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The Bingley Arms in Bardsey, perhaps Britain's oldest pub

The Bingley Arms is a public house in Bardsey, Leeds, England. It claims to be both the oldest surviving business and oldest surviving pub in the UK.

Founding and history[edit]

The Bingley Arms was originally named The Priests Inn. The Bingley Arms calls itself the oldest pub in Britain, with a history dating back to between AD 905 and AD 953, and says that it served as a safe house for persecuted Catholic priests, and also as a courthouse from around AD 1000 from which offenders were taken to the pillory across the road.[1] The Bingley Arms was featured in a 2005 book review discussion on the invention of traditional public house history, "Great Pub Myths", and "claims to be... the oldest pub in Britain", published in the Yorkshire Evening Post.[2]

The Bingley Arms is also a restaurant, and a former winner of the Yorkshire Evening Post Restaurant of the Year Award. The Automobile Association states it provides "charm" and "excellent food".[3]

The beer garden is home to a yew tree that pre-dates the Bingley Arms.[citation needed]

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