The Black Forest Girl (1933 film)

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The Black Forest Girl
Directed by Georg Zoch
Produced by Harry Piel
Written by August Neidhart
Franz Rauch
Starring Maria Beling
Hans Söhnker
Walter Janssen
Kurt von Ruffin
Cinematography Georg Bruckbauer
Ewald Daub
Edited by Erich Palme
Distributed by Deutsch Lichtspiel-Syndikat
Release date
30 November 1933
Country Germany
Language German

The Black Forest Girl (German:Schwarzwaldmädel) is a 1933 German operetta film directed by Georg Zoch and starring Maria Beling, Hans Söhnker and Walter Janssen. The film is based on the 1917 operetta of the same title, composed by Leon Jessel with a libretto by August Neidhart. It was one of several film adaptations of the story.[1] It premiered in Stuttgart on 30 November 1933.



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