The Blue Man

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For 1985 film, see The Blue Man (film).
The Blue Man
First edition
Author Kin Platt
Country United States
Language English
Genre Science fiction, Mystery novel
Publisher Harper & Row
Publication date

The Blue Man is a mystery, science fiction novel written by American author Kin Platt. It is the first in the four-book Steve Forrester series. It was released by Harper Books in 1961 and reissued by Twin Lakes Press in 2005.

Plot summary[edit]

Steve Forrester is a teenager who goes to live for a summer with his aunt and uncle, who run a rural motel.

On his first day running the desk by himself, a strange man checks in, dressed in a scarf, hat, trench coat and gloves, unusual attire for summer. The light on the desk starts to flicker as the man signs in with an illegible scrawl. Later, Steve brings a towel to the stranger's room and sees something that launches him on an unusual and singular adventure: the man's skin is bright blue and he seems to be draining energy from a nearby lamp.

After his uncle is seemingly murdered by the fleeing Blue Man (who appears to possibly be of alien origin), Steve sets out on a cross-country search for justice and revenge.

Steve Forrester books by Kin Platt[edit]

  • The Blue Man (Harper, 1961)
  • Sinbad and Me (Chilton, 1966)
  • The Mystery of the Witch Who Wouldn't (Chilton, 1969)
  • The Ghost of Hellsfire Street (Delacorte, 1980)