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A boxer competes in the sport of boxing.

Boxer may also refer to:



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  • Boxer at Rest, a Hellenistic Greek sculpture created between 330 to 50 BCE
  • Boxer Codex, a manuscript written circa 1595 containing vivid illustrations depicting the inhabitants of the Philippines at the time of their contact with Spaniards
  • Boxer shorts or Boxer briefs, two styles of male undergarment based on shorts worn by pugilists
  • Boxer disease or Dementia pugilistica, chronic brain injury caused by blows to the head
  • Boxer (grape), another name for the German wine grape Bukettraube
  • Boxer (Animal Farm), a character in George Orwell's Animal Farm
  • Boxer primer, a type of centerfire primer in ballistics
  • Balrog (Street Fighter), a Street Fighter character based on the likes of Mike Tyson

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