The Blue Ribbon SoundWorks

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The Blue Ribbon SoundWorks
Founded1988; 35 years ago (1988) in the United States
  • Melissa Jordan Grey
  • Todor Fay
Defunct1995 (1995)
FateAcquired by Microsoft

The Blue Ribbon SoundWorks was a software company in the United States. The company produced several digital audio products for the Amiga, including Bars & Pipes, a sequencer described by Sound on Sound as "the ultimate in Amiga sequencing",[1] and SuperJAM!, a music composition tool.[2] Blue Ribbon also produced the One Stop Music Shop, a hardware MIDI interface and synthesizer based on the E-mu Proteus.[3] Other early products included Who! What! When! Where!, a personal information manager.[4] It was founded by Melissa Jordan Grey and Todor Fay, who went on to found NewBlue, a video technology company.

Blue Ribbon was acquired by Microsoft in 1995, and Microsoft subsequently merged Blue Ribbon's technology with DirectSound.[5] After the acquisition, Microsoft made Blue Ribbon's Amiga products available for free download on CompuServe while discontinuing official support.[6]


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