The Blanket of the Dark

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The Blanket of the Dark
The Blanket of the Dark by John Buchan, first edition cover.jpg
Author John Buchan
Country England
Language English
Genre Novel
Publisher Hodder & Stoughton[1]
Publication date
Media type Print
Pages 314[1]

The Blanket of the Dark is a 1931 historical novel by the Scottish author John Buchan.


The novel is set in the early part of the reign of Henry VIII, and explores the possible consequences had the Tudors been overthrown by a rightful descendant of Edward III.[2]

Critical reception[edit]

David Daniell in The Interpreter's House (1975) quotes Kipling who professed to be "rested and delighted" by the book and who called it a tour de force. Rose Macaulay said that the book was "so enchanting and beautiful that I often read it for my pleasure". Daniell himself notes that while the tone is relaxed, the control is tight, and "it is as if Buchan is drawing together all his skills under the influence of his response to the land and its people".[2]

Writing for the John Buchan Society website in 2001, Kenneth Hillier called The Blanket of the Dark “a thoroughly enjoyable book, because it not only expresses the deep love Buchan had for his adopted countryside but it conveys great empathy with the period in which it is set”.[3]

David Goldie noted in 2009 that "One of the animating ideas of The Blanket of the Dark is that English values are expressed more profoundly in the quiet wisdom of its folk than in the forceful actions of its rulers".[4]


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