The Boy in the Bush

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First US edition
(publ. Thomas Seltzer, 1924)

The Boy in the Bush is a novel by D. H. Lawrence set in Western Australia, first published in 1924. It is derived from a story in a manuscript given to Lawrence by Mollie Skinner, entitled The House of Ellis.[1] Lawrence and his wife Frieda stayed with Skinner at her guesthouse in Darlington, Western Australia in 1922.

Australian television production[edit]

The Boy in the Bush
Based on novel by D.H. Lawrence
Written by Hugh Whitemore
Directed by Rob Stewart
Starring Kenneth Branagh
Sigrid Thornton
Steve Bisley
Jon Blake
Country of origin Australia
Original language(s) English
No. of episodes 2 x 2 hours
Producer(s) Ian Walker
Geoffrey Daniels
Original network ABC (Australia)
Channel 4 (UK)
Original release 11 March 1984

The Boy in the Bush was made into a television miniseries in 1984, directed by Rob Stewart and starring Kenneth Branagh and Sigrid Thornton.[2]

It was one of five co-productions between the ABC and Portman Productions.[3]

Standard edition[edit]

Lawrence, D. H. (1924). Paul Eggert, ed. The Boy in the Bush (1990 ed.). Cambridge University Press. ISBN 0-521-30704-X. 


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