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The Bottom
The Bottom, with the campus of the School of Medicine at the bottom right
The Bottom, with the campus of the School of Medicine at the bottom right
Map of Saba showing The Bottom
Map of Saba showing The Bottom
Coordinates: 17°37′34″N 63°14′57″W / 17.62611°N 63.24917°W / 17.62611; -63.24917Coordinates: 17°37′34″N 63°14′57″W / 17.62611°N 63.24917°W / 17.62611; -63.24917
Country  Netherlands
Public body  Saba
 • Total 462
Time zone AST (UTC-4)
Climate Aw

The Bottom (formerly Botte) is the capital and largest town of the island of Saba,[1] the Caribbean Netherlands, and is the first stop on the way from Saba's Port in Fort Bay towards the rest of the island. It has approximately 500 inhabitants of the total 1,991 islanders.


The original name of the town was De Botte, old Dutch for "The Bowl", referring to its geographical position in a valley surrounded by the various Mountains. "The Bottom" is an English variation of this name.


The Bottom is home to the government offices, a hospital, a nursing home, a sports field, three churches, a library, various shops and the 200 students of the Saba University School of Medicine.[1]


As capital of the island, The Bottom hosts a number of events throughout the year. During the summer the 'Saba Carnival' is held here. It's a parade full of colour accompanied with the music of steel drums and local artists. It is a highly anticipated event on the Saban calendar as most of the island meets together to dance, sing and enjoy the festival.[citation needed] The Saba Carnival usually lasts for a few days in which the island focuses on The Bottom.[citation needed]

Another event held in the Bottom is 'Saba Day'. This is the national day of the island in which all offices, schools and stores are closed. The island celebrates its diversity and culture through various activities and parades. The Bottom holds host to a concert at the sports field where local and other Caribbean artists come to perform. There are fishing competitions at sea, drawing competitions for children etc.


Saba's Government House 
The Bottom Central Park with Fire Department 
The Bottom's signboard 

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