The Bill Dana Show

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The Bill Dana Show
Bill Dana Jose Jimenez Bill Dana Show 1964.JPG
Dana as Jose Jimenez, 1964.
Genre Comedy
Created by Danny Thomas
Written by Jack Elinson
Charles Stewart
Garry Marshall
Jerry Belson
Ray Singer
Dick Chevillat
Howard Ostroff
Directed by Sheldon Leonard
Coby Ruskin
Danny Thomas
Stanley Z. Cherry
Al Lewis
Theodore J. Flicker
Howard Morris
Jerry Paris
Jay Sandrich
Starring Bill Dana
Jonathan Harris
Gary Crosby (1963-'64)
Maggie Peterson (1964-'65)
Don Adams
Theme music composer Earle Hagen
Opening theme "Jose's Theme"
Composer(s) Irving Szathmary
Country of origin United States
Original language(s) English
No. of seasons 2
No. of episodes 43
Executive producer(s) Sheldon Leonard
Producer(s) Howard Leeds (season 1)
Jack Elinson (season 2)
Production location(s) Desilu Studios
Running time 24 mins.
Production company(s) Amigo Productions
Distributor SFM Media Service Corporation
Original network NBC
Picture format Black-and-white
Audio format monaural
Original release September 22, 1963 (1963-09-22) – January 17, 1965 (1965-01-17)
Related shows Make Room For Daddy

The Bill Dana Show was an American comedy series starring Bill Dana and Jonathan Harris. The plot follows the daily lifestyle of Latin American José Jiménez, as a bellhop in a New York City hotel.

The series was a spin-off from Make Room for Daddy, which showed the character of Jose as an elevator operator before he became a bellhop.


The hotel was practically Jose's entire world; he lived in special bachelor headquarters provided for hotel employees, ate in the hotel kitchen, and had social contact only with employees and guests of the hotel. In his goodhearted naivete, he saw only the good in the people around him. His biggest problems were his fellow bellhop Eddie (Gary Crosby), who was constantly trying to get Jose to wise up; the less-than-understanding hotel manager Mr. Phillips (Jonathan Harris, who would soon play Dr. Smith on Lost in Space) and the bumbling hotel detective Byron Glick (Don Adams, in a predecessor to the character he would play on Get Smart). In the second season, Maggie Peterson played Susie, a waitress in the hotel's coffee shop.[1]

Walter Mitty-like dream sequences were occasionally used to extricate Jose from the hotel environment.

Dana did a cameo as Jose Jimenez on an episode of Batman. He introduces himself to Batman and Robin by saying "My name- Jose Jimenez". This episode was titled "The Yegg Foes in Gotham" and originally aired on ABC on October 20, 1966. It was the last time Dana played Jose Jimenez.

Series run[edit]

The series, sponsored by Procter & Gamble, premiered on September 22, 1963 and ran for a season-and-a-half, before its run ended on January 17, 1965 (the following week, it was replaced by Branded).


The Bill Dana Show received an Emmy Award nomination for Outstanding Achievement in the Field of Comedy at the 16th Primetime Emmy Awards in 1964.[2]

Episode list[edit]

Season 1[edit]

Episode # Episode title Original airdate
1-1 "You Got to Have Heart" (pilot) September 22, 1963
1-2 "The Hypnotist" September 29, 1963
1-3 "Jose, the Playboy" October 6, 1963
1-4 "Jose, the Opera Singer" October 13, 1963
1-5 "Jose, the Stockholder" October 27, 1963
1-6 "The Bank Hold-Up" November 3, 1963
1-7 "Honeymoon Suite" November 10, 1963
1-8 "Jose, the Agent" November 17, 1963
1-9 "The Astronaut" December 1, 1963
1-10 "Mr. Phillips' Watch" December 8, 1963
1-11 "The Poker Game" December 15, 1963
1-12 "Beauty and the Baby" December 29, 1963
1-13 "The Brat" January 5, 1964
1-14 "Jose's Dream Girl" January 12, 1964
1-15 "A Tip for Uncle Sam" January 19, 1964
1-16 "The Masquerade Party" January 26, 1964
1-17 "Jose's Four Amigos" February 2, 1964
1-18 "Eddie Gets Fired" February 9, 1964
1-19 "Speak for Yourself, Jose" February 16, 1964
1-20 "Jose, the Manager" February 23, 1964
1-21 "The Party in Suite 15" March 1, 1964
1-22 "Jose, the Matchmaker" March 15, 1964
1-23 "Jose's Hot Dog Caper" March 22, 1964
1-24 "The Hiring of Jose" April 5, 1964
1-25 "The Astronaut" April 12, 1964
1-26 "Master of Disguise" April 19, 1964
1-27 "Jose Resigns" April 26, 1964

Season 2[edit]

Episode # Episode title Original airdate
2-1 "Blood from Two Turnips" September 20, 1964
2-2 "Danny Thomas, I Love You" September 27, 1964
2-3 "Laughing Gas" October 4, 1964
2-4 "The Essay" October 11, 1964
2-5 "What Elephant?" October 18, 1964
2-6 "Jose on the Ledge" November 1, 1964
2-7 "Jose, the Flower Thief" November 8, 1964
2-8 "Jose's Inheritance" November 15, 1964
2-9 "The Suggestion Box" November 22, 1964
2-10 "We'll Get You for This" December 6, 1964
2-11 "Phillips, the Lover" December 13, 1964
2-12 "Tonsils for Two" December 20, 1964
2-13 "Glick, the Strongman" December 27, 1964
2-14 "Beauty and the Bellhop" January 3, 1965
2-15 "Jose, the Old Man" January 10, 1965
2-16 "The Court Jester" January 17, 1965

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