The Bloodhound Gang (TV series)

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The Bloodhound Gang opening title, as seen during an episode of 3-2-1 Contact.

The Bloodhound Gang is a series of segments within the PBS television program 3-2-1 Contact[1] about three young people who solved crimes, largely with the help of their knowledge of science. The series was produced for 3-2-1 Contact by Daniel Wilson Productions, Inc.


During 3-2-1 Contact's first season, the Bloodhound Gang consisted of Victoria "Vikki" Allen (played by Nan-Lynn Nelson), Ricardo Lopez (Marcelino Sánchez), and two "junior" detectives who were alternated between different mysteries: Zach Morgan (Kelly Pease) and Cuff (Glenn Scarpelli). Starting with the second season in 1983, Zach and Cuff were replaced by a new junior detective, Skip (Seth Greenspan).

The Bloodhound Gang got its name from Mr. James Bloodhound (conceivably a private detective), who was most often absent from his office, presumably dealing with adult-oriented cases. Whenever a youth of the Bloodhound Gang would answer the phone, they would say, "Bloodhound Detective Agency. Whenever there's trouble, we're there on the double!" ("Mr. Bloodhound isn't here." is often added in case Bloodhound is absent) and accept cases suited to their age, such as exposing frauds.

The Bloodhound Gang segments were short, and most (though not all) adventures lasted multiple episodes. If an episode of 3-2-1 Contact ran too long (usually on Friday episodes), an announcement would tell viewers that The Bloodhound Gang would not be presented in said episode.

The segments began with a theme song sung by Dámaris Carbaugh:

Whenever there's trouble,
we're there on the double.
We're the Bloodhound Gang.
If you've got the crime,
we've got the time.
We're the Bloodhound Gang.

The Bloodhound Gang was discontinued in 3-2-1 Contact's sixth season, following the death of Sánchez in 1986. However, reruns from previous seasons were shown sporadically during the seventh season.

The Bloodhound Gang mysteries were written by Newbery Medal-winning children's author Sid Fleischman.


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