The Brain (1988 film)

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The Brain
The Brain 1988.jpg
Directed by Edward Hunt
Produced by Don Haig
Written by Story:
Barry Pearson
Starring Tom Bresnahan
Cynthia Preston
David Gale
Music by Paul Zaza
Cinematography Gilles Corbeil
Distributed by Brightstar Films
Release date
  • November 4, 1988 (1988-11-04)
Running time
94 minutes
Country Canada
Language English

The Brain is a 1988 Canadian science fiction horror film depicting a giant brain-like alien that terrorizes. The film has developed a small cult following.[1]


Dr. Blakely runs a TV show called "Independent Thinkers", which is a Scientology-like self-help/religion program. But he's not making his audience think any more independently - with the help of an alien organism he calls The Brain, he's using brainwashing and mind control. The only thing that stands between them and world domination is a brilliant but troubled high school student with a penchant for pranks.



The movie was released on videocassette and laserdisc in 1989 by International Video Entertainment.[2] The movie was officially released on DVD in the UK in late 2011 by Boulevard Entertainment, but has since gone out of print.

Outside references[edit]

In one scene a container with the words "TARDIS Chemicals" is shown, a reference to the British BBC television series, Doctor Who.[3]


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