The Bollweevils

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The Bollweevils
The Bollweevils.JPG
Background information
Origin Chicago, Illinois, USA
Genres punk rock
Instruments drums, vocals, sac,guitar, bass
Years active 1989–1996, 2003
Labels Go Deaf Records LLC
Dr. Strange Records
Associated acts Oblivion, The Feds, Houseboy, Ariel Mile
Website reverbnation
Members Daryl Wilson
Ken Fitzner
Pete Mumford
Peter Mittler
Past members Bob Skwerski
Brian Czarnik
Brett Friesen

The Bollweevils is a punk band from Chicago, Illinois.

The members consist of Daryl Wilson on vocals, Peter Mittler on bass, Ken Fitzner ("Ken Weevil") on guitar, and Pete Mumford on drums.
Former members include founding bass player, Bob Skwerski, Brian Czarnik (who played simultaneously in Oblivion) on drums later replaced by Brett Friesen (who played simultaneously in Houseboy).[1]

They formed during the Naked Raygun era which was where the band members met and also, for whom they eventually opened.

The group released a number of albums on Dr. Strange Records; though, their first, minor releases were on Underdog Records(Chicago). The group's current record label, Go Deaf Records LLC, is owned and operated by the band.

In the summer of 1993, the band went on a cross-country road tour with the Smoking Popes.[citation needed]

Ultimately, the Bollweevils dissipated when Daryl completed medical school and became a doctor. Ken started a new band, The Feds.[2] The Bollweevils reunited for one show in late 2003 for WLUW, the college radio station at Loyola University Chicago, and then again on November 3 and played a show at Double Door and November 5, 2006 for Riot Fest at the Congress Theater, which Naked Raygun headlined. The group says it will play another show if they can get 1000 friends on their MySpace account. In 2007, the group posted on their official website: "The Bollweevils reunion at Riot Fest 2006 wasn't a one-off deal and we're all super stoked to say that we’re a band again".

In 2011, The Bollweevils amicably parted ways with founding bassist, Bob Skwerski, and recruited bass player, Miguel Perez.
The band is performing actively and working on new music as of 2012. They have currently added bass player Peter Mittler and feel like a missing piece has been added. As the saying goes " everything is better with Pete". Ken Weevil is the creator of Fitzner's Law, which is a rule of thumb that reads as follows: Any song that contains the words "Hey" or "Go" is automatically good.



  • Stick Your Neck Out! (released 1994 on Dr. Strange Records)
  • History of the Bollweevils, Part I (released 1995 on Dr. Strange Records) - compilation of pre-Stick Your Neck Out releases
  • Heavyweight (released 1995 on Dr. Strange Records)
  • Weevillive (released 1996 on Dr. Strange Records) - live album
  • History of the Bollweevils, Part II (released 1999 on Dr. Strange Records) - compilation of post-Stick Your Neck Out releases

Minor releases[edit]


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