The Black Halos

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The Black Halos
Also known as The Black Market Babies
Origin Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada
Genres Punk rock
Years active 1993 (1993)–2008 (2008)
Labels Sub Pop, History Music, Liquor & Poker, Die Young Stay Pretty
Past members Billy Hopeless
Adam Becvare
Johnny Stewart
Jahmeel "JR" Russell
Rob Zgaljic
Rich Jones
Denyss McKnight
Matt Camirand
Jay Millette
Davey French
Robbie Hunter

The Black Halos are a Vancouver, BC based punk rock band founded in 1993 by lead singer Billy Hopeless and guitarist Rich Jones as The Black Market Babies. The band was briefly on Sub Pop Records, and later signed with History Music. They broke up in 2008 after having their equipment stolen while on tour, however disagreements between the Halos and Billy Hopeless were also cited as a cause[citation needed]. The Band reformed in 2016, with Billy Hopeless and Rich Jones as the original members, and new members. Also releasing 2 news songs "Fossil Fuel" and "Geisterbahn II on their bandcamp page.


Current members
  • Billy Hopeless - vocals
  • Adam Becvare - guitar
  • Johnny Stewart - guitar
  • Jahmeel "JR" Russell - bass
  • Rob Zgaljic - drums
Former members
  • Rich Jones - guitars
  • Denyss McKnight - bass
  • Matt Camirand - bass
  • C.C. Voltage - bass
  • Jay Millette - guitar
  • Davey French - guitar
  • Robbie Hunter - bass

Rich Jones moved to the UK after leaving the band and has played with Ginger Wildheart, Dogs D'amour frontman Tyla, and Alec Empire amongst others. He's currently the guitarist with Hanoi Rocks frontman Michael Monroe.

Jay Millette once played in Toronto-based band Darlings of Chelsea. He now plays in Brutto Monstro, as well as the newly founded rock 'n' roll band Midnight Towers.

Adam Becvare continues to front The Lords of the New Church in place of deceased frontman Stiv Bators and tours with band The Lustkillers.

Billy Hopeless now plays in the Vancouver band The Bonitos.

Dave "Davey" French now plays lead guitar in the rock band Everclear


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