Blue Lady (ghost)

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Blue Lady
Grouping Ghost
Country United States
Region Moss Beach Distillery Cafe, Moss Beach, California
Habitat Urban

The Blue Lady is the ghost of a woman reportedly seen in and around the Moss Beach Distillery Cafe in Moss Beach, California; she is so-named because she usually dressed all in blue. She is said to originate from the Prohibition era.


When the Distillery (known in its early years as "Frank's Place", after its builder and owner, Frank Torres) was first built in 1927, it was one of the main receivers of alcohol that was smuggled into California from ships that supplied liquor from Canada; following Prohibition, the San Francisco area, among other places in the United States, smuggled alcohol into the country in any way possible. As Frank's Place was located on an isolated bluff and was a classy restaurant, it was allegedly never raided by police.

The elusive ghost[edit]

Whatever the story, the Blue Lady still reportedly frequents the Moss Beach Distillery, sometimes inside the cafe, sometimes wandering in reverie on the bluffs that overlook the sea, her clothing either bloodstained and cut, or intact and clean.

The modern accounts of The Blue Lady's presence have been shaken or disproven after episode 411 of Ghost Hunters. A speaker was found hidden in the ladies room ceiling, transmitting ghostly, pre-recorded laughter. A two-way mirror with a flashing blue head hidden behind it was also found in the ladies room; and ceiling lamps that move due to pneumatic actuators on a timer system were found in the bar. The staff at the Moss Beach Distillery Cafe failed to tell the Ghost Hunters of these staged effects.

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