The Book of Law

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The Book of Law
Directed byMaziar Miri
Produced byMohsen AliAkbari
Written byMohammad Rahmanian
Music byMohammad Reza Aligholi
Release date
  • March 25, 2009 (2009-03-25) (Hong Kong International Film Festival)

The Book of Law[2] (French: Livre de loi; Persian: کتاب قانون‎, transliteration: Ketabe ghanoun) is a 2009 Iranian film directed by Maziar Miri,[2] written by Mohammad Rahmanian, and produced by Mohsen AliAkbari. The film is about a Lebanese woman and convert to Islam struggling with the contrast between the behaviour of Iranian Muslims and the principles of Islamic religion. The film stars Parviz Parastui and Darine Hamze.


Engineer Rahman Tavana, a government employee, falls in love with a Christian girl, Juliet Khamse, while working in an international mission. She converts to Islam, changes her name to Ameneh, and moves to Iran with Rahman. Once in Iran she finds that she cannot accept what she sees as contradictions between the actions of Iranian Muslims, including her husband and his family, and the teachings of the Qu'ran, and eventually decides to return to the Lebanon, where she takes a job as a teacher for refugees.

International Export[edit]

The film failed to be granted an Export Licence by the Iranian Ministry of Culture because of fears that the film might be misinterpreted by Western audiences, and Western media would portray the film as an accurate depiction of Iranian life rather than a comedy.[3]


Despite not being granted an export permit, "The Book of Law" was screened at the Hong Kong International Film Festival in March 2009 and was nominated for Best Asian-Middle Eastern Film Award at the Tokyo International Film Festival in October 2009.[1]


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