The Birth (EP)

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The Birth EP
EP by Rasco
Released September 20, 1999
Genre Underground hip hop, Hip Hop
Length 25:06
Label Copasetik Recordings

The Birth EP was Rasco's second solo album. Released from Stones Throw Records, Rasco signed a deal with Copasetik Records. Planet Asia with Richness cameo and the Molemen's His-Panik and Protest on production.

Track listing[edit]

# Title Producer Performer (s)
1 "Intro" Captain Kill A Mothafucka
2 "Back On The Scene" His-Panik Rasco
3 "Dues and Don'ts" His-Panik Rasco
4 "Blood Brothaz" Protest Rasco feat. Planet Asia
5 "Return of the MC" His-Panik Rasco
6 "Sophisticated Mic Pro's" His-Panik Rasco
7 "Final Destination" Richness Rasco feat. Planet Asia and Flii
8 "Outro/Authenticity" Captain Kill A Mothafucka