The Boys Club

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The Boys Club
The Boys Club poster.jpg
Directed by John Fawcett
Produced by Tim O'Brien
Greg Dummett
Written by Doug Smith
Peter Wellington
Starring Chris Penn
Dominic Zamprogna
Devon Sawa
Stuart Stone
Distributed by Allumination Filmworks
Release date
  • February 28, 1997 (1997-02-28) (Canada)
  • June 17, 1997 (1997-06-17) (U.S.)
Country Canada
Language English

The Boys Club is a 1997 crime thriller film directed by John Fawcett, written by Doug Smith (story) and Peter Wellington (writer), and starring Chris Penn, Devon Sawa, Dominic Zamprogna, and Stuart Stone. It was released on VHS in Canada and the United States by Allumination Filmworks, on Laserdisc in the United States by Image Entertainment and on DVD in the United States in 1998 by Simitar Entertainment. It was re released in the USA in 2003 on DVD by Ardustry Home Entertainment. In 2013 it was released by Echo Bridge Home Entertainment on DVD.


Three teenage boys in small-town Southern Ontario are thrilled when Luke Cooper, a mysterious American fugitive with a gunshot wound in his leg, decides to crash their secret hideout. Luke tells them that he's a cop on the run from corrupt colleagues, and swears them to silence. As he recuperates, he becomes their buddy and confidante. By the time the boys realize Luke is not who he pretends to be, they're in way over their heads.



  1. "Harnessed in Slums", Archers of Loaf
  2. "Universe", Eric's Trip
  3. "Failed You", The Pasties
  4. "Old Enough", Crash Vegas
  5. "Devil", Drugstore
  6. "Disease", Sister Machine Gun
  7. "Coconut Cream", The Tragically Hip
  8. "Jesus", Vowel Movement
  9. "Misogyny", Rusty
  10. "Too Easy", Wagbeard
  11. "Gun Pointed", Taste of Joy
  12. "Monkeysucker", The Killjoys
  13. "Everything", The Killjoys
  14. "Morphine", Moist
  15. "You Shine Bright", Crash Vegas
  16. "My Favorite Martian", The Doughboys
  17. "The Letter", Bif Naked
  18. "Over Your Shoulder", Motörhead
  19. "Moment", Crawl
  20. "Neighborhood Villains", The Doughboys
  21. "The Secret", 54-40

Awards and nominations[edit]

The film garnered five Genie Award nominations at the 17th Genie Awards in 1996:

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