The Bird on My Head

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"The Bird On My Head"
Single by David Seville
Released June 19, 1958
Format 45 rpm
Recorded March 12, 1958
Genre Comedy
Label Liberty Records
Writer(s) Ross Bagdasarian, Sr.
Producer(s) Ross Bagdasarian, Sr.
David Seville singles chronology
"Witch Doctor"
"The Bird on My Head"
"The Chipmunk Song (Christmas Don't Be Late)"

"The Bird on My Head" is a 1958 novelty song by Ross Bagdasarian Sr..


It was the second novelty song to be recorded under the stage name David Seville (after seven straight songs beginning with "Armen's Theme"), as well as the last song to be recorded before the creation of Alvin and the Chipmunks. Like Seville's first novelty song, "Witch Doctor", the song has a sped-up voice (albeit slightly slower than the one Seville used for "Witch Doctor"). Although both songs have the same sped-up voices, "The Bird on My Head" did not achieve the success of its predecessor, peaking at #34.[1]


The lyrics describe a man with a bird sitting on his head, sitting in a vacant lot. Throughout the song, the man and the bird sing together talking about where they belong and lamenting their current position—the man lacking a house and wife, and the bird not having a tree.