The Bloodstone Lands

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The Bloodstone Lands
Bloodstone lands book cover.jpg
Code FR9
Rules required AD&D 2nd Edition
Campaign setting Forgotten Realms
Authors Bob Salvatore
First published 1989
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The Bloodstone Lands is a module for the Forgotten Realms campaign setting for the 2nd edition of Advanced Dungeons & Dragons. It is also known by its product code FR9.


The book primarily details the two states of Vaasa and Damara and the surrounding rugged wilderness territory, known collectively as "The Bloodstone Lands."[1] The book describes the area of the H series of modules, as well as that of The Icewind Dale Trilogy, and was written by the author of those novels.[1] The book also includes 10 adventure scenario suggestions.[1] The book provides an overview of the Bloodstone Lands, what their neighbors think, the societies of the Bloodstone Lands, its cities, towns, and villages, the geography of the region, its strongholds, ruins, and dungeons, the movers and shakers of the region, local travelling bands and organizations, and some information on how to run a campaign in the Bloodstone Lands.

Publication history[edit]

FR9 The Bloodstone Lands was written by R. A. Salvatore, with cover art by Larry Elmore, and was published by TSR in 1989 as a 64-page booklet with an outer folder.[1] The book also features interior illustrations by Uttam, and cartography by Diesel. This is a 64-page booklet wrapped in a removable cover. Included with the book is a fold-out color poster map.



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