The Bracelet of Bordeaux

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The Bracelet of Bordeaux
BraceletBordeaux poster5x7.jpg
Directed by Casey Kelly
Produced by Frank Eakin
Written by Frank Eakin
Starring Aly Clare Carson
Music by Brad Sayles
Cinematography Scott Ellison
Edited by Frank Eakin
Distributed by Monterey Media
Release date
  • May 18, 2009 (2009-05-18)
Country United States
Language English/French

The Bracelet of Bordeaux is a 2009 family mystery film written, produced, and edited by Frank Eakin, and directed by Casey Kelly. This film was the first to be made entirely in The Woodlands, Texas, and was released on May 18, 2009 by Monterey Media in select U.S. theaters.


Helen Hixon is a girl who just moved into a new town with her parents, Honey and Lubbock. When Helen first comes to her new house, she finds a girl tied up in her foyer. The girl introduced herself as Marie Meir, and then told the Hixons that her dog had been stolen by a bully named Dirk. After stealing her dog, Marie had confronted Dirk, and he tied her up in the house. Helen and Marie take a liking for each other and become friends. They decide to go after Dirk to rescue Marie's poodle. They find out that Marie's dog is not the only one missing, and pretty soon, Helen's dog Rufus gets stolen by Dirk too. Seeking help from Marie's grandmother, the girls unwittingly come into possession of The Bracelet of Bordeaux, a magical relic once used to fight the Nazis. Donning the bracelet, Helen receives super powers, but must learn to use them wisely and to follow the right cause.


The film was shot entirely on location in The Woodlands, Texas, a suburb of Houston, as part of a project by producer Frank Eakin to generate interest in using Houston as a filming location for major motion pictures. In order to build interest in the film, it was promoted as being produced using "The Community Model of Film Making." Under this business model, parents paid a fee averaging $250 for their children to appear in the film, with the money going towards the production budget. While several children earned speaking roles, most ended up as extras in the park montage or among the crowd at the bus station; sixty-seven girls are credited as Sprouts (the film's analogue to Brownies), most of whom only ever speak in unison.

In addition to individuals who paid to appear in the film, Ally Claire Carson, who plays the role of Helen, is Eakin's daughter. Several other crew members and their families also have small parts or appear as extras, including Eakin himself as an airline passenger and producer Lorie Kapila and her family as the unnamed Muslim family in Chem City.

Following the film's production, it was advertised largely through local businesses, especially Cinemark theaters in The Woodlands and Spring, Texas, who hung posters for the film months in advance of its' premier. In the weeks leading to the film's premier, cast and crew appeared on KTWL BOB-FM, a radio station programmed towards The Woodlands and surrounding communities. The film had its' world premier at The Woodlands High School in the Spring of 2008, with the crew of BOB-FM's morning show hosting a remote broadcast.


The film currently holds a 14% audience approval rating at Rotten Tomatoes.[1]

Prior to the film's release, it earned a "Family Approved" sticker from The Dove Foundation.


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