The Blood of Yingzhou District

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The Blood of Yingzhou District
The Blood of Yingzhou District.jpg
Directed byRuby Yang
Produced byThomas F. Lennon
CinematographyQu Jiang Tao
Edited byRuby Yang & Ma Man Chung
Distributed bySmiley Film Sales
Release date
Running time
39 minutes
CountryUnited States

The Blood of Yingzhou District (simplified Chinese: 颍州的孩子; traditional Chinese: 潁州的孩子; pinyin: Yǐngzhōu de Háizi; translation: The Children of Yingzhou) is a 2006 short film documentary directed by Ruby Yang and produced by Thomas F. Lennon. The film is about the effect of AIDS on orphans in Yingzhou District of Fuyang, Anhui, China. It won the 2007 Academy Award for Best Documentary (Short Subject).[1]

The film documents the plight of young orphans in Anhui whose parents have died after contracting AIDs as a result of infection while donating blood to earn income, and who sometimes do not receive care in their village since many people in the villages are terrified that they may be infected as a result of contact with the children.

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