The Border Post

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The Border Post
Directed by Rajko Grlić
Produced by Ademir Kenović
Written by Rajko Grlić
Ante Tomic
Starring Toni Gojanovic
Cinematography Slobodan Trninic
Edited by Andrija Zafranovic
Release date
20 March 2006
Running time
94 minutes
  • Croatia
  • Macedonia
  • Slovenia
  • Serbia
Language Serbo-Croatian

The Border Post (Serbo-Croatian: Karaula) is a comedy-drama produced in international cooperation between the countries of the former Yugoslavia and directed by Rajko Grlić. It was released in 2006.


A JNA military border post on the Yugoslav-Albanian border in the late 1980s is thrown into disarray when its commander discovers he has syphilis. He is told by one of his men, a doctor, that treatment will take three weeks. In order to create an excuse for not going home to his wife and revealing his infidelity, the commander invents a stand-off with Albania, and orders a combat alert lockdown, prohibiting anyone, including himself, from leaving. The ordinary soldiers serving their compulsory military service there must cope with problems of their own.



  • Golden Arena, Pula International Film Festival-2006
  • Golden Dolphin, Troia International Film Festival-2007
  • Best Director, Troia International Film Festival-2007
  • Audience Award, Trieste International Film Festival-2007
  • Film and Literature Award, Films by the Sea Festival-2007

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