The Boys Didn't Wear Hair Gel Before

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The Boys Didn't Wear Hair Gel Before
Los Muchachos de antes no usaban gomina37.jpg
Directed by Manuel Romero
Written by Mario Bernard
Manuel Romero
Starring Florencio Parravicini
Mecha Ortiz
Santiago Arrieta
Irma Córdoba
Music by Alberto Soifer
Cinematography Francisco Múgica
Edited by Francisco Múgica
Distributed by Lumiton
Release date
31 March 1937
Running time
90 minutes
Country Argentina
Language Spanish

The Boys Didn't Wear Hair Gel Before (Spanish:Los Muchachos de antes no usaban gomina) is a 1937 Argentine historical drama film directed and written by Manuel Romero and starring Florencio Parravicini, Mecha Ortiz and Santiago Arrieta.[1]


The aristocratic Alberto Rosales (Arrieta) falls in love with the blond tango dancer Rubia Mireya (Ortiz) leaving his fiancée (Córdoba). His father convinces him to give her up and return to his respectable fiancée. Ten years later Alberto and Rubia meet again at a charitable event organized by his wife. He wants to rekindle the romance, but when his two children burst on to the scene, she leaves without a word. Though she still cares for him, she will not allow his children to become fatherless.[2]



The film's title alludes nostalgically to the past, referring to an era before young men began wearing hair gel which was commonplace by the mid-1930s. It was a popular success, one of the major hits of the Golden Age of Argentine Cinema. It marked the film debut of the actor and singer Hugo del Carril who quickly went on to become a leading star. The film was remade in 1969.


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