The Black Cherry Bombshells

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Black Cherry Bombshells
Feelin' Lucky.
Publication information
Publisher Zuda imprint of DC Comics
Format Ongoing webcomic series
Publication date 2008–2011 Relaunched 2014
Main character(s) L to R Megan, Frankie, Red, Regina, Angel
Creative team
Created by Tony Trov
Johnny Zito
Written by Tony Trov
Johnny Zito
Artist(s) Sacha Borisich
Colorist(s) John Dallaire

The Black Cherry Bombshells is a webcomic from DC imprint Zuda Comics, created by Johnny Zito and Tony Trov, illustrated by Sacha Borisich and colors by John Dallaire. It was selected as winner of Zuda's March 2008 competition. In 2014, the rights to the series returned to the creators and was rereleased by South Fellini.


Violent girl gangs fight for supremacy in a dark future where all men have been mutated into flesh-eating zombies. In Las Vegas, Nevada, the Black Cherry Bombshells, led by the outcast Regina, are gaining a reputation as tough bootleggers. This does not sit well with a powerful, local crime boss, a woman called The King.[1][2]


The Black Cherry Bombshells was nominated for a Harvey Award in 2009 for Best Online Comic Work.[3]


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