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The Boston Journal
The Boston Journal
The April 10, 1865, front page of
the Boston Daily Journal
TypeDaily newspaper
Owner(s)John Sherburne Sleeper, John A. Dix, Henry Rogers (1837); Col. W. W. Clapp (1886); John H. Higgins (1917)
PublisherJournal Newspaper Company
FoundedFebruary 5, 1833
Ceased publicationOctober 1917 (merged with the Boston Herald)[1]
Headquarters264 Washington Street, Boston, Massachusetts  United States

The Boston Journal was a daily newspaper published in Boston, Massachusetts, from 1833[2] until October 1917 when it was merged with the Boston Herald.[1]

The paper was originally an evening paper called the Evening Mercantile Journal. When it started publishing its morning edition, it changed its name to The Boston Journal.[2]

In October 1917 John H. Higgins, the publisher and treasurer of the Boston Herald,[3] bought out its nearby neighbor The Boston Journal and created The Boston Herald and Boston Journal.[1]

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