The Bishoprick Garland

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The Bishoprick Garland
Author(Sir) Cuthbert Sharp
CountryUnited Kingdom
LanguageEnglish (Geordie dialect)
PublisherNichols, and Baldwin & Cradock, London
Publication date
Media typePrint
Pagesapprox. 90 pages

The Bishoprick Garland is a book compiled by Cuthbert Sharp which gives historical details of people, places and events from the Bishopric of Durham, and was published in 1834.[1]


The Bishoprick Garland – (full title – "The Bishoprick Garland, Or a collection of Legends, Songs, Ballads, &c. Belonging to the County of Durham. [By Sir Cuthbert Sharpe]". London: Nichols, and Baldwin & Cradock. 1834) is a book of approximately 84 pages, giving historical details of people, places, songs, poems and writers pertaining to the North East of England, and in particular the County of Durham or more correctly termed Bishoprick of Durham (using an obsolete spelling of bishopric).

It contains Geordie folk songs (or extracts from) and contains over 150 such song/poem lyric extracts on over 80 pages, and was published in 1834. It was edited by (Sir) Cuthbert Sharp.

Bibliographical details[edit]

It is, as the title suggests (this meaning of garland being a collection of short literary pieces, such as ballads or poems; miscellany or anthology), a collection of historical facts from the area of the Bishopric of Durham. There are a surprising large number of entries and biographies, but disappointingly most of the songs/poetry are in the form of extracts, and some biographies are quite short.

The front cover of the book is thus :-

Legends, Songs, Ballads, &c.
[By Sir Cuthbert Sharpe]
"That old and antique song we heard last night,
Methought, it did relieve my passion much,
More than light airs, and recollected terms,
Of these most brisk and giddy-paced times."
Twelfth Night.


page title songwriter tune comments Notes Ref
vi Part I – Intro etc.
vi Preface
1 Part II – The Garland
1 Lamentation on the death of Sir Robert Neville, Lord of Raby, in the year 1282 not given
1 Bellasyse – Extract not given
1 short bio Bellasyse
2 Sockburn Worm – fragment of not given
2 short bio Conyers of Sockburn
3 short bio The Boar (of Brawn) of Brancepeth
3 Boar (of Brawn) of Brancepeth (The) not given
4 Tempest and Umfreville Ancient Rhyme
4 short bio Brackenbury
5 Brackenbury – Extract not given
5 Brandling – Family Motto not given
5 short bio Brandling
5 Collingwood – Extract not given
5 short bio Collingwood
6 Thornton – Extract not given
6 short bio Thornton
6 Rising of the North (The) not given about the Rebellion of 1569,
7 Percy's Copy not given
11 short bio The Percy Family
13 Rhyme about Percy – Extract not given
14 short bio about Rookhope Ryde and the Tynedale robbers
15 Rookhope Ryde not given A Durham border song, composed 1569
21 short bio The Worme of Lambton
28 Worme of Lambton (The) not given fragment of old rhyme
30 Dun Cow (The) not given
30 short bio St Cuthbert
31 Stowpe, Cuddie not given
31 short bio more about St Cuthbert and St Peter of York
32 Tunstall Rose (The) not given
33 Lord Ewrie not given written down by Mr. Surtees, of Mainsforth, (communicated by him to Sir Walter Scott), from the recitation of 91-year-old Rose Smith, of Bishop Middleham
33 short bio Lord Ewrie
35 short bio Pollard of Pollard Hall of Bishop Auckland area
35 short bio The Cauld Lad of Hilton
37 Cauld Lad of Hilton (The) – fragment not given
37 Prior of Finkale (The) not given Mickleton's, MSS
37 Ride through Sandgate not given fragment of old rhyme about the siege of 1644
38 mention of Ride through Sandgate
38 Barnard Castle Bridge not given
38 mention of Barnard Castle Bridge
38 Drunken Barnaby Richard Braithwaite, of Burnishead Constant Anthony in Westmorland
39 short bio Richard Braithwaite, of Burnishead
39 epitaph to Frances, his wife (Extract) Richard Braithwaite, of Burnishead
39 Barnard Castle Tragedy (The) not given Constant Anthony given in Ritson's Garland
39 Barnaby, Barnaby – a fragment not given
40 Tragedy of Bowes (The) Mallet
41 Sir Henry Vane, The Younger not given
41 Sonnet to Vane John Milton
41 mention of The Pelton Brag
43 Pelton Lonin traditional
43 River Derwent (Ode to the) John Carr 40 verses in total
43 short bio John Carr
47 short bio Jane Frizzle
48 Elsie Marley to its own tune An Alewife of Picktree near Chester-le-Street
48 short bio George Maddison an under-secretary of state
48 short bio Elsie Marley
50 Spottee possibly Thomas Clerke of Sunderland
50 short bio Thomas Clerke
50 'Tis all that I desire (actual title unknown) Thomas Clerke a fragment only
51 short bio Spottee
51 short bio Spottee's Cave geographical
52 Collier's Rant (The) unknown refers to singing by W. S--- (sen) of Picktree
54 Bonny Pit Laddie (The) not given
54 Bobby Shaftoe Traditional
54 Bonny Pit Laddie (The) – additional verse not given
55 Water of Tyne (The) not given
55 Bobby Shaftoe – more verses Traditional
55 short bio The Water of Tyne
55 Water of Tyne (The) not given a continuation
56 (Weel May) The Keel Row not given
56 continuation of short bio The Water of Tyne
56 short bio Sandgate (from The Keel Row)
57 Langley Dale not given
57 (Weel May) The Keel Row – more verses not given
57 (Weel May) The Keel Row – another added verse not given specifically to "Sir Matthew White Ridley"
58 short bio Sword Dancers
58 Sword Dancers Song (title unknown) not given
63 details of John Fenwick's the flower amang them
63 Stockton's Commendation (number one) not given Sir John Fenwick's the flower amang them
63 New Song (A) – for the Year 1764 Mr William Sutton
63 Stockton's Commendation (number two) Benjamin Poye L.L.D. & Archdeacon of Durham
64 in praise of Stockton, for 1764 (mention only Mr William Sutton Derry down in Ritson's "Bishopric Garland."
64 Christmas Day in the Morning Traditional Carol
65 Pitman's Love Song (A) not given
65 Christmas Day in the Morning (continued) Traditional Carol
65 Yule sits upon yule clog (title unknown) not given
65 Picking of lilies the other day, I saw a ship sailing on the main (actual title unknown) attributed to K dictated by Mr. George Wood, Bridge Street, Bishopwearmouth
66 Pitman's Love Song (A) – (continued) not given
66 Up The Raw not given
67 Pleasures of Sunderland (The) not given
67 My bairn's a bonny bairn a nursery song
67 All the neet ower and ower a nursery song
67 A hen's a hungry dish a nursery song
68 Ship is all laden (The) not given
69 Forget thee, Canny Sunderland, No ! Sir Walter Scott October 1827
69 brief history of Shipping Trade at the time
70 Sair Fail'd, Hinney not given Variation on "The awd man to the oak tree"
70 How should I know your true love (actual title unknown) not given
70 Joy from my Nancy (possible title) Robert Emery
70 If he comes to Sunderland Pier a local song only one verse survives
70 Old Man and the Oak (The) not given Variation on "Sair Fail'd, Hinney" from Ritson, in "Gammer Gurton's Garland
71 Sair Fail'd, Hinney (Continued) not given
71 South Shields Song (A) not given of the Sailors
71 Blow the Wind Southerly – (a variation) unknown Sunderland Sailors' Rhymes
71 Wee'll all away to Sunniside not given A Sunderland Song
71 Wee'll sit upon the Pier till the tide comes in not given A Sunderland Song
72 Sunderland Bridge M W of North Shields B W1
72 short bio Rowland Burdon M.P
73 Part III – Sayings belonging to the Bishoprick not given
73 Evenwood not given
73 Mainsforth not given
74 Darnton Trod not given
74 Far Travell'd not given
74 Runaway Doctor Bokanki sURTEES
75 Part IV – Epitaphs not given
75 Garlands not given
75 John Lilburn not given
76 Trollop not given Architect of the Exchange at Newcastle
76 Cooper not given
76 Gentle John not given
76 Barnabus Hutchinson not given Proctor at Durham, and died 18 March 1634
77 Lively not given
77 Wife of a respectable Bookseller, of Sunderland (The) not given Cunningham's MSS
77 Nevill and Evers not given
78 A Grace – Lady D'arcy not given
79 Sir John-Le-Spring not given
81 Part V – Appendix
81 Collingwood (arms) see page 5
81 Thornton
82 Hiltons (The) Adam de Hilton lived in the time of king Athelstan
84 Finis
84 Printed by Marwood & Co. Sunderland.


  • B W1 – according to Bell's – Rhymes of Northern Bards 1812, the writer is M W of North Shields


  1. ^ "The Bishoprick Garland" (PDF).

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  • A facsimile reprint:- Newcastle upon Tyne: Frank Graham, 1969

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