The Bodybuilder and I

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The Bodybuilder and I
Directed by Bryan Friedman
Produced by Julia Rosenberg
Anita Lee
Written by Bryan Friedman
Starring Bill Friedman
Music by Jim Guthrie
Cinematography Alan Poon
Edited by Seth Poulin
Distributed by January Films
Release date
Running time
92 minutes
Country Canada
Language English

The Bodybuilder and I is a feature-length documentary film written and directed by Bryan Friedman, taking viewers on a journey into the subculture of geriatric bodybuilding as the filmmaker tries to reconnect with his father. The film is co-produced by January Films and the National Film Board of Canada.


59-year-old Bill Friedman is a competitive bodybuilder - a former world champ in the age 50-60 category, determined to win his title back. Documentary director Bryan Friedman is 26. Bill - Bryan's dad - hasn't been around since Bryan was a baby. In The Bodybuilder and I, Bryan chronicles his father's attempt to make it back to the top. In the process of making the film, the two men get to know one another and maybe begin to understand each other.


Winner of the Best Canadian Feature Documentary Award at Hot Docs and co-winner of Best Canadian Documentary Award at the Atlantic Film Festival.[1][2]

Theatrical release[edit]

The Bodybuilder and I began a limited theatrical release in Toronto, Vancouver and Ottawa on November 2, 2007.[3]

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