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The Blake Poetry Prize is an Australian poetry prize, presented annually by the Blake Society and the New South Wales Writers' Centre. Established in 2008 the prize offers a $5,000 prize for a new poem that best explores the religious or spiritual. The prize is non-sectarian and encourages poets to engage in the dialogue between religion, spirituality and poetry.

The prize is named for the visionary artist and poet William Blake and is run in conjunction with the Blake Prize for Religious Art.


  • 2008, Mark Tredinnick - "Have You Seen"
  • 2009, John Watson - "Four Ways to Approach the Numinous"
  • 2010, Tasha Sudan - "Rahula"
  • 2011, Robert Adamson - "Via Negativa, The Divine Dark"
  • 2012, Graham Kershaw - "Altar Rock"
  • 2013, Anthony Lawrence - "Appellations"


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