The Blue Room (EP)

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The Blue Room
Blue room ep.jpg
EP by Coldplay
Released "Bigger Stronger" 5 August 1999 "Complete EP" 11 October 1999
Recorded May – July 1999
Studio Sync City Studios and Orinoco Studios
Genre Alternative rock
Length 19:33
Coldplay chronology
Safety EP
(1998)Safety EP1998
The Blue Room EP

The Blue Room is the second EP released by British rock band Coldplay, and their first release after signing with the Parlophone label in October 1999.


The version of "Don't Panic" featured on this release is different from the one that appears on the band's later debut LP, Parachutes. The fourth track, "High Speed", also made the cut for Parachutes although it remained unchanged. The first track, "Bigger Stronger" (re-released on 5 August 1999), and fifth track, "Such a Rush", are re-releases from the Safety EP, and are the same on both EPs.[1]

"See You Soon" would later become a regular part of Coldplay's setlist during their A Rush of Blood to the Head Tour and was featured in both the DVD and CD of Coldplay's Live 2003 album. "See You Soon" was sung live for the first time since 2003 in Bogota, Colombia during the A Head Full of Dreams Tour and has become a recurring song in the tour.

Only 5000 copies of the CD version were manufactured in the original pressing, along with a limited edition 12 inch vinyl release which was individually numbered on the front picture sleeve. The CD version was re-released with identical packaging in 2001, thereby making it more widely available. A 2x7" vinyl version was included with The Singles 1999–2006 box set in 2007.

The artwork for the album was taken from a National Geographic magazine issue in 1997.[2]


Sputnik gave a highly positive review, calling it "One of the best EPs I've heard, with one of the best songs I've heard." and continued "it's the most refined, complete and balanced effort released prior to the impressive debut album Parachutes" and awarded it 4.5/5.[3] AllMusic gave similar praise saying, "The limited-edition five-track piece is well-crafted with lush harmonies and Martin's harking vocals reflect common dream pop melodies similar to Gene frontman Martin Rossiter" and singled out "Such a Rush" as being outstanding.[4]

Track listing[edit]

All songs written by Guy Berryman, Jonny Buckland, Will Champion and Chris Martin.

The Blue Room E.P.[5]
No. Title Length
1. "Bigger Stronger" 4:49
2. "Don't Panic" 2:38
3. "See You Soon" 2:51
4. "High Speed" 4:16
5. "Such a Rush" 4:57
Total length: 19:33


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