The Boatman's Dance

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The Boatman's Dance is a minstrel song credited to Dan Emmett in 1843 and arranged by Aaron Copland as part of his set of Old American Songs.

It is a celebration of the Ohio River boatmen, bawdy and wily, and is easily recognisable by its repeated clarion cry: "Hey, ho, the boatman row, sailin' on the river on the Ohio."

The song went through numerous revisions before a settled version passed into the repertoire. Both the minstrel version and the Copland arrangement are widely performed and recorded.

The bluegrass jam band Yonder Mountain String Band regularly covers it and released a studio version as a hidden track on their release Town By Town.The song somewhat focuses on Pittsburgh as of it being the Ohio river as of to say it is very easy song to learn about Pittsburgh and Ohio.

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