The Boathouse Detectives

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The Boathouse Detectives
Directed byEric Hendershot
Produced byArizona Taylor
Written byEric Hendershot
StarringElla Harris
Oscar Hoggan
Mason Johnson
McKenzie Richards
Cameron Phelts
Stacee Rickoff
Darren Ewing
Music byMerrill Jenson
CinematographyJoe Osborn
Edited byNathan D. Fackrell
Pure Entertainment
Release date
  • 2010 (2010)
Running time
84 minutes
CountryUnited States

The Boathouse Detectives is a 2010 family film written and directed by Eric Hendershot. It stars Ella Harris, Oscar Hoggan, Mason Johnson, McKenzie Richards, Cameron Phelts, Stacee Rickoff, and Darren Ewing.


A little girl named Anna lives with her stepmother. Her mother died when she was young, and her father, David, married another woman, Shannon. David then dies; by his wishes, recorded on video, Anna is left in the custody of her grandmother. However, Anna forgets where David hid the video, leaving her without proof David gave her grandmother custody.

Shannon subsequently gets custody of Anna. Shannon mistreats Anna, causing Anna to want all the more to live with her grandmother. Desperate, Anna ties a note to one of her birthday balloons, and lets it float out the window. When a group of kids find it, they decide to find Anna and her stepmother. With a lot of snooping around in Shannon's home, they prove that David indeed left Anna in her grandmother's custody.

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