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The Blobs was an animated television series based on the books by DC Thomson, published in 1980. It tells the story of a community of colourful paint-splash characters who live in Paintbox Land. The 26-episode series, narrated originally by Jane Horrocks, was produced in 1996 by Siriol Animation in Wales, in association with DC Thomson & Co., Sianel Pedwar Cymru (S4C) and Scottish Television (now STV Central). The series was purchased by TV Ontario in 1999, and was re-voiced by Julie Zwillich for the North American market.

A Welsh-language version was also produced for S4C, entitled Y Blobs.


Jane Horrocks and Julie Zwillich (US only) narrate the show in their own voices and affect different voices for all the characters. The blobs usually have a problem to solve that involves helping others, learning not to be afraid, getting lost, etc. They can change their shapes at will. Paintbox Land is ruled by a king, Royal Blue, and is bothered by a pesky witch, Inky Black. The show's animation style stays true to the books by DC Thomson.

The animation pre-production was prepared by Siriol Scotland and the animation production itself completed at Siriol Production's main animation studios in Mount Stuart Square, Bute Town (now Cardiff Bay), Cardiff, Wales, UK.


  • Fizzy Orange
  • Puppy Purple
  • Grumbly Green
  • Royal Blue
  • Princess Powder Blue
  • Sailor Blue
  • Constable Blue
  • Mousy Brown
  • Piggy Pink
  • Primrose Yellow
  • Inky Black
  • Ghostly White
  • Chocolate Brown
  • Poppy Red
  • Rainbow Blob
  • Grubby Grey
  • Giant Blob
  • Floury White
  • Canary Yellow
  • Spotty Blob
  • Vincent van Blob
  • The Blob Cats
  • Olive Green
  • Ringmaster Blob
  • Butterfly Blob
  • Other Blobs


  1. The Purple Puppy-Cat
  2. Poppy Red Pops Up
  3. The Everlasting Rainbow
  4. Where's Canary Yellow
  5. Inky's Party Trick
  6. Untidy Piggy Pink
  7. Birthday Blues
  8. Fizzy Orange's Missing Fizz
  9. Cheese Sweet Cheese
  10. The Homeless Giant
  11. Ghostly White's Ghastly Night
  12. A Change For Grubby Grey
  13. Hats Off For Grumbly Green
  14. Seasick Sailor Blue
  15. Hide 'n' Spook
  16. Ghostly White's Hiccupy Haunting
  17. A Welcome for Chocolate Brown
  18. A Race for Royal Blue
  19. Singer of the Year
  20. Inky's New Broomstick
  21. Sneezy Princess Powder Blue
  22. Have You Seen Olive Green
  23. Puppy Purple's Very Silly Day
  24. Rock A Bye Grumbly
  25. Unhappy Spotty Blob
  26. Floury White's Enormous Loaf


  • Voices: Jane Horrocks (UK), Julia Zwillich (Canada/USA)
  • Based on the Books Published by: D.C. Thomson
  • Produced by: Robin Lyons
  • Directed by: Wayne Thomas
  • Written by: Lucy Daniel, John Gatehouse, Jillian Brett, Roger Planer, Robin Lyons, Andrew Offiler
  • Story Editor: Andrew Offiler
  • Music: Chris Stuart
  • Title Song Vocals: Sally Ann Marsh
  • Storyboards: Andrew Janes, Adrian Jenkins, Marietta Sheard, Wayne Thomas
  • Layouts: Thomas Bailey, Samuel Bailey, Andrew Janes, Adrian Jenkins, Wayne Thomas
  • Animation: Simon Bradbury, Robert Brown, Marcus Burnell, Michael Coles, Nigel Davies, Peter Gambier, Kenneth Hayes, Anja Heisener, Stephen John, Marcus Lewis, Nicola Marlborough, Joseph McCaffery, Phillip Owen, Philip Parker, Michael Price, William Tapp, Theresa Whatley
  • Additional Design: Marcos Morgan
  • Colour Models: Timothy Francis, Michael Hill, Emily Phillips, Inez Stoodley
  • Painters: Leah Jones, Emily Phillips, Nicola Stockford, Samantha Yates
  • Assistants & Inbetweeners: Antonia Ardolino, Marcus Burnell, Glynn Davies, Anja Heisener, Marcus Lewis, Phillip Owen, Suzanne Paton
  • Animo Supervisor: Martyn Yates
  • Scanning: Leonardo Harrison
  • Vectors: Leah Jones, Thomas Pettith
  • Compositors: Timothy Francis, Leah Jones, Thomas Pettith, Martyn Yates
  • Live Action Shoot: Enfys Ltd with thanks to Stella Lyons
  • Video Editing: Derwen
  • Voice Recording: Saunders & Gordon
  • Tracklaying & Sound Mix: The Sound Works, Cardiff
  • Track Breakdown: Harley Jones
  • Production Secretaries: Teresa Clarke, Julia Stenner
  • Production Accountancy: Christian Mortimer, John Price
  • Production Runners: Arwel Owen, Daniel McCauley, Emily Phillips
  • Production Manager: Maryanne Pollinger
  • Studio Manager: Lynne Stockford
  • Assistant Director: Michael Price
  • Executive Producers: Meirion Davies, Walter Fearn, Sander Ross
  • A Scottish Television Enterprises / Taytel Limited co-production for ITV, in association with S4C
  • © DC Thomson & Co. Ltd / Siriol Productions 1996/1997

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