The Black Box (serial)

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The Black Box
A newspaper advertisement.
Directed by Otis Turner
Produced by Otis Turner
Written by E. Phillips Oppenheim
Otis Turner
Jeanie MacPherson
Starring Herbert Rawlinson
Distributed by Universal Film Manufacturing Co.
Release date
  • March 14, 1915 (1915-03-14)
Running time
15 episodes
Country United States
Language Silent

The Black Box is a 1915 American drama film serial directed by Otis Turner. This serial is considered to be lost.[1] The film was written in part by E. Phillips Oppenheim, a very popular novelist at the time. The story was also published in 1915 as a novel, and as a newspaper serial. Both published editions were illustrated by photographic stills taken from the movie serial. In the novel version, about 20 stills from the movie are preserved. These can be seen in the version.[2]


Chapter titles[edit]

  1. An Apartment House Mystery
  2. The Hidden Hands
  3. The Pocket Wireless
  4. An Old Grudge
  5. On the Rack
  6. The Unseen Terror
  7. The House of Mystery
  8. The Inherited Sin
  9. Lost in London
  10. The Ship of Horror
  11. A Desert Vengeance
  12. ’Neath Iron Wheels
  13. Tongues of Flame
  14. A Bolt from the Blue
  15. The Black Box[1]

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