Chrissie Hendry. Encouraged by Klein whilst at a club, Rickman takes an ecstasy tablet whilst off duty, only to be roped into breaking up a fight outside, and being forced to accompany the prisoners back to the station. Taviner attempts to search Harry Fullerton's apartment, determined to find evidence to prove his innocence, but is shocked to be found snooping by Glaze, who he discovers is also attempting to prove that Fullerton is innocent. Meadows and Webb continue to put Chandler under pressure, whilst McAllister continues to offer him some relief.
26 "Slippery Slope (015)" TBA Michael Ferguson Annie Jones 23 May 2002 (2002-05-23)
Klein and Rickman, still buzzing from the night before, and struggling to come down, make two arrests whilst still flying on ecstasy. As the pair are called to deal with a case of domestic violence, Rickman's ability to handle her social and work lives separately comes under fire from Boyden, and her state of mind begins to impede her judgement. Knowing that Klein is on a slippery slope, Rickman tries to convince him to give up the drugs. Meanwhile, Glaze enlists Taviner's help to convince MIT that Harry Fullerton is innocent, and in turn find evidence, which implicates Jeff Simpson. Meanwhile, a suspicious Cullen becomes aware of McAllister's involvement with Chandler, and warns her to keep well away.
27 "Crying Wolf (016)" TBA Michael Ferguson Ed Jones 30 May 2002 (2002-05-30)
Boyden assigns Ackland and Carver to the investigation into a repeat prowler. Ackland is convinced that the victim is 'crying wolf' just to get attention from Carver. Carver however believes that Ackland is letting her personal feelings get in the way of her judgement. MIT are forced to release Harry Fullerton, leaving Glaze and Taviner with no choice but to pursue Jeff Simpson. Lennox and Glaze patch up their differences and Lennox taps his friend in MIT for information on Simpson. Glaze is suspicious of Taviner's motives when he becomes frustrated at Simpson's apparent watertight alibi. Webb and Meadows continue to dig around in Chandler's past while Cullen issues him a reminder.
28 "A Run of Good Luck (017)" TBA Susan Tully Julian Perkins 6 June 2002 (2002-06-06)
McAllister and Sharpe come to blows when they are tasked with investigating the case of two armed robbers, who after being caught red-handed during a bungled robbery, begin to spout confessions to multiple other unrelated crimes. Sharpe becomes determined not to let McAllister's liaisons with Chandler get in the way and goes solo to get a result. Taviner manages to find evidence linking one of Jeff Simpson's heavies to Conway's murder, but MIT are sceptical of his so-called run of 'good luck'. Meadows' attempt to find dirt on Chandler through the borough commander fails, and on the warpath, Chandler hauls Meadows and the rest of CID over the coals for poor handling of the Jeff Simpson case.
29 "Tough Love (018)" TBA Susan Tully Marcus Brent 13 June 2002 (2002-06-13)
Meadows is asked by an old-school criminal to warn his son off of a life of crime, but worries that his merits may get in the way of his pursuit to bring down Chandler. In return, Meadows presses his contact for information, but struggles to prevent himself from telling the boy that his father has grassed him up. Taviner assists MIT with a search of Simpson's bookshop, and not surprisingly, a pair of trousers covered in glass and fuel are found in Simpson's wardrobe by MIT. Simpson knows he has been framed, and loses his cool. Sharpe is angry with McAllister when she fails to relay an important message that was left for her earlier in the day. Hollis organises a station lottery.
30 "On the Pitch (019)" TBA Jim Goddard Annie Jones 20 June 2002 (2002-06-20)
Stamp organises a football match between the relief and a group of young offenders, but tensions between Gilmore and Boyden boil over. Glaze and Sharpe investigate the death of a man found in his council flat, but revelations about his past lead them to interview the young offenders' group in connection with his death. Stamp's sympathy for Lee Dwyer soon turns to anger when he discovers Dwyer has stolen his wallet. MIT interview Glaze, and he is forced to decide whether or not to save Taviner's career by corroborating the false allegation that Taviner heard Simpson confess to the firebombing. Meadows and Webb's pursuit of Chandler uncovers new leads, and McAllister and Sharpe come to blows.
31 "Vigilante (020)" First appearance of PC Gary Best, Tom Lister guest stars Jim Goddard Ian Harris 25 June 2002 (2002-06-25)
Stamp and new recruit Gary Best try to track down a mysterious vigilante who has been attacking youths on the local estates. Best's streetwise approach proves invaluable amongst the community, but the continued tensions between McAllister and Sharpe threaten to ruin his good work. Hollis pays Harry Fullerton a visit in an attempt to find out the reasoning behind his false confessions. Gilmore files a grievance procedure against Boyden for his continued homophobic remarks. Rickman and Klein head out on another drug-filled night out, but when one of her friends collapses mid-conversation, she is forced to accompany her to St. Hughs, whilst trying to cover up her own misgivings.
32 "Ruffled Feathers (021)" First appearances of DC Ken Drummond and Insp. Gina Gold Ian White Steve Attridge 27 June 2002 (2002-06-27)
Klein and Rickman attend the scene of a suspected suicide, but after losing her handbag the night before, Rickman is worried that her drug-related secrets might finally be discovered. As tensions continue to rise in CID between McAllister and Sharpe, Cullen is pleased to see the arrival of fresh transfer Ken Drummond, who arrives from Barton Street for his first shift, and immediately assists with an investigation into illegal dumping of toxic waste. Meanwhile, uniform are also treated to a fresh face in the form of Gina Gold, who takes no time to make her objectives clear. As the lottery syndicate gets underway, Webb is forced to tell Chandler that the relief don't want him to part of the activities.
33 "Prove Your Worth (022)" First appearance of DC Brandon Kane, return of PC Luke Ashton Ian White Gerard McKenna 2 July 2002 (2002-07-02)
Sun Hill's new community safety unit opens its doors with Ackland at the helm, and straight away the team are thrown in at the deep end, investigating a case of racial violence. Trainee detective Brandon Kane arrives, determined to prove his worth to Ackland and the team, while the relief are surprised at the return of Luke Ashton, who returns to service after three years away. His first day back goes from bad to worse he arrives an hour late, and it soon becomes clear that Gilmore has a firm eye on him. Following a tip-off from Taviner, Webb pays a visit to one of Chandler's former colleagues. Best decides to rekindle a romance with an ex-girlfriend, but will her new job come between them?
34 "Aptitude Test (023)" Brooke Kinsella guest stars. Ged Maguire Matthew Leys 4 July 2002 (2002-07-04)
Ashton is determined to prove his worth when he accompanies Gilmore to investigate a homophobic assault. Gold shows a different approach to the case when Ashton and Gilmore's aptitude fails to provide an appropriate result. Rickman attends to a call involving a row between a father and his daughter, and it soon becomes apparent that the girl's less than clean-cut boyfriend may be the catalyst behind bitter words. Determined to protect the girl, Rickman tries to make her see sense before taking her father to court. Stamp and Best catch Lee Dwyer robbing a newsagent, but Stamp manages to get the newsagent not to press charges in return for helping Dwyer. Taviner receives a disturbing letter.
35 "Sitting Tennants (024)" Brooke Kinsella, Katy Murphy and Peter Guinness guest star. Ged Maguire Matthew Leys 9 July 2002 (2002-07-09)
Glaze and Drummond investigate an arson attack on a group of flats occupied by sitting tenants, whom the landlord is desperate to evict, and soon discover that a group of dodgy foreign internationals are interested in purchasing the property, and are prepared to go to any lengths to get it. Kane investigates an alleged assault on an undertaker, and Rickman discovers that the victim is the shady boyfriend of Liz Chambers, and that her father is responsible for the assault. Gold and Ashton both become the subject of separate official complaints. McAllister arrives back at work after a week's sick leave with some important news for Chandler - she is pregnant with his baby.
36 "Too Close to the Wind (025)" First appearance of PC Kerry Young Dermot Boyd Hugh Ellis 11 July 2002 (2002-07-11)
Stamp is forced to defend Lee Dwyer from accusations of vandalism, when he returns to school and trashes a classroom after being picked on by other members of his class. Gold realises Stamp may be sailing too close to the wind and warns him not to get personally involved with Dwyer. Taviner receives a series of text messages threatening to expose his lies, and decides to confront Jeff Simpson over his involvement. Klein goes out partying and meets a hot girl in a club, and the pair enjoy a juicy snog outside. However, he is shocked when the previous evening's conquest, Kerry Young, turns up for duty for her first day at Sun Hill. McAllister and Chandler have to deal with news of her pregnancy.
37 "Playing Runaway (026)" TBA Dermot Boyd Clive Dawson 16 July 2002 (2002-07-16)
Stamp is forced to defend Lee Dwyer once again when he is caught spraying graffiti, but his efforts to help prove to be fruitless. Young and Ashton are then called to a domestic incident at Lee Dwyer's address, and discover that having decided to teach his parents a lesson, Dwyer is playing runaway and decides to make an early morning visit to a surprised Stamp. Cullen is forced to intervene when tensions between Carver and Ackland boil over, resulting in a mug-hurling altercation. Taviner's blackmailer continues to squeeze him for cash, and he realises he has only two options - let himself continue to be intimidated or write a full confession and hold his hands up to the firebombing of Sun Hill.
38 "Old Tricks (027)" Nia Roberts guest stars. John Davies Julian Perkins 18 July 2002 (2002-07-18)
Lennox and Glaze investigate when a number of designer jackets are stolen from a local department store, and soon turn up cheap on the local estates. They soon discover that ex-con Joe Nash is up to his old tricks, but struggle to piece together the evidence when they find that the CCTV tape showing the theft has been edited. Meanwhile, Young's engagement party is overshadowed by the syndicate's winning numbers coming up on the lottery, but little are they aware that Hollis has lost the vital ticket. Webb, in anticipation, makes his way to Chandler to hand in his notice. As the day draws to a close, Lee Dwyer's parents arrive at Sun Hill to make a very serious accusation against Stamp.
39 "Missing Without Trace (028)" TBA John Davies Steve Hughes 23 July 2002 (2002-07-23)
When Liz Chambers mysteriously disappears without trace, Kane and Rickman pay a visit to her boyfriend's house, only to discover he is playing away with another woman. Meanwhile, Lee Dwyer continues in his campaign to bring down Stamp, refusing to back down and revoke the accusations made. As the evidence against Stamp is mounting, Carver is subsequently assigned to be Dwyer's family liaison officer, a fact which leaves Stamp wondering if anyone is on his side. Bradford attempts to charm Young's fiancé, but her efforts prove fruitless, and in an act of spite, subsequently reveals Young's indiscretions and her one-night stand with Klein, a fact which she has not revealed to her new beau.
40 "First Day Collar (029)" First appearance of DS Phil Hunter Steve Finn Maxwell Young 25 July 2002 (2002-07-25)
Cocky new sergeant Phil Hunter creates problems for Klein and Rickman when he arrests their drug dealer on his first day at Sun Hill. Carver's assignment as Lee Dwyer's family liaison officer runs into trouble when Stamp begins to doubt that Carver believes in his innocence, and when he tries to probe information out of Glaze, he only makes the situation worse. Liz Chambers is found murdered, but due to low manpower, the case is transferred to Barton Street, much to Cullen's dismay. Rickman faces Young's wrath when the rumour mill finds itself leading right back to her. Meadows pays a visit to one of Chandler's ex-colleagues and discovers that his destruction isn't as easy as they'd hoped it would be.
41 "No Loyalty (030)" Victoria Finney guest stars. Steve Finn Marc Pye 30 July 2002 (2002-07-30)
The investigation into the abuse of Lee Dwyer continues, but Stamp is soon cleared of all charges, much to the delight of his colleagues. However, Stamp isn't in a forgiving mood, and refuses to make amends with Carver for believing that he was responsible for the attacks on Dwyer. Carver is relieved by Kane as Family Liaison Officer, and soon discovers that Dwyer's abuse may have started many years before, and takes a closer look into finding the culprit. Chandler discovers that Meadows has been digging into his background, but he manages to provide a cover story to allude his innocence. Meanwhile, Gilmore is embarrassed by his new boyfriend in front of the relief, much to Taviner's delight.
42 "Conflicting Information (031)" TBA Chris Lovett Len Collin 1 August 2002 (2002-08-01)
Kane's role as Family Liaison officer takes an interesting turn when Lee Dwyer is accused of trashing a toy shop, causing more than £2000 of damage to the shop and stock. Kane is determined to find out if there is a reason behind his actions and begins to delve further into the troubled teenager's family history. Meanwhile, Sharpe and Glaze receive conflicting tip-offs about a planned bank robbery, and Meadows is unsure which of the pair to believe. Accepting Glaze's information over Sharpe's, Sharpe is then tasked with investigating a case of indecent exposure. Chandler continues to try and persuade McAllister to have an abortion, but the resulting altercation leaves McAllister battered and bruised.
43 "Bait (032)" TBA Chris Lovett Ian Harris 6 August 2002 (2002-08-06)
As the investigation into Lee Dwyer's abuse comes to a close, Kane returns to normal duties. Young is less than pleased when she is asked to act as bait to trap a flasher who has been attacking young women, but the case soon comes into jeopardy when it is revealed that the suspect could be a vital witness to a shooting. Taviner's blackmailer sends him another warning, while Best continues in his fruitless attempts to impress Young. When McAllister arrives for work black and blue, Cullen presses her for information in an attempt to discover who is responsible. McAllister refuses to talk, but Cullen is suspicious of Chandler when he sees him trying to cosy up to McAllister and apologise for his actions.
44 "Loggerheads (033)" First appearance of FDO Roberta Cryer, Nicola Stapleton guest stars Declan O'Dwyer John Milne 8 August 2002 (2002-08-08)
Glaze is tasked with investigating a violent assault, but finds his mind wandering with the imminent trial of Jeff Simpson and his associates for the Sun Hill firebombing. Gold and Meadows find themselves at loggerheads over the handling of a suspect. Whilst out on patrol in the area car, Hollis and Taviner are attacked by two of Jeff Simpson's associates, forcing Taviner to issue a blunt warning to Simpson - who responds with a shocking revelation implicating Hollis. New front desk officer Robbie Cryer arrives for her first day at Sun Hill, and manages to win everyone over with her 'psychic powers' - unaware that she has a very famous Sun Hill relative, in the form of former sergeant Bob Cryer.
45 "Protection (034)" Nicola Stapleton, David Walliams and Lewis Collins guest star. Declan O'Dwyer Eric Deacon 13 August 2002 (2002-08-13)
The relief attend a call to a protest outside a research laboratory involving a group of animal rights protestors. During the protest, Taviner gets a bit heavy-handed with a protestor who refuses to move back, and ends up dishing out a harsh beating. As the trouble continues, Young and Ashton are personally assigned to protect the head scientist. After discovering that he has received a number of death threats, the pair soon find themselves in the middle of a bomb scare. An official complaint is made against Glaze for his investigation into Tina Pope's bit on the side, while the protestor whom Taviner assaulted also makes a complaint. Cullen informs Chandler he has requested a transfer.
46 "Impostors (035)" Nicola Stapleton and Edna Doré guest star. Paul Marcus Tom Needham 15 August 2002 (2002-08-15)
A spate of robberies are reported in the local area, and it is soon discovered that the culprit is impersonating Ackland in an attempt to get away with her crimes. Ashton attends a call to a domestic, and arrives to find himself intercepting a row between Gilmore and his boyfriend. As the chemistry between them increased, Young and Ashton out on a date. McAllister has no choice but to inform Meadows of her pregnancy when her bump starts to show. Rickman seduces a local journalist, Simon Kitson, but after one too many fears that she may have landed herself in hot water with the relief. An agitated Cullen continues to press Chandler for a transfer, but Chandler continues to block his move.
47 "Officer Down (036)" Final appearance of DI Alex Cullen Paul Marcus Nicholas McInerny 20 August 2002 (2002-08-20)
Glaze panics when his star witness, Tina Pope, disappears without trace, hours before she is due to appear in court, but fails to establish an obvious connection between Pope and murder victim Liz Chambers. Taviner is horrified when Hollis fails to show up for parade, and soon receives information from Simpson and his cronies that Hollis has been kidnapped. Taviner has no choice but to go it alone, in fear that sparking involvement from his fellow officers could result in his involvement in the firebombing being exposed. Rickman continues to be hassled by journalist Simon Kitson. On his last day at Sun Hill, Cullen pulls a fast move and convinces Lennox to join him in a new job with MIT.
48 "One Last Day (037)" DC Duncan Lennox transfers to MIT Jamie Payne Lin Coghlan 22 August 2002 (2002-08-22)
Glaze continues to struggle to keep his mind in the right place with the stress of the impending trial hanging over him, but is left speechless when Tina Pope is found murdered on the bank of the Thames. Taviner's conscience gets the better of him, and he is forced to confess to Gold and Meadows that Hollis has been kidnapped and with Jeff Simpson's trial about to begin, he ponders whether or not to confess about his falsified evidence in light of the situation. Gilmore is upset to discover that Ashton is dating Young, however, his upset is quickly overturned when he shares an unexpected kiss with Ashton following a result. Lennox celebrates his final day at Sun Hill before transferring to MIT.
49 "Tactful Approach (038)" First appearance of DS Samantha Nixon Jamie Payne Catrin Clarke 27 August 2002 (2002-08-27)
McAllister investigates a complaint of threatening behaviour, in which a woman has reported being harassed by one of her neighbours. As usual, she takes a less than tactful approach and threatens to blow up a volatile situation with her attitude. On her first day at Sun Hill, Samantha Nixon discovers a link between the murders of Liz Chambers and Tina Pope, and begins to suspect a serial killer is on the loose in Sun Hill. Glaze's mind is all over the place, and during his day in court, he refuses to corroborate Taviner's falsified story under oath. However, the pair have a lucky escape, as before Glaze can provide his testimony, Jeff Simpson changes his plea to guilty of all charges.
50 "Certain Uncertainties (039)" Roger Lloyd-Pack guest stars. Peter Butler Chris Ould 28 August 2002 (2002-08-28)
Hunter receives a tip-off which suggest that drugs are being peddled through a local nightclub, so he decides to set up an undercover operation in the club with Klein at the helm. In light of Cullen's transfer to MIT, the job of acting inspector is offered up, and McAllister is certain that she will get the job, having been at Sun Hill much longer than her fellow counterparts. However, an impressed Meadows offers Nixon the job. Chandler's father turns up begging for money for his drug-addicted brother. Ashton, Young and Gilmore investigate a suspicious RTA, where the driver of the car fled the scene, in fear of being found in possession of cannabis. Ashton and Young get intimate.
51 "Jeopardy (040)" Roger Lloyd-Pack, Tony Booth, Liz Smith and Brigit Forsyth guest star. Peter Butler John Milne 29 August 2002 (2002-08-29)
Klein's role undercover in the nightclub comes into jeopardy when he is forced to take cocaine to retain his cover, and little does he know the whole escapade has been caught on tape. Hunter is warned that he is putting Klein's safety at risk and is asked to keep an eye on the situation. Hollis and Stamp attend a call to investigate bizarre events at a local almshouse, where residents are complaining of incidents of criminal damage. Gilmore is furious when Young and Ashton are late for shift, having spent the night together. Realising that they are close to bringing Chandler down, Webb and Meadows begin their search for Anne Merrick, but are warned to stay well away by her daughter.
52 "Gone Native (041)" Roger Lloyd-Pack, Tony Booth, Liz Smith and Brigit Forsyth guest star. Julie Edwards Martin Jameson 3 September 2002 (2002-09-03)
Events at the almshouse take a bizarre turn and Carver and Ackland are tasked with investigating a murder. However, their own personal relationship begins to cloud their judgement over the involvement of their prime suspect, and the pair are soon at loggerheads. As the undercover operation in the club intensifies, Best and Ashton are given the opportunity to join the team, but Ashton blows an initial first interview with the club's manager, leaving Best to pick up the pieces. Klein is forced to prove to Rickman that he hasn't regained his old habits. Webb and Meadows finally manage to track down Anne Merrick, Chandler's girlfriend at Hendon, but receive a nasty surprise when they interview her.
53 "Requiem (042)" Roger Lloyd-Pack guest stars. Julie Edwards Henrietta Hardy 4 September 2002 (2002-09-04)
After a raid on the club fails to undercover any vital evidence on the main players, Meadows demands a result from Hunter and gives him just 48 hours to secure the required evidence. However, with Best now out of the picture, it's up to Klein to gather the vital evidence, but his judgement is badly affected when his continued use of cocaine begins to take its toll. Hunter realises he has no choice but to try and set up a deal himself to save Klein's skin. Stamp and Best are called to attend to a pair of feuding neighbours who are arguing over a dog. As Webb tries to find out more about what happened to Chandler during the party at Hendon, Meadows warns him to keep any information he uncovers to himself.
54 "Quick Off the Mark (043)" Vincenzo Pellegrino and Roger Lloyd-Pack guest star. Crispin Reece Marianne Colbran 12 September 2002 (2002-09-12)
When Klein blows his own cover, the undercover operation at the club is thrown into jeopardy, but Hunter is determined to salvage the remains by blackmailing Klein using the CCTV footage of him snorting cocaine. As Klein realises he is in much deeper water than he first thought, Hunter manages to turn the situation to his advantage. Young answers a routine call to a house break-in and finds herself in a hostage situation. After Webb and Meadows' digging begins to rear its ugly head, Chandler's former colleague Peter Marsden comes calling at Sun Hill, determined to confront Chandler about the alleged rape of his sister, Louise Marsden. Realising that someone is out to get him, Chandler explodes.
55 "Access Denied (044)" Alan Cooke and Roger Lloyd-Pack guest star. Crispin Reece Ed Jones 18 September 2002 (2002-09-18)
Hunter becomes determined to close down the operation at the club once and for all, and secures information which suggests that a shipment of drugs is due at the club that night. Klein's actions are called into question and Hunter is forced to deny all involvement. Another body is found on the bank of the Thames, and it turns out to be none other than Miriam Wray, the victim of the flasher whom Young went undercover to catch. Called to attend an incident of affray, Ashton is surprised to discover that it's none other than Gilmore's boyfriend. Chandler visits Anne Merrick, determined to prove his innocence. Cryer tells journalist Simon Kitson about the allegations made by Lee Dwyer against Stamp.
56 "Nail in the Coffin (045)" Judy Holt guest stars. Afonso Reis e Sousa Katherine Smith 19 September 2002 (2002-09-19)
Webb and Meadows' digging finally comes to its head when Chandler is arrested for the rape of Anne Merrick, and in the heat of the moment, tries to persuade a battered and bruised McAllister to give him an alibi. However, with the clock ticking to prove his innocence, Webb and Meadows believe they have discovered the final nail in the coffin to secure a conviction. McAllister decides to stand by her man, but at what cost? Meanwhile, an angry Stamp confronts Cryer and Simon Kitson when he is named as a paedophile in the local newspaper, leading to angry protests outside his home. He soon realises that some of friends still do not seem to believe that he is fully innocent of the allegations made.
57 "Improper Conduct (046)" TBA Afonso Reis e Sousa Nick Saltrese 25 September 2002 (2002-09-25)
Kane and Bradford are on the trial of a missing Asian teenage girl, Samina, but Kane soon finds his personal life under scrutiny when Samina's parents address their concerns over the investigation to Ackland. Kane refuses to accept improper conduct and goes all out to find the missing girl. Chandler, realising that the game is almost over, takes some extreme measures in an attempt to secure an alibi from McAllister. Best is delighted when his sister and nephew arrive in Sun Hill, ready to start a new life, but have they really left their old life behind? Carver and Ackland ask Stamp to keep quiet about their affair, but after Carver's indiscretions in the Lee Dwyer case, will he agree?
58 "Deeper Waters (047)" First appearance of DCI Andrew Ross Robert Knights Julian Perkins 26 September 2002 (2002-09-26)
Andrew Ross from MIT arrives at Sun Hill, having been asked to oversee the serial killer operation in the borough. Nixon cosies up to none other than a returning Lennox, in an attempt to get in on a slice of the action, and goes all-out to prove her theory is one that MIT should consider. As a battered Kane and Bradford continue their search for missing Asian teenager Samina, they make a shock discovery, and Kane races to find her. Chandler finds himself in even deeper water when Anne Merrick is found dead after a fall, and the finger is pointed firmly in his direction. He subsequently asks McAllister to provide him with another false alibi, but how far will she go to protect him?
59 "Roses are Red (048)" TBA Robert Knights Annie Jones 2 October 2002 (2002-10-02)
Best and Stamp attend a call to a man who has been found dead in his flat, but upon arrival, discover that his wife has also gone missing. However, they soon begin to realise that their search for a grieving relative may be nothing more than a wild goose chase, and a case of double identity. The net begins to close around Chandler when he is unable to prove his whereabouts at the time of Anne Merrick's death, and an agitated McAllister refuses to provide him with a false alibi. Chandler gives his alibi as a disabled driver whom he helped change a tyre for, but CIB don't believe him, leaving McAllister with the only option of trying to locate the driver in an attempt to clear Chandler's name.
60 "On the Side (049)" Sam Aston guest stars. Steve Finn Ian Harris 3 October 2002 (2002-10-03)
While Ross continues the official investigation into the Sun Hill serial killer, Lennox and Nixon discover their own potential lead when a man comes into the station to report his neighbour's suspicious activities. Treading on very thin ice, Bradford and Kane are called to a domestic dispute, and asked to arrest a wayward daughter for the disobedience of her parents. After being found innocent of Anne Merrick's death, Meadows and Webb follow Chandler as he meets former colleagues to discuss the night of rape. However, the pair don't manage to uncover any vital information to use against him, until he visits his brother - and reveals all. Can they prove that Chandler is responsible for rape?
61 "Ready or Not (050)" Sam Aston guest stars. Steve Finn Maxwell Young 9 October 2002 (2002-10-09)
Drummond and Sharpe investigate a violent assault on the stepmother of Kane and Bradford's wayward teenager, and are shocked when they discover who their prime suspect is. Young's ex-fiancé Martin Porter is taken in for questioning by Ross in connection with the serial killer enquiry. On the day of Anne Merrick's funeral, her daughter Jennie is further distressed when some uninvited guests make an appearance at the service. Webb and Meadows realise they are closer than ever to nailing Chandler and that it is purely a matter of time. Best realises that his sister's past life may be finally catching up with her when he discovers that she has been reunited with her violent boyfriend.
62 "Wisdom of the Wise (051)" Lois Baxter, Christopher Saul and Jim Findley guest star. Baz Taylor Damian Wayling 10 October 2002 (2002-10-10)
Ashton attends a call to a case of criminal damage in an off-licence, and discovers that the perpetrator is none other than the Superintendent's brother, James Chandler. Thrown off-kilter by his brother's arrest, Chandler blows a vital transfer interview at Scotland Yard, whilst back at the station, Meadows convinces James to make a statement, accusing Chandler of raping Louise Marsden at Hendon. Chandler realises he is rapidly running out of options, but he still has one card up his sleeve - his imminent marriage to McAllister. Meanwhile, Young continues to fight her fears when MIT confirm that Martin Porter, her ex-fiancé, is now the prime suspect in the serial killer enquiry.
63 "Saving Face (052)" Benedict Wong, Sally George and Martyn Read guest star. Baz Taylor Marcus Brent 16 October 2002 (2002-10-16)
Lennox attempts to use his influence and contacts to get Nixon appointed to the serial killer enquiry as a profiler, but Ross has other ideas and continues to ignore Nixon's intelligence. Klein interrupts a night out between Rickman and Simon Kitson, and tensions soon flare between the two highly-charges individuals. Chandler tries to maintain some respectability by hastily marrying a pregnant McAllister to save face amongst his colleagues. As Meadows tries to stop McAllister walking down the aisle, Webb discovers that Chandler has betrayed him and has secretly been trying to bring him down. Can Meadows and Webb piece together enough evidence to nail Chandler once and for all?
64 "Conflict of Interest (053)" Benedict Wong guest star. Nigel Keen Gerard McKenna 16 October 2002 (2002-10-16)
Gold decides to take Rickman off of the serial killer enquiry when she fears that a conflict of interest may arise due to her relationship with journalist Simon Kitson. Nixon and Lennox continue to gather their own evidence on the serial killer. A pregnant McAllister is in a state of shock after being raped by Chandler on their wedding night. But with just weeks to go until the birth of their baby, can she forgive him and start a clean slate? As Meadows and Webb prepare to reveal the truth about the rape of Louise Marsden, Chandler gets wind of what they are up to and realises it is just a matter of time before his secrets are revealed, and thus, decides to start planning on other ways to go.
65 "Game Over (054)" Final appearance of Supt. Tom Chandler, first appearance of PC Gemma Osbourne, Anna Karen and Benedict Wong guest stars Nigel Keen Annie Jones 23 October 2002 (2002-10-23)
Ashton and Young investigate a robbery, and discover that Gilmore's car was used as the getaway vehicle. Realising that his boyfriend is responsible, they decide to cover up their discovery. Rickman shows new recruit Gemma Osbourne the ropes on her first shift at Sun Hill. Chandler realises that he has nowhere left to run, and decides to take his own life. McAllister enters premature labour, forcing Stamp to become the hero. Rickman is stalked by the sister of an old friend. Gilmore suspects that Ashton still has feelings for him when he discovers that he covered up the robbery to save his skin. When he attempts to make a move, Ashton rebuffs him and reveals he and Young are engaged.
66 "Risky Behaviour (055)" Anna Karen guest stars. Susan Tully Steve Hughes 24 October 2002 (2002-10-24)
Taviner and Hollis pursue a local teenage tearaway, Andy Bennett, who is causing trouble for the residents of a local estate, and running rings round the police at the same time. Taviner isn't having any of it and the youth soon realises he has nowhere to turn with Taviner on his case. Meanwhile, Hollis bears the brunt of Taviner's temper and ponders whether his stress leave made any difference. Taviner takes a shine to Osbourne. Nixon is finding it hard to concentrate on her job as her mind is on the serial killer case. When MIT receive a letter from the supposed killer saying he has struck again, Nixon can't hide her frustration at not being part of the team. Will her risky behaviour pay off?
67 "Honeytrap (056)" Benedict Wong guest stars. Susan Tully Jaden Clark 24 October 2002 (2002-10-24)
Ashton finds his day is going from bad to worse when he investigates a burglary, and soon finds himself in an uncomfortable position when he is propositioned by a gay couple. Gilmore spills the beans to Young, unaware that Ashton has lied to him and hasn't even proposed yet. Webb and Meadows make up and try to make amends with McAllister, but she is determined not to forgive and forget in such a hurry. Gold visits McAllister in hospital and gives her the remains of Chandler's personal belongings. Nixon is convinced that Baxter is the serial killer, but MIT aren't interested in a word she has to say. Ashton is forced to explain himself to Young after her meeting with Gilmore.
68 "Heaven's Calling (057)" Benedict Wong guest stars. Michael Owen Morris Phillip Gladwin 30 October 2002 (2002-10-30)

Taviner discharges himself from hospital, and pens a lengthy confession about his role in the Sun Hill fire. He and Hollis then investigate an assault on a schoolboy, only to find the suicidal attacker threatening to throw himself off of a building. Hollis convinces him that he has suffered enough, and is on the verge of killing himself when Taviner steps in and saves him. The fourth victim of the serial killer is found on the banks of the Thames, but despite Baxter's confession and inside knowledge of the case, Nixon begins to have serious doubts about his guilt. After talking to Baxter's prison warden, Ross is furious when Nixon interrupts his press conference with the news of Baxter's innocence.

First use of the standard ITV previously, next time and end credits.
69 "Rogue Victim (058)" John Bowler and Bhasker Patel guest star. Michael Owen Morris Helen Childs 31 October 2002 (2002-10-31)
Drummond investigates a case of a rogue prostitute who is robbing her punters. When a young woman is reported missing by her frantic husband, Drummond suspects that they are being a little bit sceptical with the truth. When the woman turns out to be a young blonde, there is concern she may have fallen victim to the serial killer. The husband then arrives at the station and tells Cryer that his wife beat him up, but when the sympathetic Cryer visits him, she finds the situation is the other way around. Ashton and Young's engagement party gets underway, but after a drunken Stamp makes a pass at her, Ackland and Carver's relationship is exposed. Cryer successfully manages to seduce Webb.
70 "Lock and Load: Part 1 (059)" TBA Robert Del Maestro Patrick Melanaphy 6 November 2002 (2002-11-06)
There's trouble brewing on the Bronte estate, where drug dealers and gangs are running riot and two rival "crews" are fighting for power. Ackland investigates when a Bronte resident reports that a young boy is being used as a drug courier by gang leader Reload, but when Kane and Bradford investigate further, they discover the boy is only trying to ease the pain of his ailing mother. Hunter hopes to get some information on the Bronte situation from his new girlfriend, Linda, but later finds that her 16-year-old daughter Chloe is more than willing to be pumped for information. Klein, Young and Boyden are all attacked on the estate, and Gold declares the Bronte a no-go area for her officers.
71 "Lock and Load: Part 2 (060)" First appearance of Supt. Adam Okaro Robert Del Maestro Maxwell Young 7 November 2002 (2002-11-07)
Hunter uses Klein to stop and search Reload and his pals on the Bronte Estate, and Reload is arrested when he threatens Klein with a machete, and a kilo of cocaine is found in the car. As Meadows and Gold argue over how to handle the estate, the situation escalates when a kidnap attempt is made on Reload's daughter at her school. The girl is only saved by the brave actions of another parent - who happens to be the new station commander, Adam Okaro. When he arrives at Sun Hill, Okaro demands to know why the situation on the Bronte has been allowed to get out of hand. He calls a press conference as Reload's young brother is kidnapped. Meadows feels sidelined, and decides to apply for a transfer.
72 "Lock and Load: Part 3 (061)" Glen Murphy guest stars. Jamie Payne Matthew Leys 13 November 2002 (2002-11-13)
As Okaro takes charge, he backs up Gold's idea of the Bronte Estate being a no-go zone for his officers - a decision which causes a media uproar. Okaro organises a meeting with borough officials to discuss long-term solutions, then demands Meadows compile useful intelligence on the main players on the Bronte. Klein uses a contact on the estate and discovers who is behind all the trouble - the jailed husband of Linda Kendrick and father of Chloe, both of whom have been seeing Hunter, and manipulating him into removing the warring Bronte crews. Meadows is sceptical when Okaro takes the risky step of releasing Reload from custody with a kilo of cocaine to secure the release of his young brother.
73 "First Day Blues (062)" First appearance of PC Ruby Buxton, Glen Murphy guest stars Jamie Payne Patrea Smallacombe 14 November 2002 (2002-11-14)
New recruit Ruby Buxton and Stamp investigate when a prostitute is found badly beaten, and it is almost certainly the work of Frank Magorian, newly released from prison. Hunter is running scared, as Magorian is after the blood of the copper he knows has slept with his wife and his daughter. When Hunter sees Klein talking to Chloe Kendrick, he tells Magorian that Nick is "PC Hunter", which results in a coked-up Klein receiving a brutal beating. Buxton and Stamp then pursue a dangerous driver, Gilmore's boyfriend Carl, who crashes Gilmore's car and end up badly injured. Carl admits to phoning Young and stealing her engagement ring, but in the heat of the moment, blurts out that Ashton is gay.
74 "A Cry for Help (063)" Sarah Hadland guest stars. Michael Offer Maxwell Young 20 November 2002 (2002-11-20)
Nixon finds herself on a single-minded mission to find the Sun Hill serial killer when a young woman called Vicki Casson goes missing. The latest clue is a website found by journalist Simon Kitson, which shows photographs of the body of one of the previous victims, posted by an anonymous user calling himself "The Baptist". When Nixon's teenage daughter Abigail is brought into the station drunk, will she recognise this cry for help from her desperately lonely daughter? When a newborn baby is abducted from St Hugh's hospital, McAllister takes on the case, despite being on maternity leave, feeling a personal connection to the case. Young demands an answer from Ashton about his true sexual feelings.
75 "The Full Guided Tour (064)" TBA Michael Offer Tom Needham 20 November 2002 (2002-11-20)
The relief are on high alert when a nanny reports that her car has been stolen by carjackers, with the children that she was minding still inside. When a bank manager turns up at St Hughs with mysterious injuries, an investigation leads to a sordid S&M dungeon in the basement of a tattoo parlour, and MIT's new main suspect for the serial killings – Shane Pellow. Sharpe manages to stop an ex-policeman from running ghoulish serial killer tours in Sun Hill, and she and Okaro go undercover to catch the carjackers. The rivalry between Taviner and Osbourne reaches a new high when she plays a recording of Taviner over the station loudspeakers. A distraught Nixon finds her daughter has run away from home.
76 "Close to Home (065)" TBA Peter Butler Simon J. Ashford 21 November 2002 (2002-11-21)
A distraught Nixon searches desperately for her missing daughter, Abi, fearing she may be the next victim of the serial killer. Kane's ex-wife leaves him with their two kids while she tends to her injured mother. Ordered by Okaro to assist Nixon in the search for her daughter, Kane leaves his unruly children in the care of Ackland and Carver. Hollis searches for a Vietnamese pot-bellied pig stolen from a city farm. Abigail turns up at Sun Hill, demanding to know who her father is. As Taviner and Osbourne organise a race across London to reach a call first, a furious Okaro and Gold, fresh from a meeting at New Scotland Yard, discover what they are up to and decide to intercept their cars.
77 "Walk in the Park (066)" Helen Blatch guest stars. Peter Butler Steve Griffiths 27 November 2002 (2002-11-27)
Bradford and Kane investigate when a group of youths vandalise a local shop, but the investigation takes an unexpected turn when the only eyewitness takes then down an unexpected path. When Kane's ex-wife Tanya makes another appearance at the station, Bradford does her best to make life difficult. On quizzing Tanya's friend Ros, Bradford is surprised to find out about their relationship. McAllister is feeling alone and unsupported, but Meadows' visit to the hospital inspires her to make a big decision about her career. Taviner and Osbourne complain about being taken off traffic duties, but Gold assures them that Okaro has an even more humiliating plan in mind for them.
78 "All in a Day's Work (067)" TBA Crispin Reece Clive Dawson 28 November 2002 (2002-11-28)
Osbourne and Gold investigate reports of drug dealing at a local school, and Osborne is given a pornographic tape by an old school friend, Caroline Cotton, that she confiscated from a pupil. Osbourne is dubious about passing the case on to CID, and decides to play a trick on Hunter. Ackland investigates a possibly racial assault on pub landlady Aisha Danvers, and sends Carver and Bradford undercover in the pub, an assignment that raises a few eyebrows, given Carver's history of alcoholism. After a failed obbo, Bradford and Ackland suspect that Carver has started drinking again. A furious Carver sets out to prove otherwise, and discovers that Danvers has actually set up her own drug racket.
79 "Clouded Judgement (068)" Russell Tovey and Jon Croft guest star. Crispin Reece John Milne 4 December 2002 (2002-12-04)
McAllister's post-natal depression clouds her judgement when a father tries to protect his schizophrenic son. Klein and Buxton are asked by a local shopkeeper to keep a close eye on a drug dealer. While Buxton talks to the shop owner, Klein takes the chance to swap his hospital medication for cocaine. Convinced their chief suspect Shane Pellow is the serial killer, Glaze and Lennox decide to check the victims' phone records to see if there is any connection. They discover that at least two of the victims had placed "Lonely Hearts" ads in the local paper. Simon Kitson loses his temper when Cryer refuses to tell Rickman he is waiting, but when he does corner Rickman, she tells him it's all over.
80 "Cop Idol: Part 1 (069)" TBA John Davies Nicholas McInerny 5 December 2002 (2002-12-05)
Bradford discovers that a case of child abuse involves Kane's son, and uses blackmail to force a teacher to push the case forward. But her plan goes awry when Kane and his ex-wife Tanya agree to call a truce. Simon Kitson comes to Rickman's rescue when she gets into a tussle with suspected serial killer Shane Pellow, so as a thank you, she invites him to the station Christmas party. Klein finally decides he's had enough of Hunter riding roughshod over him, and stumbles on a way to get him off his back. Along the way, he comes to the realisation that he is in love with Rickman, but where is she? Okaro offers a hundred-pound prize for the best karaoke singer at the 'Cop Idol' contest.
81 "Cop Idol: Part 2 (070)" Tim Barlow guest stars. John Davies Julian Perkins 11 December 2002 (2002-12-11)
The "Cop Idol" Christmas party gets into full swing, with everyone blissfully unaware that Rickman is lying unconscious in the boot of a car. Stamp and Best find a man wandering the streets and take him home, only to find he is living alone and without electricity. They decide to delve into his financial situation, and discover that either his neighbour or the builder he employed, or both, have been ripping him off. A visit to Phil's old nick gives Klein enough ammunition to get Hunter off his back. Webb is gutted when Cryer's hunky date arrives, and Young's concern about Cass increases when Simon Kitson turns up looking for her. In a darkened warehouse, Rickman fears that she may succumb to the serial killer.
82 "Falling (071)" Final Appearance of PC Cass Rickman, Edna Doré guest stars Nigel Keen Tom Needham 12 December 2002 (2002-12-12)
Rickman's handbag is found in the street, and anticipation quickly turns to hope when another body is found in the Thames. When the body is identified, it turns out not to be Rickman and the search continues. Meadows and Gold interview the relief and start to build up a picture of three prime suspects. Taviner and Hollis intercept a fight between journalist Simon Kitson and prime suspect Shane Pellow, with Pellow unaware of the motive behind the attack. An upset Klein trawls the shoreline for Rickman's body and collapses in tears when he finds her washed up on the riverbank. Forensics manage to link Rickman's DNA to a car belonging to Kitson's sister, and he is detained for questioning.
83 "Code of Conduct: Part 1 (072)" JoAnne Good and Georgina Hale guest star. Nigel Keen Sally Garland 18 December 2002 (2002-12-18)
Best and Buxton embark on an undercover operation at a department store, in an attempt to try and prevent a predicted armed robbery. Gold deals with a boy, Tommy, who has been accused of causing unnecessary injuries during a boxing match. Tommy turns out to be innocent and he asks Gold to find his real mum, as he was adopted. His mother, Marilyn, turns out to be a cousin of one of Gold's old friends. Marilyn says she wants nothing to do with her son, within earshot of a devastated Tommy. Simon Kitson is charged with Rickman's murder, but after a visit from his obsessive sister, and pressure from Klein, manages a snap decision. Ashton tells Gilmore that his boyfriend is HIV-positive.
84 "Seeing Red: Part 2 (073)" JoAnne Good and Georgina Hale guest-star. Steve Finn Steve Hughes 19 December 2002 (2002-12-19)
The undercover operation in the department store continues, and Gold sends Osbourne undercover in a bar in an attempt to gather further evidence on her old adversary. When Melanie, one of the hostesses at the bar, starts to look at Osbourne more closely, she thinks her cover's been blown, but it seems Melanie has other things on her mind. Simon Kitson is found dead in his cell, and when his sister turns up at Rickman's funeral, Klein blows his lid. Ashton tries to persuade Young to attend Rickman's funeral. Gilmore tells his HIV-positive boyfriend that their relationship is over. The son of Gold's old adversary provides information on the planned robbery, but Gold soon realises that she has been conned.
85 "Little White Lies: Part 3 (074)" JoAnne Good and Georgina Hale guest star. Steve Finn Jake Riddell 23 December 2002 (2002-12-23)
Osbourne threatens her cover when she decides to take drastic measures to secure evidence on barmaid Melanie. Gold faces Okaro's wrath for acting on duff information and threatening the entire operation. Gilmore is forced to step in when Young is hounded to pay for the wedding dress that she ruined whilst pursuing a suspect. Under the pretence of helping her escape the country, Osbourne brings Melanie into the station, where Melanie makes a statement about Marilyn. The club is then raided, but SO19 are forced to take action when Marilyn takes her son Tommy hostage at gunpoint. Bradford assumes the worst when she is stabbed in the arm with a hypodermic needle, and then lies to Kane.
86 "Countdown (075)" TBA Penelope Shales Tom Needham 31 December 2002 (2002-12-31)
Hunter's dodgy dealings start to come back to haunt him when he realises that Sun Hill's big-time villain Ron Gregory has him exactly where he wants him. Meanwhile, as MIT squabble over who is responsible for Rickman's murder, Lennox is struggling to piece together the evidence, and asks Nixon for help in bringing down the serial killer once and for all. Drummond investigates when he finds a young boy in possession of his mobile phone, which he had supposedly lost hours earlier. Gilmore reveals his true feelings for Ashton, but on the countdown to Ashton and Young's wedding day, Ashton rebuffs Gilmore and warns him to stay well away from the both of them, or there will be consequences to pay.