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Black swan is the common name for Cygnus atratus, an Australasian waterfowl.

Black Swan may also refer to

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Fictional characters[edit]

  • The Black Swan, another name for the character Odile in the ballet Swan Lake by Peter Tchaikovsky
  • Black Swan (comics), a German Marvel Comics mercenary and enemy to Deadpool and Agent X
  • The Black Swan, a mysterious Russian-born air pirate and femme fatale in the 2000 PC game Crimson Skies




  • "Black Swan", a song by Belladonna, from their 2006 album Metaphysical Attraction
  • "Black Swan", aria sung by Monica, from Gian Carlo Menotti's opera The Medium
  • "Black Swan", a song on Greg Dulli's 2005 album Amber Headlights
  • "Black Swan", a bonus track on some versions of Megadeth's 2007 album United Abominations
  • "Black Swan" (song), a song by Thom Yorke from the 2006 album The Eraser
  • "Black Swan", b-side from several Tori Amos singles including Past the Mission



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