The Bozz Chronicles

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The Bozz Chronicles
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The Bozz Chronicles #1, cover art by Bret Blevins
Publication information
Publisher Epic Comics (Marvel)
Genre Science fiction
Publication date 19851986
Creative team
Created by David Michelinie
Written by David Michelinie
Artist(s) Bret Blevins

The Bozz Chronicles , now a graphic novel, was originally a six-issue comic book series written by David Michelinie, with artwork by Bret Blevins and John Ridgway.[1] The original series was published by Epic Comics from December 1985 - December 1986.[2] The series was set primarily in Victorian era England and centered on the crime-solving adventures of "Bozz", an alien with a long tail and an unpronounceable name who crash-landed on Earth. Bozz partners with prostitute Amanda Flynn and American Salem Hawkshaw to solve crimes as a means of stimulating his mind and avoiding suicidal thoughts brought on by ennui. Most mysteries presented in the series were paranormal or speculative in nature, for example, resurrection, death rays, and portals to hell.[3] In 2014, it was announced that the six issue series would finally be collected into one publication by Dover Publications in 2015.[4]


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