The Birds of Africa

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"The Birds of Africa" is also a five-volume handbook by George Ernest Shelley, published 1896-1912.
The Birds of Africa
Author C. Hilary Fry, Stuart Keith, Emil Urban
Illustrator Martin Woodcock
Publisher Academic Press
Publication date
1982 - 2013

The Birds of Africa is an eight-volume ornithological handbook. Its authors/editors are C. Hilary Fry, Stuart Keith and Emil Urban, and each volume contains colour plates painted by Martin Woodcock.


It covers all breeding species in full, with details of range, status, description, voice, general habits and breeding; non-breeding visitors are treated more briefly, with emphasis on their status and behaviour whilst in Africa.


The series contained the following volumes:

  1. Ostriches to Falcons, published in 1982
  2. Gamebirds to Pigeons, published in 1986
  3. Parrots to Woodpeckers, published in 1988
  4. Broadbills to Chats, published in 1992
  5. Thrushes to Puffback Flycatchers, published in 1997
  6. Picathartes to Oxpeckers, published in 2000
  7. Sparrows to Buntings, published in 2004
  8. The Malagasy Region, published 2013