Bloody 6th Ward

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The Bloody 6th Ward of New Brunswick, New Jersey was an old neighborhood.[1] The neighbourhood started on Easton by St. Peters Church, College Ave. and stretched to the very end of George St. These three streets were the main roads in the 6th Ward. And in between those three roads is where the people of 6th Ward lived. The people of the town were mainly of Irish origin or Irish immigrants and was sometimes known as the Irish Riveria.[2][3]

The ward was made up of three social groups "The Shamrocks", "The Falcons" and "The Vaughns". Each social group had a certain area where they would gather. The Shamrocks inhabited Easton Avenue, which as of 2007 now houses, "Boylans Funeral home". The Falcons lived on the streets Wykoff and Richardson, and the Vaughns gathered on the opposite side of Easton on the edge of the 6th Ward. These social groups competed in sports and occasionally had fights.


Coordinates: 40°29′52″N 74°26′49″W / 40.4979°N 74.4470°W / 40.4979; -74.4470