The Blood Sword

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The Blood Sword
The Blood Sword.jpg
VCD cover art
MandarinZhōnghuá Yīngxíong
CantoneseZung1 Waa4 Jing1 Hung4
LiterallyChinese Hero
Based onChinese Hero: Tales of the Blood Sword
by Ma Wing-shing
Screenplay byLo Wing-kwong
Directed byYuen Yan-hong
Wong Wai-yan
Wong Kum-tin
StarringKenny Ho
Veronica Yip
Yeung Chak-lam
Esther Kwan
Lau Wun-fung
Kwan Chan-nei
Eric Wan
Chan Tung-mui
Law Chung-wah
Theme music composerTam Tong-lei
Opening themeChung-wah Ying-hung (中華英雄) performed by Kenny Ho
Ending themeChung-wah Ying-hung (中華英雄) performed by Kenny Ho
Composer(s)Wong Bong-yin
Country of originHong Kong
Original language(s)Cantonese
No. of episodes25
Producer(s)Chiu Chun-keung
Production location(s)Hong Kong
CinematographyWong Ka-kuen
Lok Cheung-mun
Tai Kwok-chai
Editor(s)Tam Kit-leung
Running time20 minutes per episode
Production company(s)ATV
Original networkATV
Original release11 June 1990 (1990-06-11)
Followed byThe Blood Sword 2 (1991)

The Blood Sword is a Hong Kong television series adapted from the wuxia manhua series Chinese Hero: Tales of the Blood Sword by Ma Wing-shing. The series was produced by ATV and first aired in June 1990. It was followed by a 1991 prequel, The Blood Sword 2.


The series is set in the mou-lam (martial artists' community) in early 20th-century China. A grey-haired Wah Ying-hung travels alone to an island to settle an old feud between the Wah and Chek families. He has been separated from his family for over 20 years after they were ambushed by enemies while sailing back to China from America. Wah's wife, Kit-yu, was killed by the attackers; their daughter, Mun-ying, was thrown overboard and presumed dead; their son, Kim-hung, was raised by Wah's servant Sang-no.

Kim-hung becomes bitter enemies with Sze-to Mok-mun after the latter killed Sang-no. He also encounters Tap-suet by chance, falls in love with her, and marries her. However, they incur the jealousy of Si-ngo, the daughter of the Wah family's servant Kwai-buk, because she has a crush on Kim-hung. In the meantime, Wah Ying-hung resolves the feud and becomes an ally of Chek Lin Ying-wong, the Chek family patriarch. He also accepts Chek's son, Chek Ngan, as his apprentice. He also develops a crush on Tze-yi, one of the Chek family's mercenaries, because she resembles Kit-yu in appearance.

Mun-ying had actually survived and was renamed "Ging-tin". She was raised by Yuen-lo-wong of the Hell Sect and groomed to become the sect's leader. She developed a cruel and treacherous personality under Yuen-lo-wong's influence and eventually murdered her foster father to secure her position in the Hell Sect. She pretends to love Mok-mun and manipulates him to help her. With support from Mok-mun and the Japanese Iga Sect's ninjas, Ging-tin leads the Hell Sect to attack other martial arts sects in her ambition to dominate the mou-lam. She also incites conflict between Sze-to Mou-leung (Mok-mun's "father") and the Iga Sect, after discovering that Mok-mun is actually the biological son of the Iga Sect's leader.

Wah Ying-hung and his son combine forces with the Chek family and other sects to resist the Hell Sect and its allies. Wah restores peace in the mou-lam after defeating and reluctantly killing his evil daughter.


  • Kenny Ho as Wah Ying-hung, the protagonist of the series. The titular "Blood Sword" refers to his weapon, a red-bladed sword.
  • Law Chung-wah as Wah Kim-hung, Wah Ying-hung's son.
  • Veronica Yip as Tze-yi, a mercenary hired by the Chek family. She is similar in appearance to Kit-yu, Wah Ying-hung's deceased wife.
  • Yeung Chak-lam as Chek Lin Ying-wong, the patriarch of the Chek family.
  • Esther Kwan as Ging-tin / Wah Mun-ying, Wah Ying-hung's lost-long daughter who becomes the evil leader of the Hell Sect.
  • Eric Wan as Sze-to Mok-mun, an evil martial artist who becomes Kim-hung's bitter rival.
  • Kwan Chan-nei as Si-ngo, Kwai-buk's daughter who has a crush on Kim-hung.
  • Chan Tung-mui as Tap-suet, Kim-hung's wife.
  • Lau Wun-fung as Sze-to Mou-leung, Mok-mun's father and a formidable antagonist. He turns out to be not Mok-mun's real father.
  • Mok Ka-yiu as Chek Ngan, Chek Lin Ying-wong's son and Wah Ying-hung's apprentice.
  • Hung Chi-shing as Kwai-buk, Wah Ying-hung's servant.
  • Jackie Lui as Yu Bat-wai, Kim-hung's friend.
  • Chan Chek-wai as Sang-no, Wah Ying-hung's servant who raised Kim-hung.

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