The Boys in Blue

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The Boys in Blue
The Boys in Blue (film).jpg
Directed by Val Guest
Produced by Brian Fox
Written by Val Guest
Starring Tommy Cannon
Bobby Ball
Music by Ed Welch
Release date
  • 1982 (1982)
Running time
69 min.
Language English

The Boys in Blue is a 1982 British comedy film directed by Val Guest and starring Tommy Cannon, Bobby Ball, Suzanne Danielle and Roy Kinnear.[1] It is loosely based on the 1938 Will Hay film Ask a Policeman, which Guest co-wrote. Some policemen who have failed to make any arrests are threatened with dismissal, and begin to invent crime to justify their existence. It was the final feature film that Guest directed.


Sgt. Cannon (Tommy Cannon) and PC Ball (Bobby Ball) run the police station in the quiet town of Little Botham. When the station is threatened with closure due to a lack of crime, they decide to invent some crimes to justify their existence. When they try to steal a painting from a local rich businessman (Roy Kinnear), they accidentally stumble across a gang of real art thieves who have just stolen £1 million worth of paintings. It is up to the two bungling cops to stop them escaping with their haul.


Filming locations[edit]

The film was shot primarily at Elstree Studios in Hertfordshire, England, but many other locations throughout the United Kingdom where used, such as Edlesborough, Eaton Bray, Weymouth, Wool, Lulworth Cove, St Albans, Borehamwood and Bushey Heath.[3]


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