The Blue Bird (1910 film)

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The Blue Bird
Written by Maurice Maeterlinck (play)
Starring Pauline Gilmer
Olive Walter
Release date
  • 1910 (1910)
Running time
420 meters (about 14 minutes)
Country United Kingdom
Language Silent film
English intertitles

The Blue Bird is a 1910 silent film, based on the play by Maurice Maeterlinck and starring Pauline Gilmer as Mytyl and Olive Walter as Tytyl. It was filmed in England.

Cast (in credits order)[edit]

  • Pauline Gilmer as Mytyl
  • Olive Walter as Tytyl
  • Margaret Murray as Mummy Tyl
  • E.A. Warburton as Daddy Tyl
  • Ernest Hendrie as Tylo
  • Norma Page as Tylette
  • Carlotta Addison as The Fairy
  • Edward Rigby as Bread
  • H.R. Hignett as Sugar
  • Doris Lytton as Milk
  • Saba Raleigh as Cow
  • C. V. France as Time
  • Roy Travers as Cow

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