The Bold Caballero

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The Bold Caballero
Directed by Wells Root
Written by Wells Root
Starring Robert Livingston
Heather Angel
Sig Ruman
Robert Warwick
Emily Fitzroy
Distributed by Republic Pictures
Release dates
December 1, 1936

The Bold Caballero is a 1936 film based on the famous character Zorro, created by Johnston McCulley. The characters Don Alejandro Vega (Don Diego's father) and Bernardo are notably absent. Native American stars include Chief Thundercloud as Don Diego Vega/Zorro's aide and Charles Stevens as Captain Vargas. John Merton appears uncredited in this film as a First Sergeant. Merton also appears in Zorro's Fighting Legion as Manuel and Zorro's Black Whip as Harris. The film is notable for being the first "talking Zorro movie", as the first two Zorro movies were silent films and shot in color (Magnacolor). It was shot in Chatsworth, Los Angeles.


Zorro (Robert Livingston) has been captured and set for execution, charged with the murder of the new Governor (Robert Warwick) in Spanish California, as the Governor was marked with a "Z". Zorro escapes, and reveals his identity to the Governor's daughter, Isabella (Heather Angel). However, Isabella then has Don Diego arrested. He convinces Isabella that the Commandante (Sig Ruman) was the real killer, as the "Z" on the Governor was backwards. Eventually, Isabella helps free Don Diego, the Commandante is killed, and Diego and Isabella reunite.

DVD release[edit]

On March 18, 2008, Mill Creek Entertainment released the box set "Zorro: The Masked Avenger" featuring The Bold Cabarello, Zorro Rides Again, Zorro's Fighting Legion, and Zorro's Black Whip.

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