The Bill (series 23)

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The Bill (series 23)
Series 23 DVD cover
Country of origin United Kingdom
No. of episodes 88
Original network ITV
Original release 3 January –
13 December 2007
Series chronology
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Series 23 of British television drama The Bill was broadcast from 3 January until 28 December 2007. The series consisted of 92 episodes, and saw the conclusion of the show's longest running-storyline, featuring the disappearance of schoolgirl Amy Tennant. This series saw the return of single-themed episodes, removing much of the serialiased format formally introduced in 2002 under producer Paul Marquess. This series also became the first series where episodes were aired out of production order, making the broadcast order significantly different to the production order.

This series saw the return of several multi-part story arcs, the likes of which had last featured in the second half of Series 17. Again, several new characters were introduced into the show, including several semi-regular characters, such as non-operational police staff and crime scene examiners. The series also saw the departure of the show's longest-running cast member to date, with Trudie Goodwin leaving the role of June Ackland, and her final episode being broadcast on 8 March 2007. This was also the last episode not to feature an on-screen title. A new title sequence was introduced at the beginning of the series, however, the theme tune remained the same.

Episodes 484 and 485 were the first episodes to be broadcast out of production order. Despite at the time not even being billed for broadcast, and the 'previously' and 'next time' segments not matching the episodes around them, the episodes were brought forward due to heavy demand from the British viewing public, who where on tenterhooks to see the conclusion of the long-running Zain Nadir and Kristen Shaw storyline. This also meant that the 'previously' and 'next time' segments on the subsequent episodes had to be re-edited to show this, and that two small additional scenes had to be recorded to be placed into Episode 480 to reference the death of Honey Harman. For the DVD release, in order to avoid confusion, these episodes have been re-numbered and now serve as 480 and 481, with the following four episodes re-numbered to 482–485 respectively.

On 2 April 2014, the complete series was released on DVD in Australia as a Region 0, playable anywhere in the world. The DVD release carries in the episodes in broadcast order, rather than production order; meaning that the DVD synopsis printed on the sleeve is heavily incorrect. The DVD synopsis also removes all titles (including those carried on screen), and continues to tally the episodes by number. The DVD release does contain episodes 540–542, "Moving Target" Parts 1–3, due to licensing rights for these episodes not being available.

Cast changes[edit]


# Title Episode Notes Directed by Written by Original air date Prod #
1 "Games of War" TBA Laurence Moody Chris Smyth 3 January 2007 (2007-01-03) 471
Manson investigates when grieving father Rick Harris appears to abduct a young boy from outside a local medical centre, unaware that the boy is a diabetic and must have regular medication to ensure his blood sugar levels remain the same. With the help of James Tennant, Manson manages to track Rick down to a houseboat which he used to live on – but soon discovers that the boy is nowhere in sight. Meanwhile, Ackland investigates when the youngest of the lottery winning Hendersons, Kyle, begins a campaign of harassment against headteacher Rod Jessop. When Jessop is injured in a hit and run, Ackland goes to find Kyle, only to respond to a call about a fire at the Henderson's home.
2 "'Till Hell Freezes Over" TBA Alan Macmillan Simon Moss 4 January 2007 (2007-01-04) 472
Meadows heads up the investigation into the arson attack on the home of lottery winning family the Hendersons. Manson discovers that the fire started in identical fashion to two previous fires investigated by Nixon and Turner, at a foster home and a B&B. As they haul prime suspect, Warren Pritchard, who was given bail after a short time in jail, and discoveries conclude that Warren is unconnected to any of the fires due to an alibi for the Henderson home arson. Smithy leads the troops on a search for the car involved in Rod Jessop's hit and run, and it's not long before CCTV footage puts truant Kyle Henderson in the frame for the attack. However, with his brother watching his every move, Tony & Reg try to trip up a friend of Kyle's into exposing the truant's involvement. Meanwhile, when Meadows can't find a suitable candidate for a DI's role alongside Manson, he convinces Sam to apply, and June finally accepts Rod's marriage proposal.
3 "The New Generation" Karen Henthorn guest stars. Alan Macmillan Mark Johnson 10 January 2007 (2007-01-10) 473
Nixon and Turner's quest to discover the identity of the serial arsonist takes an interesting turn when they discover that Jay Henderson's ex-girlfriend, Cheryl Wilkes, who claims to be pregnant with his baby, has links to all three of the locations where fires took place – the first being her childhood home, and the second being a foster home where she was placed while she was in care. Smith and Walker investigate a claim of assault after a market trader is angrily confronted by one of his customers. When the trader retaliates by attacking the customer's heavily pregnant wife, Smithy tries to calm the situation down by convincing all parties involved not to press charges, and the pair decide to take their relationship further, as Smith asks her to move in. Nixon tells Turner & Hunter she'll be the new DI.
4 "Two-Time Loser" TBA Richard Signy Malcolm Campbell 11 January 2007 (2007-01-11) 474
Gold and Valentine find a man who has been assaulted and locked in the boot of his car. When he turns out to be a probation officer working at the local women's prison, Nixon and Masters discover an allegation of rape against the victim made by one of the inmates, but the investigation progresses, and the pair discover a string of blackmail claims where the victim offers the inmates a chance of parole in return for sex. Meanwhile, Hardy witnesses a mugging on his way into work, but soon discovers that the alleged victim may be not be as innocent as he first thought, as he uncovers a scam where the victim offers his clients the chance to skip a British Citizenship test in return for payment.
5 "An Article of Faith" TBA Richard Signy Richard Ommanney 17 January 2007 (2007-01-17) 475
Webb and Masters investigate the suicide of a young mother, but the case takes an unexpected turn when they discover that she was part of a major loansharking ring, dealing heroin as a way of payment against a substantial unpaid loan. Harman goes undercover to catch the loan shark's contact at a family centre, and an arrest allows Webb to set up an operation to catch the ringleaders in the act. However, the OBBO is compromised when the estranged husband of the deceased attacks the loanshark. Meanwhile, Valentine and Casper investigate an alleged armed robbery in a local pub, where the landlord was robbed of £4,000 of takings from a stag party the previous night. However, they soon begins to realise that the man might not be as honest as they thinks he is. Heaton is grilled by Hobbs when he tells the team about the plan to close down a Canley police station, after a press leak.
6 "A Week from Next Tuesday" TBA Reza Moradi Chris Murray 18 January 2007 (2007-01-18) 476
Nadir returns from holiday, unaware that SOCA have received intelligence claiming that the Colombian drug deal is due to go down within the next 24 hours. Having betrayed his family, he risks the future of his job, by feeding Meadows, Heaton & SOCA by giving a false location for the planned deal, in an attempt to provide an escape route for himself and Kristen to escape the country. He also convinces former informant Chez Williams to back him up if the deal goes awry. Turner tries to prove the guilt of an ex-con implicated in an assault on an elderly woman, but Webb & Hunter try to prove the con was framed by the woman's son. However, they have to break an alibi that he was in Nice during the attack.
7 "Lead on a Merry Chase" TBA Reza Moradi Tom Higgins 24 January 2007 (2007-01-24) 477
Nadir attempts to keep SOCA in the loop by providing further fake information on the planned drop. However, when Harman and informant Eva Garcia find themselves in danger when a mysterious man turns up at their safe house, until they discover that the man is none other than Eva's brother, Santi. When Santi confronts Alvarez he is savagely beaten, and the drugs baron discovers that Eva is still alive, blowing Nadir's cover. Harman and Fletcher have a bust up about their trip to Tenerife, and Harman goes alone, but her trip is delayed by a call from Eva, and the pair are kidnapped at gunpoint, resulting Haskew and Alvarez try to force a confession about Nadir's undercover role. Meanwhile, Perkins investigates a string of robberies involving lone businessmen staying at private hotels, and Wright reprimands Hardy for being heavily hungover at work.
8 "School of Hard Knocks" Final Appearance of PC Honey Harman Diana Patrick Tom Needham 25 January 2007 (2007-01-25) 478
After Jose Alvarez shoots Eva Garcia, he points a gun at Honey to force Zain into confessing he is undercover. He tries to keep Paul Haskew on side by calling Meadows to inform him that the deal is going ahead as planned across town from the actual drop. Hunter tells Meadows that Nadir was sleeping with Kristen Shaw, and tells Manson and co to intercept the given drugs lorry, but they are left looking foolish as it is the decoy. When Harman attempts to escape, Haskew tells Nadir to execute his colleague, but after trying to shoot Haskew, he is tied up. He convinces Shaw to let him go, and the pair escape with the cash, but Nadir frees Harman, and there are devastating results when she tries to stop the pair escaping.
9 "Burn Off" TBA Diana Patrick Steve Griffiths 31 January 2007 (2007-01-31) 479
Nadir breathes a sigh of relief when he awakes in hospital. Jose Alvarez is keeping quiet, Paul Haskew was shot dead after a standoff with SO19, and CID don't suspect Nadir helped Kristen Shaw escape. However, he is deeply emotional about the death of Honey at Bonham Wharf. Meadows asks Manson to keep an eye on Nadir, after he hands over a sketchy statement. When a body is pulled from the water, things look all but set to unravel, until the victim is identified as missing informant Eva Garcia. During an interview, Alvarez makes a comment about Nadir's betrayal to the police, but Meadows & Heaton interpret it to be about the deal, and assume it is a death threat, so Nadir goes into a safehouse. Meanwhile, Keane and Hardy investigate a burglary and discover that the homeowners were gassed with Nitrous Oxide before being ransacked.
10 "Dead Man's Hand (Part 1)" TBA Paul Wroblewski Sarah Louise-Hawkins 1 February 2007 (2007-02-01) 484
Nadir returns to work after a week in a safehouse, but immediately panics when Gold launches a formal search for Harman, after she fails to report to work following her holiday. Nadir decides to fake a witness statement given by the passenger who supposedly sat next to Harman on her flight out of the country, but a boarding photo from Gatwick airport confirms that Harman never got on the plane. When her fingerprints are found at Bonham Wharf, a search of the area is launched, and it's not long before divers find her body. Meanwhile, Webb, Keane and Hardy investigate a burgling con-man responsible for a string of robberies, and discover that one of the victims is none other than Heaton's estranged wife, Rhiannon.
11 "Dead Man's Hand (Part 2)" Departure of DC Zain Nadir Paul Wroblewski Sarah-Louise Hawkins 7 February 2007 (2007-02-07) 485
Nadir comes under intense questioning from DCI Alan Lees of MIT, but manages to persuade Meadows that he needs to go home to get changed. During this, he is put under surveillance from Manson & Hunter. Nadir escapes when he gets briefly out of sight, just as his fingerprints are found at the scene of Harman's murder. As he goes to Shaw, finding the gun that killed Harman makes him slowly consider his escape. Meanwhile, Fletcher is forced to console Harman's grieving mother, while Keane and Hardy deal with two daughters squabbling with their father over ownership of their deceased mother's valuable antique vase.
12 "The Good Old Days" Leslie Grantham guest stars. Olivia Lichtenstein Andrew Taft 8 February 2007 (2007-02-08) 480
Ackland & fiancee Rod Jessop work together when Valentine and Casper find a pupil from Harvey Wallace school, Martin Clarke, with stab wounds. Noble is frustrated when Hollis' stomach ache keeps him indoors looking at CCTV into the theft of bandages. Gold & Smith attempt to locate a missing prisoner, Jimmy Collins. All three cases collide when it appears that Collins stabbed Clarke, after he bullied his deceased best friend's son, Tom Ryan, for money. Hollis spots Collins on CCTV after stealing bandages, and when Collins is found at Tom's home, it appears Martin stabbed him in the altercation. Ackland & Jessop's work during the day convinces her that she can't do much more with her job, and they discuss early retirement.
13 "Don't Cut No Ice" Samantha Nixon is promoted to DI Olivia Lichtenstein Chris Smyth 15 February 2007 (2007-02-15) 481
Ackland tells Stamp and Hollis she plans to retire, but they join forces to investigate a young boy who is caught in the process of stealing copper piping from derelict flats on the Aldbourne estate. However, they are left bemused when the developer refuses to press charges against him. In an attempt to force him into taking action, Ackland challenges him over one of the derelict flats which is being used as a drugs den. Meanwhile, Smithy's birthday goes from bad to worse when he arrests a man for dangerous driving, and then bails him – unaware that he has given a false identity and that he is the ringleader of a car robbery scam. As the team setup an obbo to catch him in the act, he manages to escape once more after producing a firearm. When Walker disappoints him with every attempt at a birthday surprise, a day Smithy doesn't care for, they agree to end their relationship.
14 "The Lone Wolf (Part 1)" TBA Gill Wilkinson Chris Ould 21 February 2007 (2007-02-21) 482
Nixon organises a press presence at the memorial of Amy Tennant, to mark a year since her disappearance, and immediately believes she has a credible new suspect when a suspicious character is seen hanging around the church. However, he turns out to be an anonymous witness who provided evidence about the case to Crimestoppers to prevent his two wives finding out about his bigamy. However, a further new lead is unearthed when Shelley Fitzgerald, a friend of Amy's mother is found stealing a necklace from Amy's bedroom, and a child's corpse is found buried on her allotment, however it turns out to be her baby that died of natural causes. Despite mental health concerns, she is bailed. Keane and Noble investigate an accident and find a flock of sleep on their way to an illegal slaughterhouse.
15 "The Lone Wolf (Part 2)" TBA Gill Wilkinson Chris Ould 22 February 2007 (2007-02-22) 483
Nixon investigates CCTV footage which shows abductor Shelley Fitzgerald being dropped off at the hotel where she has been hiding by a French national, Felix Kerbellec, which leads to the discovery that Amy has been out of the country, living in France, for more than a year. The team try to use Felix to lure Shelley into their clutches, but she twigs their plan and decides to flee to Brighton, when Keane talks to Shelley's mother. As Manson leads the team down to Brighton, a search is launched with the help of the local police, and it's not long before James Tennant is reunited with his missing daughter.
16 "Sticky Fingers (Part 1)" Mike Reid guest stars. Alan Grint Chris Smyth 28 February 2007 (2007-02-28) 486
Ackland is drawn into the middle of a serious corruption scandal when a resident of the Aldbourne estate, Frank Harris, assaults property developer Brian Stevens. Harris claims to have information that Stevens paid a corrupt council official £50,000 in return for his planning application to be secured, but a witness that he persuades to help is later found badly beaten. Ackland then uncovers CCTV evidence which proves Stevens' guilt, but after being involved in an RTA, the evidence is stolen. The situation takes an even more surprising turn when she uncovers an e-mail which claims that suggests DAC Hobbs is corrupt, and has agreed to sell the plot on which Sun Hill stands to Stevens.
17 "Within Striking Distance (Part 2)" Final appearance of DAC Georgia Hobbs, guest appearance of Jim Carver Alan Grint Julia Wall 1 March 2007 (2007-03-01) 487
Gold convinces Ackland to take her suspicions to Heaton. However, she is less than pleased by his reaction, and aware of his affair with Hobbs, suspects he may be trying to cover the scandal up. However, Heaton later tape records a conversation between him and Hobbs, where she confesses all, and he decides to call in the DPS. Webb investigates the RTA which injured Ackland, and uncovers that the car involved is registered to Brian Stevens' son, Ian. However, with little evidence to prove his guilt, Webb is forced to release him. Wright leads the final evictions from the estate, but the day goes worse than planned when Noble and Valentine are taken hostage in their van.
18 "The Party is Over (Part 1)" Guest appearance of Jim Carver Alan Macmillan Si Spencer 7 March 2007 (2007-03-07) 488
Jim Carver, now a detective sergeant with Greater Manchester Police, shows up at Sun Hill to track down drug dealer Pat Hadley, whom he has been trying to catch for eighteen months. Paired with Ackland, who is less than happy spending her last day at Sun Hill with her ex-husband, the pair investigate Hadley's right-hand man, Greg Burns, who later decides to grass on his former comrade, and feeds the team details of a planned drop. However, Hadley fails to show, and when the pair visit Burns to give him the good news, he takes them hostage at gunpoint. Hollis and Hardy investigate a decomposed skeleton found on railway lines, and attempt to track down some stolen medals.
19 "The Last Stop (Part 2)" Final appearance of Sgt. June Ackland, guest appearance of Jim Carver, last numbered episode. Alan Macmillan Maxwell Young 8 March 2007 (2007-03-08) 489
The Sun Hill team spring into action when June and Jim are kidnapped by Greg Burns. Pat Hadley and Burns go ahead with a drug deal, but it's compromised when Jim and June announce their presence, and CID have to launch a murder inquiry. June and her ex are taken to a warehouse, but a suspect can't be questioned when he claims Lewis assaulted him when he collapses in custody. Jim tells June he will repay his debt to her, but will she have her happily-ever-after with Jim, or Rod?
20 "Sweet Revenge" Michael Maloney guest stars. Robert Knights Matthew Bardsley 21 March 2007 (2007-03-21) 490
Nixon seizes the chance to put away a villain from her past after investigating the assault of an old associate who is now running an adult webcam service. A check into her finances reveals she recently had £40,000 deposited in her bank account, which Nixon suspects is some of the proceeds from a securivan robbery seven years previously – but Hunter's impatience leads him to undertake an illegal search of a storage locker belonging to the suspect, where he finds the stolen cash. Meanwhile, Mickey undertakes PR work with the local Neighbourhood Watch group on the Jasmine Allen Estate, but soon finds himself investigating a hit-and-run incident involving the leader of the group.
21 "Killer on The Run" Michael Maloney and Cheryl Hall guest star. Robert Knights Chris Murray 22 March 2007 (2007-03-22) 491
Smithy deals with a routine traffic stop which turns out to be anything but, when he finds the battered corpse of the driver's wife in the boot. As suspect Ryan Jones manages to elude Valentine and Noble by escaping onto the underground network, armed with a gun, the team begin to build up a picture of their target, only to discover that neither his friends nor family really know what he is like. When Smith and Gold manage to corner him in a nearby park, he opens fire and shoots two innocent bystanders. However, it soon becomes clear that his personal vendetta is against Smithy – and that further killings are on the cards – beginning with Smithy's mother Pauline, whom he attacks at gunpoint.
22 "Dead Men Don't Tell Lies" Mark Bonnar guest stars. Kim Flitcroft Len Collin 28 March 2007 (2007-03-28) 492
Turner and Webb investigate an arson attack on the home of an alcoholic philanthropist, which resulted in his death – but when Turner interviews a possible witness, Heaton is furious to learn that it is none other than psychopathic gangster Ray Moore – an ex-copper turned villain who has plagued his career ever since leaving the force. However, a post-mortem examination reveals that the deceased is not the man Turner and Webb first thought. Meanwhile, youngster Jimmy Cunningham is in court to testify against a local thug, Nathan Cole, who violently assaulted a local businessman, leaving him wheelchair bound. However, when Jimmy absconds, it's Stamp and Hollis' job to track him down.
23 "Brotherhood" Mark Bonnar guest stars. Kim Flitcroft Hilary Frankland 29 March 2007 (2007-03-29) 493
Masters and Hunter investigate the stabbing of a member of the Skens, but when evidence suggests that Hardy's cousin Dominic may be involved, he is forced to bend the rules to help his wayward relative. When it transpires that Dominic owes the victim money, Hardy begins to doubt whether or not he is playing on the right side of the fence. Meanwhile, Noble and Fletcher tail a van reported stolen earlier that morning, but during the pursuit, a young boy is knocked off his bike, and later dies of his injuries in hospital. When they uncover the identity of the driver, they discover a link to Heaton's arch enemy, Ray Moore – and when the driver later disappears, Meadows suspects foul play.
24 "Daddy's Girl" Mark Bonnar guest stars. Laurence Moody Chris Dunn 4 April 2007 (2007-04-04) 494
Noble and Keane answer a distress call to the home of Ray Moore and find his ten-year-old daughter, Annie, threatening a youth with a gun. Meanwhile, Heaton suspects that hit-and-run driver Paddy Morgan may have been killed by Moore's henchmen – and that his daughter may have been witness to his death. However, with no body and the only piece of usable evidence corrupted during the earlier armed stand-off, Moore threatens to evade capture again. Meanwhile, Noble and Keane deal with the theft of a pedal bike and criminal damage on a clothes mart – all the hallmarks of an initiation to a long-forgotten local cult known as the 'Canley Crew', who appear to have resurfaced.
25 "End of the Affair" TBA Lawrence Moody Doug Milburn 11 April 2007 (2007-04-11) 495
Gold finds herself caught in an awkward situation when Peter Harris' wife Mary turns up at the station with a ransom note – claiming that Peter has been kidnapped. Forced to reveal her night of passion to Manson, suspicion immediately falls on another of Peter's lovers, who arrives the scene of the planned drop to collect the ransom money. However, Manson soon realizes that the team have been duped, and it's not long before Gold realizes who the kidnapper really is. Meanwhile, a youth is badly assaulted on the Larkmead estate, and with a little help from his flatmate's brother, Hardy and Valentine investigate a local youth club owner who they suspect may be responsible for dealing drugs.
26 "Exit Wound" Simon Merrells guest stars. Robert Del Maestro Scott Cherry 18 April 2007 (2007-04-18) 496
Perkins and Masters investigate when a man is found badly beaten in some local woodland, but uncover a strong lead straight from the off when it appears that the perpetrator later made the 999 call which lead officers to the man's location. They discover the victim is an employee of a security firm who has details of a planned delivery of rare and valuable antiques. Meanwhile, Gold, Casper and Hollis investigate a charity scam after one of the donors suffers a heart attack during a botched burglary. However, when they discover that a broken window disguised as the point of entry was actually broken from inside the property, they realise that they may have already found their suspect.
27 "Pride Before a Fall" TBA Robert Del Maestro Nicholas McInerny 19 April 2007 (2007-04-19) 497
Stuart plays a practical joke on Phil that ruins his investigation into a robbery at a nail bar. When Jack comes across the pair fighting in CID he jumps to the conclusion Phil is the guilty party and would learn more respect for the job by having a spell back on the beat in uniform. Roger is not impressed when Lewis ropes him into laborious paperwork to get some background on the mysterious skull Tash's brother Rudy discovered a few weeks ago, but his hard work discovers a link to a teenage girl who disappeared in the 1980s.
28 "Hunter on the Street" DS Phil Hunter is seconded to uniform Christopher King Chris Murray 25 April 2007 (2007-04-25) 498
Phil squeezes back into uniform and teams up with Leela to investigate a girl accused of robbing a shop. Mia and John work together on the case of an escaped prisoner who has returned to the area seeking revenge on a local businessman, and after flirting all day, give in to temptation. Heaton denies getting into a clinch with Mia when questioned, but Mickey suspects that something is going on.
29 "Role Model" TBA Christopher King Tom Higgins 26 April 2007 (2007-04-26) 499
CID investigates when a gang of youths carries out a number of audacious daylight robberies, and Emma is stabbed during the undercover operation. Witness Josh makes a startling confession to Nikki, and his behaviour gives her cause for concern. Meanwhile, Mia is awkward with John following the previous night's encounter – and Mickey guesses what went on. Will and Dan arrest a member of a gang of steamers, and Terry and Mickey investigate an assault on the boy's mother. Will hears a shocking secret from Emma's past.
30 "And Nothing But The Truth" Michael Elwyn guest stars. Reza Moradi Frank Rickarby 2 May 2007 (2007-05-02) 500
Unlucky in love once more, Mickey thumps Heaton for sleeping with Mia and starts packing his bags – though Jack is determined to save his protégé's career, even if it means crossing swords with the Superintendent. Mickey later investigates the death of a young woman found drowned in a swimming pool. Meanwhile, Emma finally discovers the extent of her husband's psychological bullying when Will puts her in touch with Matt's ex Nina Lloyd.
31 "Day of Reckoning" Last Appearance of Senior Crown Prosecutor Matt Hinckley Reza Moradi Simon Moss 3 May 2007 (2007-05-03) 501
Will is horrified to learn Matt is pressing for a charge of attempted murder against Emma and sets out to expose the control freak's vicious bullying tendencies with help from former victim Nina Lloyd. Dan takes pity on a drug addict who takes him hostage during a raid on a crack house and offers to help her by securing a place on a rehabilitation programme. Manson coordinates a raid on a crack house, while Lewis and Roger search for the dealer running it. Heaton briefs Gina and Jo on the alleged events of the night before.
32 "Blood Money (Part One)" Simon Slater guest stars. Robert Gabriel Stuart Morris 9 May 2007 (2007-05-09) 468R
Sam, Nikki and Diane deal with a young woman who was pushed from a walkway on the Cole Lane Estate. Sam, Nikki and Smithy are then called to deal with the attempted suicide of the woman's husband. Nikki and Diane are called to a disturbance at her flat the next day, but she has disappeared without trace. Mickey deals with an assault, while Terry, Tony and Dan go undercover to trap a confidence trickster. This episode originally supposed to be broadcast in December 2006, but was cancelled when a mastertape was stolen from the filming studios in November 2006.
33 "To Honour and Obey (Part Two)" Jenny Eclair guest stars. Robert Gabriel Stuart Morris 10 May 2007 (2007-05-10) 469R
After the discovery of Reshna's body the previous day, Sam and Jack wait for the forensic report. They find out that Reshna was strangled before being left in the Thames. In the meantime, Roger and Lewis track down Marcus and take him in for questioning. Marcus is distraught to hear about Reshna's death and as a result, fails to answer any of Jack and Sam's questions. Diane and Mickey's questioning of an alleged mugging victim, Maggie Carpenter, leaves them confused. Smithy tells the officers to go over Maggie's statement again, as he believes her to be more of a drama queen than a victim. This episode originally supposed to be broadcast in December 2006, but was cancelled when a mastertape was stolen from the filming studios in November 2006.
34 "Baby Trade" First appearance of PC Beth Green David Innes Edwards Stuart Morris 16 May 2007 (2007-05-16) 502
Emma is feeling raw after her marital difficulties boiled over into violence and shows her tough side to new recruit Beth Green, as they investigate a woman's claim her baby has been stolen. Terry and Jo lead the search for the missing baby. Jack is anxious to prove he's a worthy DCI and agrees to go undercover with Sam to get a lead on the illegal baby-selling business, but his mistake puts his inexperienced colleague in danger.
35 "Lies That Kill" Elizabeth Rider guest stars. David Innes Edwards Nicholas Martin 17 May 2007 (2007-05-17) 503
Will and Nikki investigate the suspicious death of a child protection officer on the Cheetham estate, after attending a disturbance at a family court. New recruit Beth delivers her first caution following an affray between a car salesman and a woman protesting against the dangers of 4x4 vehicles, but Dan is sure that there's more to the conflict than first meets the eye.
36 "Inner Demons" First appearance of Crime Scene Examiner Lorna Hart, Richard Standing guest stars. Simon Massey Carolyn Sally Jones 24 May 2007 (2007-05-24) 504
Nikki coaxes a potential suicide victim, Josh Carey down from a factory building and urges him to give information on the child pornography ring he has been invited to join. Reg and Phil are called to a funeral home where a valuable necklace has been taken from a corpse in a sealed coffin. Terry approaches Manson for permission to mount an undercover operation to expose the child-pornography ring that Josh Carey is involved in.
37 "Getting Away With Murder" Mark Bonnar guest stars. Simon Massey Mark Johnson 31 May 2007 (2007-05-31) 505
Phil's spell in uniform comes to a triumphant end when he borrows a bike to chase a mugger and recovers £15,000 in cash. The case gets more interesting when the victim admits he is being blackmailed. Heaton reassures terrified prosecution witness Martin Turnbull he will be given protection following threats from Ray Moore, only to discover the villainous ex-cop has subtler ways of intimidating people. Emma and Reg attend the scene of a road traffic accident.
38 "Trigger Happy" Temporary departure of DS Phil Hunter, Mark Bonnar guest stars. Karl Neilson Richard Ommanney 6 June 2007 (2007-06-06) 506
Gang member Wesley Meeks is shot, and his dying words in the ambulance are the name of corrupt ex-policeman Ray Moore. Heaton struggles to find evidence linking the victim with his arch enemy, but Lewis's contacts reveal the red scorpion tag sprayed on all of Moore's properties was Wesley's handiwork. Phil's first day back in plain clothes gets off to a bad start, after he and Stuart interview a young joyrider, and follow up a report that he plans to take part in an armed robbery. Manson tells the warring DSs about a temporary switch with a Specialist Crime Directorate, and Phil can't help but gloat when he gets the secondment.
39 "Do or Die" Mark Bonnar guest stars. Karl Neilson Neil Clarke 7 June 2007 (2007-06-07) 507
Lewis's girlfriend nurse Tash Niles is attacked in the hospital car park, raising the terrifying prospect that Ray Moore is targeting people who could testify against him. Diane encounters a pensioner who turns out to be a fan of Reg's podiatry Regflections – and clearly has other guilty secrets to hide – including what appears to be a series of robberies from the homes of other pensioners. Heaton directs a search for further evidence into Ray Moore's activities.
40 "On the Edge" Suzanne Shaw and Mark Bonnar guest star. Robert Knights Steve Griffiths 13 June 2007 (2007-06-13) 508
Diane, Will, Dan and Beth attend a road accident, where the victim is found alone in the wreck of her car, but Crime Scene Examiner Lorna Hart is convinced a second person was in the vehicle at the time of the accident. As Rudy's condition deteriorates, Tash finally agrees to testify against Ray Moore, but the case is not moving fast enough for Lewis, who takes matters into his own hands.
41 "Better Off Dead" First appearance of Grace Dasari, last appearance of Mia Perry Robert Knights Emma Goodwin 14 June 2007 (2007-06-14) 509
As Lewis's fingerprints are found all over the gun next to Ray Moore's body, the young PC heads for the station to make a statement and hand in his warrant card, while Heaton regrets losing the chance to bring his old enemy to justice. New recruit DC Grace Dasari teams up with Mickey to help a woman trace her son, who has been missing for eleven years.
42 "Old Wounds" Georgina Bouzova, Nick Brimble and Brian Croucher guest star. Jan Baeur Julian Perkins 20 June 2007 (2007-06-20) 510
Will and Dan attend to a woman who claims to have been raped – but her plight prompts Jack to reopen a cold case from twenty years previously, with help from an old colleague, DCI Roy Atherton. Emma reveals a maverick streak and puts her career on the line to help a reformed drug addict stay out of jail. Beth and Roger call to enforce an injunction in a domestic dispute and uncover a case of credit card cloning.
43 "Judgement Call" TBA Jan Baeur Steve Attridge 21 June 2007 (2007-06-21) 511
Sleeplessness and a taxing workload catch up with Jack, who is lucky to escape from a road accident so bizarre his colleagues begin to suspect he is losing the plot. His protégé Mickey sets out to rescue his boss's reputation and save his career. An explosion in a lock-up on an industrial estate alerts Neil to possible terrorist activity in the manor. Stuart and Grace investigate a possible connection with religious extremism.
44 "A Model Murder (Part One)" First appearance of Crime Scene Photographer Rachel Inns AJ Quinn Clive Dawson 27 June 2007 (2007-06-27) 512
Leela and Tony discover the body of a supermodel who had recently fronted an anti-fur campaign despite her lack of real conviction. Lorna notes that the crime scene has been arranged to resemble a shot from the film, suggesting animal rights activists may have resented her hypocrisy. Subsequent investigations reveal a host of rival male admirers with reason to kill her and Terry digs up evidence of a more sinister side to the woman's life – a porn film discovers a porn film, with footage of a missing 15-year-old runaway, at the dead woman's house. Jack prepares to testify against Zain. Stuart makes a move on a forensic examiner.
45 "A Model Murder (Part Two)" TBA AJ Quinn P.G. Morgan 28 June 2007 (2007-06-28) 513
Known stalker Larry Franks emerges as prime suspect in the Cindy Statham murder case – until CCTV footage reveals the model had a furious row in a restaurant with her half-brother on the day she died. Leela reports an attack by an intruder but she is put in a compromising situation when her colleagues turn up and discover a bag of heroin in her flat. Tony tracks down a man who had been stalking the dead woman, while Jo and Stuart interview the victim's half-brother.
46 "Matchday Violence" Adrian Lukis guest stars. Richard Signy Andrew Taft 4 July 2007 (2007-07-04) 514
Terry goes undercover, hoping to arrest a supplier of illegally imported goods, but gets caught up in a pub brawl between rival football fans in which a fellow officer, Sgt. Doug Wright, is stabbed. Lewis's inside knowledge is called upon when another spate of gang violence breaks out and the new leader of the Skens appears to be settling old scores. Sam and Kezia investigate an assault victim discovered by Tony and Lewis.
47 "Cop Killer (Part One)" First appearance of PC Sally Armstrong, first and last appearance of PC Billy Rowan Richard Signy Chris Murray 5 July 2007 (2007-07-05) 515
Probationary PCs Sally Armstrong and Billy Rowan arrive at Sun Hill, where the team are anxious to find the man who stabbed Sgt. Doug Wright. The new recruits are puppy-walked by Nikki and Emma, and the foursome get a call to attend a disturbance at a jewellery shop. After a successful result, they are later called on to deal with a report of stone-throwing at an abandoned factory – where Billy Rowan's first day ends up turning into his last.
48 "Cop Killer (Part Two)" TBA Michael Cocker Tom Higgins 11 July 2007 (2007-07-11) 516
Fired up by the attack on her husband and the murder of Billy Rowan, Nikki is determined to nail the killer. However, the identity parade proves a disappointment when she fails to pick out Greg Farnham and has to watch as he is set free to pursue his vendetta against the police. Undeterred, Nikki and Sally trail him to a friend's house, where she learns he is in an agitated state of mind – and armed with a knife, and Wright finds herself held hostage by the killer, but ends up going all out to save his life when he locks himself in his deceased daughter's home.
49 "Behind Closed Doors" TBA Michael Cocker Julia Wall 12 July 2007 (2007-07-12) 517
After making a complaint about Gina's bullying behaviour, Emma is embarrassed to find herself working alongside the inspector on a tricky rape allegation in which the evidence does not seem to add up. CID learn of a big drugs deal being arranged in the café where Lewis's cousin works and get ready to swoop – but they are unprepared for what they find when the Sken gang turns up. Lewis and Roger attend to a young boy found collapsed with a bag of ecstasy pills in his pocket. Stuart and Jo uncover the source of the tablets, and a link to the drugs bust.
50 "Man Down (Part One)" TBA Robert Del Maestro Maxwell Young 18 July 2007 (2007-07-18) 518
Lewis sinks deeper into trouble as his undercover operation spins out of control. Following a shoot-out with the East Street gang, he is ordered to act as courier when a hostage is exchanged for a gun the Skens are eager to get their hands on – and finds he is in danger from both sides. Back at the station, Mickey and Kezia work on a case in which explosives have gone missing from a contractor's depot. Roger voices his concern about his partner, but Heaton is too busy preparing for a sting where the Skens are due to buy explosives.
51 "Death or Glory (Part Two)" Final appearance of PC Lewis Hardy Robert Del Maestro Maxwell Young 19 July 2007 (2007-07-19) 519
Heaton briefs the team on the Skens' plan to ambush a cash van, but Lewis alerts them to a last-minute change of plan – the stolen explosives are to be used to rescue gang leader Wayne Jackson from a prison vehicle on the courthouse run. A high-speed car chase through the London streets ensues, observed from the air by Jack until the getaway car enters a tunnel. The trail goes cold, leaving Lewis in the hands of the increasingly suspicious gangsters.
52 "Copy Cat Killer" Darren Day and Alice Henley guest star. Julie Edwards Jane Marlow 25 July 2007 (2007-07-25) 520
A photographer is arrested on suspicion of murdering one of his models. The discovery of a blood-soaked t-shirt at his trashed studio, and the evidence of his own pictures, suggests a second suspect may have delivered the fatal blows to the victim's head. Emma and Beth tangle with a trio of truculent young women whose troubled history of deceit and blackmail leads to violence, putting the young officers in danger. Sally and Reg attend the scene of a suspected assault.
53 "Trail of Blood" TBA Julie Edwards Sally Tatchell 26 July 2007 (2007-07-26) 521
CID officers attend the funeral of murdered supermodel Cindy Statham, only to learn that killer Larry Franks has been transferred to hospital following a suicide bid. When he makes a break for freedom, a frantic search of the building ensues and Beth is first to pick up the trail of blood. Smithy's first day as Acting Inspector goes from bad to worse when he calls in the Firearms Command to sort out a building society robbery by two bungling ex-employees.
54 "A Model Murder: Uncovered" TBA Alan Macmillan Si Spencer 1 August 2007 (2007-08-01) 522
Larry Franks withdraws his confession to the murder of supermodel Cindy Statham and Jo reopens the case, convinced they have the wrong man in custody. Crime scene photographer Rachel Inns helps her work late into the night re-examining the evidence. Mickey investigates a smash-and-grab raid on a jewellery shop and ends up arresting an old friend, Mod café owner Jerry Harper, whose daughter owns the scooter used as a getaway vehicle.
55 "Caught by the Killer" Final appearance of Crime Scene Photographer Rachel Inns Alan Macmillan Matthew Bardsley 2 August 2007 (2007-08-02) 523
Concern grows for Jo's safety when she fails to show up for work and further study of the videotape made by Larry Franks yields vital clues to the killer's identity. A frantic search begins for the missing DC when Beth discovers the evidence Rachel was examining has been stolen from the station store – and the culprit makes a break for freedom carrying a gun and ammunition. As Diane and Will lead the search, Stuart and Grace review her casework hoping for a clue to her whereabouts.
56 "Good Cop, Bad Cop" First appearance of Sgt. Callum Stone Kim Flitcroft Matthew Leys 8 August 2007 (2007-08-08) 524
New recruit Sergeant Callum Stone makes an instant impact at Sun Hill by subduing a violent drunk in the station, but his maverick methods instantly alarm Dan and raise Smithy's hackles. Terry, Sam and Kezia trace a series of threatening calls made to elderly women back to a single suspect, a supervisor at a kitchen fitting company, who is less than pleased to be arrested in a lift stalled between floors. Stone investigates the circumstances leading to the collapse of a woman brought in to the station by Dan and Tony.
57 "Killing Me Softly" TBA Kim Flitcroft Matthew Leys 9 August 2007 (2007-08-09) 525
Following a report of vandalism on a church, Terry finds himself investigating a case of assisted suicide in which conflicting evidence from the grieving family members suggests someone has something to hide. Meanwhile, Beth and Roger are called to a pet shop where the owner has been tied up and several dogs let loose, but it's Sun Hill's own bloodhound Stone who realises there is something more sinister than youthful high-jinks going on – leading to the discovery of an assault at the home of a drug addict.
58 "Dicing with Danger" Return of DS Phil Hunter, Michael Brandon guest stars. Diana Patrick Carl Austin 15 August 2007 (2007-08-15) 526
A woman is robbed of her winnings on the way home from a casino, and suspicion soon falls on the barman who called her a taxi – which was driven by his friend. The case against the men grows stronger when it turns out they once before arranged transport for a woman who was attacked, so Emma is sent undercover as a casino punter – only for events to take a surprising turn. Callum and Dan are called to a domestic disturbance, and uncover infidelity and drug use.
59 "Deadly Secrets" Final appearance of PC Dan Casper Diana Patrick Len Collin 16 August 2007 (2007-08-16) 527
An elderly woman with Alzheimer's goes missing with her great-granddaughter. Uniform run the case led by Smith and Stone, with Nixon and Webb covering the CID angles. Fletcher gets his first FLO case, and just as it seems he's doing well, a blood stained blanket appears nearby. The great-grandmother appears on a dual-carriageway but there is no baby in sight. Nixon works on her to find the baby, while Fletcher works on the mother, who is arrested when she claims she got rid of the child. It appears she left her daughter at St. Hugh's, but the great-grandmother did pick her up. Fletcher and Casper find the child, but Stone only acknowledges Fletcher's part in the finding of the baby, and Casper hands in his resignation when he is offered a security job in Ibiza. Meanwhile, Dasari and Hunter help Louis Dreyfuss deal with a man blackmailing his wife.
60 "Diamonds Are Deadly" Dermot Crowley guest stars. Ben Morris James Hall 22 August 2007 (2007-08-22) 528
Whilst on patrol, Stamp and Fletcher witness a near hit and run. The hysterical driver claims her husband has been abducted so that men can rob his jewellery store. SO19 storm the building and the woman's husband has been shot, and his brother is tied up. CID hunt for the suspects, and Masters and Hunter are surprised to see one of the brothers show up at the main suspect's house and attack him. They are both arrested, but the prime suspect has an alibi, and both are bailed. The suspect appears to be closer to the action than they first thought. Hunter helps Monica Dreyfuss when she thinks she sees someone in her garden, and when she is robbed and found extremely drunk in a restaurant. Manson clashes with Heaton over an arrest in the armed robbery case.
61 "Code of Silence" Christopher Fox guest stars. Ben Morris Chris Murray 23 August 2007 (2007-08-23) 529
Armstrong and Keane investigate a missing person's case and uncover a rape. It is believed to be a gang control situation, but the victim won't press charges, so Armstrong tries to convince him to make a statement. He is apparently gay, and it was due to him hitting on a man in a club. Manson coordinates a raid, but the police are shamed by the residents of the estate. Armstrong tries to unite the family when his sexuality comes out, when the victim of the rape tries to commit suicide. Keane completes her probationary period.
62 "Crash Test" TBA Karl Neilson Stuart Morris 29 August 2007 (2007-08-29) 530
Perkins is working on an undercover operation involving a mother & son loan sharking car scam operation at a local mechanic's. One of their clients causes a road accident and when he messes up the scam by drink driving, his daughter has acid sprayed in her face. Manson and Meadows are determined to catch the attacker, and Green gets her first undercover role pretending to be Perkins' drug addict daughter. Armstrong and Stamp are paired together for the first time, and they bond well, helping a Ukrainian immigrant and her lorry driver boyfriend who were involved in the crash. Heaton and Manson clash over methods again and they have a loud argument outside CID.
63 "Up in Smoke" TBA Karl Neilson Nicholas McInerny 30 August 2007 (2007-08-30) 531
Smith and Noble attend to an assault. The victim is stabbed and the suspect accuses her of dealing drugs from her burger van. Stone and Noble OBBO her flat and a man who enters leads them to a house. Gold returns from her leave and sends the police chopper to do a fly by, and heat sources confirm it's a skunk factory. Stone tries to take credit, which is noticed by Noble and Smith. Hunter and Turner work on a simple assault involving a former couple, and the girlfriend is now going out with her ex's best friend. The ex-boyfriend abducts his friend and the friend ends up ditching his fiancée at the altar, but they become friends, and the former couple reconcile their relationship. Turner tells Hunter his ex left him for her best friend, which he is teased about. The OBBO goes belly up when Noble is held captive by the suspect.
64 "Deadly Shame (Part One)" Chris Walker guest stars. Simon Massey Chris Ould 5 September 2007 (2007-09-05) 532
Fletcher and Smith deal with a missing person's case. The victim, a 16-year-old girl, is found dead at the bottom of a fire escape. Fletcher is assigned as FLO. Investigation reveals the girl was on a downward spiral. Her boyfriend is arrested due to a serious assault in his past. The investigation takes a whole different turning point when Fletcher discovers a gruesome video clip given to him by her best friend.
65 "Deadly Shame (Part Two)" Chris Walker guest stars. Simon Massey Chris Ould 6 September 2007 (2007-09-06) 533
Martin Parks is the prime suspect for the murder of his daughter Chloe. Ben Jackson is still in custody as Nixon continues his interview. Fletcher convinces Karen Parks to speak out against her husband. Martin is arrested as Ben's alibi is checked. Just as they seem they've got Parks, he clams up. The verdict determines suicide, and Fletcher and Stone find Parks at the top of the fire escape where Chloe's body was found after he assaults his wife Karen.
66 "A Life of Lies" Michael Brandon and Anna Wing guest star. Steve Kelly Sally Tatchell 12 September 2007 (2007-09-12) 534
Fletcher tries to convince Stone to tell the truth about Martin Parks' suicide. Stone tells him What goes around comes around and that he wanted Parks to jump just as much as Stone did. While the events unfold, Fletcher and Kapoor work on several vigilante assaults on drug dealers. Meanwhile, Dasari and Hunter investigate a burglary and assault on Monica Dreyfuss.
67 "Russian Roulette" Michael Brandon guest stars. Steve Kelly Steve Griffiths 13 September 2007 (2007-09-13) 535
After a night of passion with Monica Dreyfuss, Hunter is held hostage by gunmen and forced to rob Louis' casino. He manages to tip the cops off, but can't stop the gunmen escaping. Dasari is convinced Louis is behind it, but Hunter thinks the culprit is closer to home. With his hard work, the mastermind, and one of the two gunmen are arrested, so Nixon & Manson decide not to report him to the DPS for misconduct.
68 "Identity Fraud" Stephen McGann guest stars. Kate Robinson Alan Pollock 19 September 2007 (2007-09-19) 536
Kapoor, Fletcher and Stone find a woman covered in blood, above her stabbed personal trainer. Things are complicated when a search team find crystal meth in his flat. The woman is cleared when she says the drugs were stolen from a club owner. A handover takes place, but is nearly compromised, but the owner denies the stabbing. As they dig deeper it appears that the woman's husband may know more than he's letting on. When attending an incident at a registry office, Stamp and Armstrong investigate a case of identity fraud involving a British man living in Australia.
69 "Back from the Brink" TBA Matt Bloom Simon Moss 20 September 2007 (2007-09-20) 537
Kapoor and Fletcher investigate a string of robberies. Stone forces her to lie in interview, when Fletcher tries to force a confession from a suspect by holding him over a balcony. She has a frank conversation with him. Walker and Green tease Webb and Armstrong over flirtation between the two. They both work on an assault, and make a connection to a domestic Wright and Keane dealt with.
70 "Dead and Buried" Final appearance of PC Leela Kapoor Matt Bloom Simon Moss 26 September 2007 (2007-09-26) 538
One of Stone's informants calls him about an assault on a fellow escort. Kapoor takes them out of the punter's house but as they return to arrest him, he produces a diplomatic immunity card, and he is confirmed as Valatin Turivic, a European embassy official. Kapoor and Stone hope they can get him for drugs, so Fletcher and Stamp tail him. As Turivic hands over the drugs, Stone's informant tells Kapoor that Turivic may have killed an escort. Heaton orders a raid on his home, but time is of the essence as Turivic is flying out of the country. Dasari and Hunter investigate the theft of a £20,000 painting. Leela is offered a job at the Foreign and Commonwealth Office, but little did she know, Stone pulled the strings that secured her transfer.
71 "Cracking Under Pressure" First appearance of PC Benjamin Gayle, Anton Phillips guest stars. Roberto Bangura Nicholas Martin 27 September 2007 (2007-09-27) 542
Turner leads the investigation into the disappearance of two children, and his professionalism sees him selected for a new crime appeal TV show. Perkins is concerned when they see the children talking to a known sex offender. The mother suspects the father is involved. Fletcher is paired with new recruit Ben Gayle, and they deal with an assault. The rookie PC is cornered by three yobs, but Fletcher is surprised when they're on the ground and not him.
72 "Rough Justice" TBA Roberto Bangura Scott Cherry 3 October 2007 (2007-10-03) 543
Turner launches his new crime appeal TV show; Wanted. He then leads the investigation into his first crime, an aggravated burglary at the house of a barrister, who subsequently had a heart attack during the robbery. Hunter clashes with Gayle over the handling of a hostile witness, and their argument catches the attention of the entire CID office, but it's not in vain, as the witness comes forward. As a suspect is arrested, the witness mentions the name of the victim's son, who disappears from the station. Why is there the sudden guilty conscience?
73 "Back from the Dead" John Rogan, Nicky Henson and George Layton guest star. Diana Patrick Doug Milburn 4 October 2007 (2007-10-04) 544
Armstrong and Keane find a badly beaten woman. She claims to be an asylum seeker whose political activist husband was murdered in Zimbabwe. When her son is found with a bag full of forged passports, CID intervene launching a major investigation. The son is abducted, it appears his violent and vengeful father is not dead, but is planning to take his son home to Zimbabwe. Gold discovers a bank robber, she believed had died in a bank vault blast she was involved in years ago is alive and well – and back in the country, forcing her to re-open an investigation into a twenty-year-old bank robbery which nearly killed her.
74 "Take it to the Grave" Nicky Henson, John Rogan and Linal Haft guest star. Diana Patrick Tom Higgins 10 October 2007 (2007-10-10) 545
Gold tries to jail armed robbery suspect, Vince Murray, who nearly killed her in the Tozer Street bank explosion in 1983. She enlists the help of her former Sergeant, Tom Ryan, who was paralyzed in the blast. Lack of evidence sees Murray bailed, but not before Gold and Meadows put him under surveillance. He meets up with the two survivors of the robbery and as they make a hoax armed robbery call, a real one goes down on the other side of the borough. Vince is again released and Armstrong finds herself held captive by the robbers, Vince's son Darren, and his best friend Kieran, whose father was killed in the blast. When Kieran discovers his father died, a heated standoff occurs with Darren and Vince both as viable targets, on the sight of the wasteground where the Tozer Street bank was.
75 "Uncut Killer" TBA Robert Knights Richard Ommanney 11 October 2007 (2007-10-11) 546
Dasari is paired with Masters on her last day at Sun Hill. She tries to connect with a teenager who has a cocaine and eating habit, by giving up her best friend and dealer. Events turn sinister when the dealer is kidnapped by her supplier, and Meadows takes over the case. Dasari tells Meadows she wants to stay at Sun Hill CID, and when Hunter clears it with Special Projects, he is offered a DS post at the yard, and he tells his shocked CID team mates he's accepted the posting.
76 "Collateral Damage" Last appearance of Phil Hunter, first appearance of Nate Roberts Robert Knights Si Spencer 17 October 2007 (2007-10-17) 547
Noble and Stone are paired and investigate a fire in a squat on the Jasmine Allen Estate. Masters and Walker investigate the fire. Smith joins door to door with new recruit PC Nate Roberts and they discover one of the victims, Billy McLaughlin, an old army friend of Diane, had a bust up with a local thug, Ross McGuiness, and they discover his brother Tam is desperate to find them. Ross turns up dead, stabbed in the boot of a car in a scrapyard, where Billy used to work. Noble is held by Billy, but Tam shows up, not before badly beating Billy's girlfriend to get his location. Billy confesses to stabbing Ross to death, but Diane suspects he's not responsible. Hunter spends his last day at Sun Hill clearing his desk, and tells Nixon about his 'injury' he obtained vaulting a pub table whilst he was seconded to Special Projects, when they tell her as she gives his reference.
77 "Line of Fire (Part One)" Tim Preece guest stars. AJ Quinn Clive Dawson 18 October 2007 (2007-10-18) 550
Hollis is attacked by a prowler on the Aldbourne Estate. A screaming woman, who was attacked by the prowler, whom Hollis was responding too, is a near lookalike of a woman held hostage by a paranoid schizophrenic, Michael Simms, who lives three doors down from the victim, Shelley Cooper. Her ex-boyfriend, Chris Ramsden, spreads a rumour about Michael and tensions rise on the Aldbourne. Manson discusses the case between Dasari and his therapist, Julia Bickham. Chris Ramsden appears at Sun Hill tells CID that Michael has assaulted Shelley, but Michael's mother claims she's his girlfriend, which is backed up by Shelley's son, Jas. However, Michael has abducted Shelley and taken her to a warehouse where he held his last victim. Jas shows up at the warehouse, a gunshot rings out and Michael flees as Shelley lies wounded on the ground.
78 "Line of Fire (Part Two)" TBA AJ Quinn Steve Trafford 24 October 2007 (2007-10-24) 551
Manson launches an SO19 raid on Julia Bickham's office as he hunts for armed schizophrenic Michael Simms. Meadows and Heaton run as gold Commanders from Sun Hill, while Manson and SO19 run as silver Commanders from the office. Manson hears distress shouts from Julia's office, so SO19 storm in. Michael is shot dead but all that remains is his camcorder. The DPS are called in to investigate Manson as the Sun Hill team race to find the gun to save their DI from the axe. Shelley and Jas Cooper confirm the whole incident was caused by Chris Ramsden planting a ski mask and knife in his flat. Walker makes a breakthrough that could save Manson's career.
79 "Deadly Intent" Orlando Wells and Albert Moses guest star. Richard Signy Steph Lloyd-Jones 25 October 2007 (2007-10-25) 548
Noble attends to a disturbance in her block of flats, paired with Stone. They find a man with a head injury, sustained by an iron. They suspect the wife is at fault, but she is found dazed and confused with an iron burn on her arm. A file shows she previously self-harmed and suspects she still is. As they go to talk to her they find her overdosing on sleeping pills. An envelope is found with photos of her and a threatening note. Diane believes a neighbour is responsible, but before he is arrested, the husband and neighbour are found fighting in the hallway of the building. As the case collapses, some hard graft and persistence from Stone sees the case turn around. Stone issues a harsh warning to the suspect.
80 "Stealth Attack" Sid Owen guest stars. Richard Signy Steve Ballie 1 November 2007 (2007-11-01) 549
Turner and Masters investigate a missing person's case. The case doesn't add up but it appears the victim was trying to hit on a celebrity. The victim is found assaulted and raped. Her boyfriend and the celebrity, Danny Peters, are both in the frame, but Stuart suspects someone else is involved. Smith gets involved with the Samuels' family again. This time, Carly's mother Leanne is arrested for assaulting a store owner.
81 "Tortured Soul" TBA David Jackson Si Spencer 8 November 2007 (2007-11-08) 552
Gayle and Armstrong investigate an assault on a teenager. A fellow pupil is suspected, but he is in Scotland. Then suspicion falls on the father who is seen nearby on CCTV. The victim claims his step father is sexually abusing him, but CID are sceptical. A video is leaked of him forcing his girlfriend to strip, which is motive for the assault, but who sent it out? CID suspect the abuse came from the victim's deceased father, but when his mother is sceptical, she is found at home, and her son is standing over his tied up mother with a hammer.
82 "Moving Target (Part One)" Tom Chadbon, Colin McFarlane and Vic Tablian guest star. Paul Wroblewski Steve Ballie 14 November 2007 (2007-11-14) 539
Wright and Stamp investigate a suspected racial assault. Masters and Perkins discover the victim was whipped. Heaton suspects that three racists from a supremacist gang; The Bulldogs of Patriotism, but Masters is sceptical. His wounds and a bandaging makes her think that his mother knows something, and she says it was his father who gave the beating. Noble and Stone investigate a break in at the office of local MP Paul Sagger, but does the assault victim know more about it than he should? Sun Hill are patrolling a concert, Rock Against Racism. Things turn ugly when the event coordinator and a possible police witness; Nadim Mura, and Sagger are shot as they appear on stage.
83 "Moving Target (Part Two)" Tom Chadbon, Colin McFarlane and Vic Tablian guest star. Paul Wroblewski Steve Ballie 21 November 2007 (2007-11-21) 540
The Sun Hill team are left dealing with the fallout of the shooting at the Rock Against Racism concert. Event coordinator Nadim Mura gives Heaton a name, Abdul Muntaqim, but dies due to a bullet in his lung. Paul Sagger survives with a shoulder wound. Ahmed Hassar is questioned but denies his involvement, but confesses he set of a firecracker, which is the source of the first 'gunshot'. Heaton continues the investigation into Sagger's alleged artefact smuggling, but the artefact, an ornamental dagger, which Sagger uses as a letter opener. Dasari makes a breakthrough, and identifies the name Heaton was given by Mura as Haqim Abd-Al Muntaqim. Masters and Perkins go to arrest a doctor, who is a member of the Bulldogs, who might have been responsible for killing Mura in hospital. He is not responsible as Mura's post-mortem reveals he was killed by a heart attack, but it's not in vain, as the uncover a conspiracy where the Bulldogs were going to kidnap Mura. Manson and Dasari discover that Heaton was the target from the third bullet, and as the DI calls to warn the Super, two bullets go through his car as he takes Sagger back to Sun Hill.
84 "Moving Target (Part Three)" Final appearance of CSE Lorna Hart Paul Wroblewski Frank Rickarby 28 November 2007 (2007-11-28) 541
Gold runs the scene of the shooting at St. Hugh's. Heaton and Sagger escape unscathed but the suspect escapes. Heaton continues the artefact smuggling investigation, while Meadows runs the shooting investigation. Heaton discovers Sagger's assistant Derek Jacobs may be responsible. The man fleeing St. Hugh's is identified as private investigator Alfredo Ruiz, and he gives CID Muntaqim's address, but it's too late. Jacobs got there first and Muntaqim is dead. Heaton gets ready to transfer Sagger to another station, but Jacobs shows up armed with a gun, with a bomb strapped to himself.
85 "Love, Lies and Limos" Sid Owen and Dominic Power guest star. James Larkin Andrew Alty 5 December 2007 (2007-12-05) 554
Turner's driver Trevor Jones helps CID with useful information about a limousine operator who is rumoured to be supplying cocaine as part of the champagne service. Noble and Fletcher respond to a call regarding a hijacked limousine, and Gold investigates an assault on the driver's wife. Webb poses as a city banker to gather evidence against the owner of the limo company, but has a few uncomfortable moments when it becomes clear his cover has been blown.
86 "Trapped" Sid Owen and David Ryall guest star. James Larkin Will Shindler 6 December 2007 (2007-12-06) 555
CID continue to hunt for The Postman. Turner's friend Trevor Jones is assaulted, and the woman next to him has cocaine on her. Another major dealer is arrested, in the hopes that he is The Postman. Gayle and Roberts investigate several attacks on a café and its owners.
87 "Blackmailed" Sid Owen and Harry Landis guest star. Matthew Whiteman Chris Dunn 12 December 2007 (2007-12-12) 556
Turner is in hot water following the discovery that his friend Trevor Jones is the notorious drug dealer "The Postman". He returns the evidence on his PDA, but when a raid goes down, Trevor is suspicious when Stuart tries to tape him confessing to blackmail. However, the problem is that Walker and Perkins both work out that Trevor is "The Postman". As Turner goes to arrest him, he is stuck on his boat as he tries to flee the country.
88 "Operation: Brass Balls" Sam Kelly guest stars. David Jackson Andrew Taft 13 December 2007 (2007-12-13) 553
Uniform set up a sting on a second hand store. The suspect asks to speak to Masters about people selling him stolen goods, which may be related to a warehouse robbery on a local industrial estate. The sting goes belly up when ram-raiders crash a 4X4 through the front of the store. First it appears that the ram-raiders wanted a camera that a woman in sex videos on the camera wanted it back to cover her secret, but her boyfriend is a villain from Meadows' past, and they uncover a cash-in-transit armed robbery plot.
89 "Zain Inside Out (Part One)" Return of Zain Nadir Robert Knights Stuart Morris 19 December 2007 (2007-12-19) 566
Disgraced detective Zain Nadir is interviewed about drug trafficking in Hayesend Prison, where he is serving ten years for perverting the course of justice, after Callum and Will discover the body of a drug addict recently released from prison. He agrees to help his colleagues infiltrate the gang involved. Jack is not sure whether he can trust his mole and fears the worst when a riot breaks out just as the police move in to arrest the operation's kingpin, Zain's cellmate Jason Forbes, who makes good his escape in the confusion.
90 "Zain Inside Out (Part Two)" Final appearance of Zain Nadir Robert Knights Sarah-Louise Hawkins 20 December 2007 (2007-12-20) 567
Zain gets a frosty reception at the station when Heaton secures his release from prison to help Meadows with the recapture of escaped killer Jason Forbes, and Will can't help taking a swing at the man who callously disposed of Honey's body in a bid to save his own skin. Unsurprisingly, Zain encounters hostility from several of his former colleagues. The pursuit leads to a gunpoint showdown, giving Zain a clear choice between escape and doing the right thing.
91 "Assault on Sun Hill (Part One)" First Appearance of DS Max Carter Darcia Martin Matthew Bardsley 27 December 2007 (2007-12-27) 568
New recruit DS Max Carter joins the Sun Hill team from CO19 to investigate a tip-off about an armed cash-in-transit robbery, only to find partner Terry drowning his sorrows after the informant is killed for his pains. Sally and Ben arrest two girls for failing to pay their cab fare, and a catastrophic train of events is unleashed when it emerges they were carrying a deadly cargo smuggled in from Ghana – and their boyfriends want it back.
92 "Assault on Sun Hill (Part Two)" Joseph Kpobie guest stars. Darcia Martin Len Collin 28 December 2007 (2007-12-28) 569
Sally and Tony are taken as hostages by the gun-men and John and Gina take charge of the situation to evacuate the station when an officer is hit by a bullet. Terry sleeps off his hangover in a cell and finds himself in a waking nightmare, trapped in Sun Hill with two murder suspects, two drug mules in a bad way and a pair of reckless maniacs threatening to kill if they don't get their girlfriends back.