The Birds and the Bees (album)

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The Birds & The Bees
HCTK TheBirdsAndTheBees.jpg
EP by Horsell Common / Trial Kennedy
Released 4 April 2006
Recorded Backbeach Studios, Melbourne, Australia
Genre Alternative rock
Label Helltrack Records/Set Fire To My Home
Producer DW Norton
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The Birds And The Bees is split EP between Australian bands Trial Kennedy and Horsell Common, released 4 April 2006. It features three songs by each band, one of them being an acoustic cover of one of the other band's songs.

"Everlasting" and "Milk Was a Bad Choice" were released on the 2010 Horsell Common compilation album, "For Laughter, For Drama". Also found on the release were the band's three EP's (Satellite Wonderland, A Who's Who Road Of Living, Lost A Lot Of Blood) and some unreleased b-sides.

Track listing[edit]

Tracks 1, 2 and 5 are recorded by Horsell Common, tracks 3, 4 and 6 are recorded by Trial Kennedy. Track 5 is Horsell Common's cover of "Knife Light" by Trial Kennedy. Track 6 is Trial Kennedy's cover of "The Disaster" by Horsell Common.

  1. "Everlasting" - 3:00
  2. "Milk Was a Bad Choice" - 3:38
  3. "Sonic Affair" - 4:26
  4. "My Idol Who?" - 3:39
  5. "Knife Light (acoustic)" - 3:14
  6. "The Disaster (acoustic)" - 3:07


Horsell Common -

  • Mark Stewart - Vocals, Guitar
  • Luke Cripps - Bass Guitar
  • Leigh Pengelly - Drums

Trial Kennedy -

  • Tim Morrison - Lead Vocals
  • Stacey Gray - Guitar, Vocals
  • Aaron Malcolmson - Bass Guitar
  • Shaun Gionis - Drums