The Bomb (band)

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The Bomb
The Bomb (band).JPG
The Bomb in Chicago 2012
Background information
Origin Chicago, Illinois, United States
Genres Punk rock
Years active 1999-Present
Labels Jettison Music, No Idea, Thick
Associated acts Naked Raygun
The Methadones
Big Black
Noise By Numbers
Website Myspace
Members Jeff Pezzati
Jeff Dean
Pete Mittler
Mike Soucy
Past members John Maxwell
Paul Garcia
Steev Custer

The Bomb originally started in 1999, formed by Jeff Pezzati of Naked Raygun. Despite the band's quiet beginnings, Steve Albini (Shellac, Big Black, recordist extraordinaire) took an interest in Pezzati's reemergence to the music scene and recorded their first two records, 'Arming' and 'Torch Songs'. Which included the original line-up of John Maxwell (The Mangos) on guitar and Paul Garcia on drums and backing vocals (Death and Memphis),with the addition of Steev Custer (Death and Memphis) taking over bass duties. In 2002, Jeff Dean (Noise By Numbers, Explode and Make Up, All Eyes West & Dead Ending) replaced Maxwell on guitar,and in 2003 Custer and Garcia were replaced by Pete Mittler (The Methadones, Naked Raygun), Mike Soucy (The Methadones, Jetlag). This has been the definitive line up of the band.[1][1][2][2][3][4][5][6][7][8]

Press Notoriety[edit]

  • "The Bomb, which is enough like Naked Raygun to appeal to old-school fans, but unique enough to please Punk/Post Punk fans who wouldn't know a Naked Raygun from a Jesus Lizard" - City Beat Cincinnati [9]
  • "Chicago has never produced a better rock band than Naked Raygun, and it's too bad they're not around anymore to remind us of why. But Raygun singer Jeff Pezzati still occasionally struts his stuff with this quartet, and "Indecision" upholds the legacy: brisk melodies, anthem-ready choruses, brutish guitars and drums, all honed to a fine point by the production of ex-Jawbox maestro J. Robbins. " - Our picks for the best local indie releases of 2005 - Greg Kot - Chicago Tribune[10]
  • "Not that anyone is going to confuse The Bomb's sonic, three- minute epics with the current crop of pop-tart fluff like Britney and Christina. Songs like "I Need You" and "Can Jeannie Come Out Tonight?" are steeped in influences that emulate the muscular melodies of The Jam ("Just their first two albums," [Jeff Pezatti] clarifies) and Cheap Trick with a Buzzcocks aesthetic thrown in for good measure. Occasionally they do subliminally ape their predecessors, but they always manage to transcend the sum of their record collections, in large part because of Pezatti's now patented "whoa ho" refrains and foreboding delivery." (Curt Baran, Chicago Tribune)[11]


  • Arming EP - Modern Records (1999)
  • Torch Songs - Jettison Music (2000)
  • Indecision - No Idea Records (2005)[12]
  • Speed Is Everything - No Idea Records (2009)
  • The Challenger - No Idea Records (2011)


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